The Alternative to Facts

The reality of President Trump is driving the Left crazy—from the smears of “fake news” to this week’s hullaballoo over “alternative facts.” The media this week is attacking the crowds at Donald Trump’s inauguration and to continue their war of delegitimization against the new president. In this, they have been complicit in not just spreading actual fake news, as Trump rightly called out CNN for doing, but in building an entire alternative world out of their supposed facts.

We’re a few days out from the inauguration and we’re still seeing the same lame arguments about Trump not being a “legitimate” president. It started anew with Democratic congressman John Lewis announcing his boycott of the inauguration. Now the narrative of Trump’s legitimacy is still being debated everywhere from CNN to Buzzfeed. The way our media speaks, one supposes, we’re in the midst of some tyrannical usurpation unprecedented in the history of the republic, instead of an election that simply didn’t turn out the way a lot of people wanted it to go.

Truth is, we are just engaging in the time-honored traditions of America. Trump was dutifully elected by the Electoral College. He has spoken for the concerns of millions of Americans beyond the coastal bubbles of media elites. He restated those concerns in his inaugural address.

If anyone having a crisis of legitimacy today, it is the media-entertainment complex.

From Hollywood to the editorial rooms of the east coast, the media is no longer speaking to the people, but is speaking at them. Meryl Streep’s shallow bit of performance pity at the recent Golden Globe awards typified this. While railing against Trump and his supporters, she took a swipe at people who watch “football and mixed martial arts”—in other words, millions of average Americans.

Victor Davis Hanson talks about the divide in America as a growing country/urban split. It is one in which the very language we speak is leading America in two different directions:

Language is also different in the countryside. Rural speech serves, by its very brevity and directness, as an enhancement to action. Verbosity and rhetoric, associated with urbanites, were always rural targets in classical literature, precisely because they were seen as ways to disguise reality so as to advance impractical or subversive political agendas.

“Disguising reality” is key. Today’s moribund media outlets don’t just represent the biased coastal bubbles, but an entire alternative to the reality most Americans are living.

Across the demographic spectrum, rural Americans have been hammered by the loss of jobs, dignities, and families for the last several decades. Many, including our most recent former president, sought to pathologize these Americans as “bitter clingers” or attempt to understand them as merely “ignorant” of the causes of their hardships.

Neither of these views will do.

Today Trump set out in his first week in office. He immediately pulled out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership and had robust meetings about keeping jobs in America. He’s acting for the people, as he intoned Friday in his inaugural address.

In their lame attempts to delegitimize the president, the media isn’t just offering a counterfactual narrative about the world to Trump, but it serves up this nonsense to the very people of our country upon whom they rely for their vast good fortune.

For the rest of America, we don’t live in the alternative reality of the media mavens and entertainment elite, but rather in the world of cold, hard, facts that have only been addressed by President Trump.

About Alexander Habighorst

Alexander Habighorst is a southerner living in exile in the beltway. His work has appeared in the Daily Caller,, The Baltimore Sun and elsewhere. You can follow him on twitter @AlexHabighorst

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10 responses to “The Alternative to Facts”

  1. Meryl Streep perhaps is unaware that far more Americans watch football than watch her movies. She is probably also unaware that Americans go to movies, or to football games, to be entertained, not to hear a political speech.

    • It is deeper than that. WHY do American males like to play football and watch football? Because the experience of doing your best as part of a team in the most complex and challenging and physical and strategic of our games is requires the best effort, tests your toughness, has the fun of competition. Because watching pros and college players who are able to perform at such a superior level is a pleasure in watching their skills and toughness and spirit – akin to watching the Alvin Alley dance company but with contact :-) Someone like Streep knows nothing of the virtues required to show character, toughness, to endure pain and play hard anyway, to triumph and experience bitter defeat along with team mates, to test your mind, your body, your heart against the best. Her skill – pretending to be someone else – has some utility but it is nothing of a test compared to the blue fire and red ice of an athletic competition like football or boxing or UFC let alone the courage to engage in combat operations with your team.

      She and her ilk think that their values are so elevated. Yet without the valiant, courageous, willingness to confront fear, pain, and struggle one experiences in contact sports or war, all the prissy little girly men and haughty women would be enslaved by our enemies in a minute.

      She does not have a clue. Not a clue. As to what life is about, about what it takes to defend and create civilization, about what it takes to bend physical matter to be useful, about what it takes to make real things happen in the real world. None of the leftists do. They are so very ignorant, so very superficial, so empty of real values, so callow.

  2. It’s more than the media-entertainment complex speaking at the people, which is certainly true. What has this racket rattled is the people aren’t listening, and the spare words actually heard are disregarded. It’s not really so much a rural/urban divide, either. It’s a largely white, upper-middle class estrangement from the rest of the nation. Look at the incoherent mess dubbed “the women’s march” for a vivid illustration of this phenomenon.

  3. Great post. This guy gets it. Everything the media does is an attempt to delegitimize Trump which is why it is so critical to fight back and expose the lies.

    • Republicans never fight back which is why Trump stands out so much. Hopefully they can learn from him how to put the Left back in their place.

  4. A bigger man would have ignored the smears and highlighted the work he had already done. The President needs to get thicker skin.

    • I disagree. Saying Trump needs a “thicker skin” shows you don’t understand Trump. This guy is a New Yorker born and bred and he lives to fight. What seems like petty squabbles to you are the type of things he enjoys. People who are unfamiliar with this personality type will think Trump is upset and furiously tweeting when, in reality, he’s enjoying the back and forth bickering. And he loves seeing people get upset over it. I was talking to a Democrat last night who was so upset over the crowd size argument and I told him that this is exactly what Trump wants. Trump might be 70 years old but he enjoys triggering liberals as much as, if not more than, some 15 year old troll from the chans.

    • Thanks for that helpful advice from the Left, but considering the source I think it’s better that Trump do the opposite of what people like you recommend.

  5. Another home-run for AG! This has quickly become one of my favorite websites.

    I expect President Trump will eventually get the Mainstream Media to the point that they won’t know what or who to believe. At that point the phony writers, “journalists,” and anchors will be unable to report ANY news because they won’t know how to slant it so it won’t result in another WIN for President Trump. THEN they leftist MSM will collapse and America will be much better off.