The President Who Never Was

obama legacy of failure

President-elect Donald Trump has already made President Obama irrelevant. He not only commands the media spotlight, as presidents-elect are wont to do, but in effect he governs from Trump Tower as he awaits the necessary formality of Inauguration Day. Whether it be convincing Carrier to keep its plant in Indiana or signalling a new day in Sino-American relations by talking to Taiwan’s president, the Trump era has already begun. And President Obama is not so much yesterday’s man as he is the president eagerly—and easily—forgotten.

Obama was elected in 2008 for his biography more than for his accomplishments, of which there were precious few: an elite education, some “community organizing” (whatever that is), a stint in the state legislature, and a cup of coffee in the U.S. Senate. He sold the American people on a package of “hope and change” and the people bought it. Twice.

The election this year of Donald Trump is more than just buyer’s remorse—it’s a repudiation of Obama’s promise to “fundamentally transform the United States of America.” In office, his agenda was stymied by a constitutional order designed to impede radical change. The framers of the Constitution understood that time allows passions to recede so that  cooler—and, one hopes, wiser—heads prevail.

Yet Obama, the only “constitutional law professor” ever elected president, as his supporters endlessly reminded us, (though Andrew Jackson served as a judge of the Tennessee Supreme Court before becoming president and William Howard Taft was Chief Justice of the Supreme Court after his presidency) was repeatedly frustrated and apparently bewildered by the Constitution’s checks and balances.

When the system is running right, change comes slowly and even then only by building a consensus among the American people. Education and persuasion become fundamental to the art of politics. But this didn’t suit Obama or the Democrats—all supporters of the progressive belief in rule by experts through the administrative state and disdainful of the republican attachment to the idea that government must be accountable to the people. Too often, progressives see the people as ignorant, backwards, uneducated, and an impediment to their Utopian dreams. When your ideology tells you that history is advancing inexorably toward a better future you become understandably impatient with those who don’t want to hurry forward.

Obama’s signature—and only meaningful—legislative accomplishment is the government takeover of healthcare accomplished under the Affordable Care Act, known colloquially as Obamacare. Congress passed the bill without a single Republican vote through a constitutionally suspect use of a budget reconciliation procedure. And it very likely will be gone in the opening days of the Trump Administration, possibly on Inauguration Day itself.

Government-controlled healthcare has been a Leftist unicorn since the time of the New Deal. With Obama in the White House and Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid in control of Congress, they seized the opportunity. But Americans never supported the law and Democrats didn’t take the time to persuade them. “Take your medicine, it’s good for you,” was the prescription coming from the Democrat leadership.

Not only is Obamacare unpopular with the American people, it was based upon a series of shady deals, phony promises, and outright lies: “We have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it…”; “If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor”; “Obamacare will reduce the deficit”; “there will be no rationing”; the Cornhusker Kickback; Obamacare won’t violate the Hyde Amendment and pay for abortion or abortifacient drugs.

Obama and the Democratic Party leadership said and did everything necessary to muscle the bill through Congress—everything other than convincing Americans that the law  was necessary or wise. And early next year, with an act of Congress likely to have support from at least some Democrats, Obamacare will be repealed and will vanish like a mere breath or a passing shadow.

And so will most everything else done on Obama’s watch. Because Barack Obama saw himself and his presidency as post-Constitutional, he did not govern in co-equal partnership with Congress but chose instead to reign with pen and phone. For Obama, Congress—even when controlled by Democrats—was a nuisance and an impediment. He was always impatient with constitutional forms so he ignored them, relying instead upon executive orders, unconstitutional power grabs by the administrative state, and a pliable judiciary.

Obama’s tenure, especially after the 2010 Tea Party election, has been characterized by high profile and highly questionable executive actions that run counter to the expressed will of the people through their representatives in Congress. Among these were the infamous Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (“DACA”) order that undermined existing immigration law and the unconstitutional Iran deal which Obama refused to submit to the Senate because it only had 34 votes not the two-thirds required for a treaty.  Not even all Senate Democrats supported the Iran deal so, without congressional approval Obama agreed to send $150 billion of taxpayer money to Iran—the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism—and to accept their word  that they won’t pursue a nuclear weapons program. Not only is this a blatantly unconstitutional power grab that undermines national security, it amounts to paying Iran to lie to us.

