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Alexander Habighorst is a southerner living in exile in the beltway. His work has appeared in the Daily Caller,, The Baltimore Sun and elsewhere. You can follow him on twitter @AlexHabighorst

Liberate the Universities!

Berkeley is burning. So are thousands of college and university campuses across the United States. Not literally. Not at the moment. The actual fires have died down at the University of California's flagship campus. But the destructive impulse remains. Allan Bloom wrote in The Closing of the American Mind: “Freedom of the mind requires not only, or

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The Alternative to Facts

The reality of President Trump is driving the Left crazy—from the smears of “fake news” to this week’s hullaballoo over “alternative facts.” The media this week is attacking the crowds at Donald Trump’s inauguration and to continue their war of delegitimization against the new president. In this, they have been complicit in not just spreading

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