Why California’s New Gun Laws Deserve Contempt

The arrival in 2017 of a raft of new gun control laws in California won’t amount to much, except more hassles for gun dealers and the law-abiding few.

Yes, “few.” When buying a handgun, rifle or shotgun, the vast majority of people naturally will follow the law. The cost of noncompliance is too high, and the inconvenience is too great. Unless your next-door neighbor happens to traffic in illegal weapons, odds are you will go to the gun store, fill out the paperwork, endure the waiting period and get on with your life.

But many otherwise law-abiding gun owners simply will not comply with the new rules on ammunition purchases and the ban on high-capacity magazines.

And why should they? The state lacks effective means of enforcing the new laws, which now ban the possession of magazines that hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition.

After July 1, you will have just three legal options for disposing of these magazines: remove them from the state, sell them to a licensed dealer or turn them in to the police.

Or you will keep your mouth shut and keep your magazines stashed…

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About Ben Boychuk

Ben Boychuk is managing editor of American Greatness. He is a former weekly syndicated columnist with Tribune Media, and a veteran of several publications, including City Journal, Investor's Business Daily, and the Claremont Review of Books. He lives in California.

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6 responses to “Why California’s New Gun Laws Deserve Contempt”

  1. Sympathies to you from one who lives with NJ and its gun laws… the State where you can get 3 years for having a soft air pellet gun without enough psi to kill a squirrel (and this, illegal to hunt squirrel with…)
    NJ considers them to be “firearms” and you could be charged with possession of a handgun without a permit. So… what to do? Give it to a relative who lives in PA (who hides it well in their car until they’re across the state line)… throw it in the trash… keep it hidden in your house and let the heirs deal with it when you die… ?

  2. I, too, live in a Blue state that is incapable, owing to its ideological faith, of actually solving any real problem but, because projecting the appearance of solving problems is so essential to the self-regard of our “elites” and political office holders and to the mostly incompetent media, hunts around for solutions to non-problems and discovered gun regulation as the perfect gift that keeps on giving.

  3. I go for keeping my mouth shut, but then, I don’t live in California. On another note, Congress will be addressing a brand new bill that will allow reciprocal gun-carry measures for all states for those in states that allow concealed carry. And that’s just part of the bill.

    • I applied for a CCW in LA County. Veteran, no wants, warrants, restraints, etc. Six months later still hadn’t even gotten a response beyond that they had received my app. I moved to AZ. Prior to moving I checked their regs, checked via email on the applicability of my background & training (good to go), got the app (they sent it without asking but in response to my query about background and training) – and had a permit by the time I moved 6 wks later. CA is just beyond LOSER. They are bankrupt, morally insane and doing their best to do what progs do best: Deny / repeal reality.

      • In NJ, you can apply for one but no one gets one.
        Does CA eventually issue them?

  4. Just think of how productive these pols could be if they obeyed the Bill of Rights and focused on real problems. But if you’re a Blue State voter, this logic is beyond you. Secession. Kick out the Blues or let the Reds leave.