But because Obama acted so often without Congress, at the stroke of the new president’s pen it can all be undone.  This is the Achilles heel of the Left’s post-constitutional will to power politics: it only works when you’re winning. When an election goes against you everything you have accomplished by force of will can be overturned by your successor. If you don’t pass a law through Congress, your successor doesn’t need to go to Congress to reverse it. More important, the reason Obama didn’t go to Congress to enact his agenda is because the American people, while personally attached to him, did not support it. As a result there will be not so much an outcry as relief when he is reversed—which brings us to this year’s election.

The stakes in this year’s election could not have been higher. Had Hillary Clinton won, she would have made permanent Obama’s radical changes. She would have done this not through Congress, but through the judiciary which she would have packed with even more doctrinaire “living constitution” Leftists who would have given their imprimatur to all of Obama’s executive overreach and the even more imperial power grabs that were certain to have accompanied Clinton. It would have rendered Congress as unnecessary as the Russian Duma. The irony is lost on the American Left, for whom Vladimir Putin has become this year’s bogeyman, that they have such similar ideas about presidential power.

But Clinton did not win the election. Donald Trump won. And Republicans maintained control of both houses of Congress and expanded their advantage in the states, now controlling 33 governorships and 67 of 98 state legislative chambers—a level of dominance not seen in nearly a century for the GOP. The challenge for Republicans will be to govern effectively and meet the needs of the people who have placed so much trust in the party. But Republicans have taken the time to educate and persuade the people upon whom they have built a surprisingly effective electoral coalition. What is more, grassroots organizations have been active at the state level on issues like abortion, criminal justice reform, and immigration.

Too often successful state laws were challenged by a hostile Obama Administration and overturned by liberal judges. With a Republican president and, one hopes, more judges devoted to the Constitution, those efforts will enjoy broader support. Trump will become president on January 20 and while the significance of that cannot be underestimated, it is more important to realize that he is the tip of the iceberg. The much larger mass of the Republican Party is below the surface—in Congress, in governors’ mansions and state legislatures, and in grassroots organizations throughout the country that have worked within the system to build consensus and pass laws. That’s the way the system is supposed to work. Republicans have done it the hard way, but it’s also the only way to build anything that lasts.

The Left, in its hurry to realize the next new thing has no patience for that. Impatient as their historicist ideology makes them, they have built their house on sand. Most of what Obama accomplished was ephemeral and will be gone before winter turns to spring. The only things that will remain are an additional $10 trillion in debt, his anti-constitutionalist judges, and a dog’s breakfast of foreign policy disasters that someone else will have to clean up.

After undoing Obama’s executive actions, Trump will enact his agenda through Congress. That will make it be more durable—and more likely to transform America. Obama might be remembered, but his political legacy will fade like memories of a summer fling. And he will become the president that never was.

About Chris Buskirk

Chris is publisher and editor of American Greatness and the host of The Chris Buskirk Show. He was a Publius Fellow at the Claremont Institute and received a fellowship from the Earhart Foundation. Chris is a serial entrepreneur who has built and sold businesses in financial services and digital marketing. He is a frequent guest on NPR's "Morning Edition." His writing has appeared in the New York Times, the Washington Post, The Hill, and elsewhere. Follow him on Twitter at @TheChrisBuskirk

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304 responses to “The President Who Never Was”

  1. This should be the explanation in history books of why democrats lost so that kids are taught truth for once about American history.

    • Sure, they should be taught the truth: that a foreign government launched cyber attacks on the Democratic party, illegally stealing their information, leaking it to the media, and manipulating the election outcome. You did say they should be taught the truth, didn’t you?

      • A would-be foreign government, the Clinton Campaign, launched incessant attacks against Bernie Sanders. The Democrat establishment shot itself in its own foot with “friendly” fire.

      • The MSM hid the information, you had to search to find it. They released it but no one is denying that it is the truth. Their distain for Americans was very clear in what was released.

        Are you as outraged as Obama’s interference in the Israeli’s election. He actually financed the opposition. What about his interference in Egypt? Libya? and other Middle Eastern countries?

      • Rather than focus on the [alleged] source and/or means, which are far lesser in importance, recall that the leaked emails and documents only revealed THE TRUTH as spoken/written by the authors themselves.
        Would you rather that the American electorate remain ignorant as to the true character and activities of the candidates and their staffs, as disclosed when they think “no one is looking?

        Is that what you’re implying?

      • An important fact that the critical detractors neglect to mention. Also not mentioned is the number of foreign elections our government and CIA have meddled in.


      • Another Clinton lemming schill – take it somewhere else, like to Maddow.

      • Any “hard” evidence, names, places, dates… other than “We believe with a high degree of confidence…” the hackers were Russian nationals, Russian government supported? I haven’t seen any. I’m seriously interested in anything, any link showing any evidence.

      • AS if the CIA hasn’t meddled in myriad foreign elections.

      • Why would Russia hack the DNC? Why? Putin has it made with Obama, he can do as he pleases. Trump will certainly push back on Putins expansion agenda. As for the hacks, the American people got to see the internal workings of the fetid and corrupt Democratic party. Your party. So instead of pontification perhaps you should just retreat in shame!

      • Wasn’t it obutthole that said to the Russians, “after the election I can be more flexible”?

      • 1) Foreign governments manipulate American elections every cycle. Not only that, but various governments have far more control over the American political process than Russia ever has: Israel, China, Saudi Arabia. Countries I should say with far more nefarious purposes & far more criminal governments than Russia. These countries have huge lobbying arms & massive influence over Congress & virtually all major activity of the US Government. The reason Russia doesn’t use these more “above-board” methods of democratic influence is largely due to unfair treatment by a the MSM & an establishment which wouldn’t tolerate such activities on the part of Russia. Because Russia can’t get a fair trial in the court of public opinion it can’t use these more traditional methods of influencing elections. Politicians wouldn’t want to be connected to Russia in the same way they want to be connected to Israel. This is 100% the result of oligarch manipulation & selective, biased media coverage for nations like Israel & against Russia. So, why so much concern about Russia influencing the US election when its influence was minor & far greater influence exists from elsewhere?

        2) The US Govt also routinely tampers in foreign elections on an even larger scale. The Russian deep state pales in comparison to the US deep state.

        3) At worst, only a fraction of those wikileaks came from anything remotely connected to the Russian state. Like the US, the Russian state has ample resources & many stealth agencies & corporations acting in morally questionable ways to procure information & organize hacks & data breaches in foreign territories. However, in a lot of instances, these corporations & entities are not exactly operating as transparent state entities, have only tenuous links to the government & are only rarely under the direct control of the government itself. Most of the evidence against Russia is “circumstantial”. We really have no way of knowing how much, if any information really came from any true state agency.

        4) I have no problem with hacking political officials & releasing politically relevant information on them (true policy positions, evidence of corruption, etc). I think if Russia did those things it strengthened American democracy, rather than undermined it. American democracy works best when people are informed rather than ignorant. Hillary Clinton’s statements & promises to Brazilian bankers are not personal matters, & frankly, should not be private. They are politically relevant & should be known to the American public.

      • You’re beyond stupid. Not a shred of evidence for anything you’re saying, but it fits the narrative you want to believe, so you accept it. Go away.

      • They lost miserably. He’s got nothing better to do than to troll us..

  2. Most of this is – mercifully – true; but I DO WISH all non-leftists in the world would stop assuming that the Left has ‘Utopian dreams’.

    Those are not its motivation. Rather, they are its alibis and excuses.

    At the core of most leftists’ motivation is a loathing of Goodness. They want to see humankind spiritually – which also is to say morally (and emotionally) – degraded.

    This is how they could worship Stalin and his communism during the 1930s when the Moscow Show Trials were revelation of an oriental despotism that was murderous and self-evidently insane.

    It explains why they rant and rave about safe spaces and minority rights and transgender bathrooms but are silent on Islamic Imperialism. They would prefer the tyranny they impose to be ‘left-wing’ in designation and flavour but in the last analysis ANY totalitarian nihilist politics is acceptable to them rather than a society of free people.

    The Left wants a society of bullies and bullied in which everything is as mediocre as possible and everyone is coerced into making very shabby ethical choices throughout their miserable lives.

    There is a theological explanation for this.

      • Let’s play a game, it’s called “GUESS WHO WON THE ELECTION” I’ll let you go first.

      • Why guess?

        Are you trying to make me have a revelation?

        The epiphany for you, I guess, is that Trump is a Progressive Democrat that plays by Alinsky Rules for Radicals.

      • Ain’t no guess in saying you love the insult game.

        Does your boyfriend approve of your rude behavior?

        Kinda hard to speak with your mouthful of him isn’t it?

  3. Anyone who thing Obama not going to try to stay in office better stop. Because he’s already trying to blame Russia and telling the military he’s the legitimate President I see civil war ???

    • Nope, not gonna happen. And do you think for a second that our military would back barry soerto against legitimately elected Trump, a law and order military lover? LOL forget about it.

      • Your love for all things orange is admirable, but a law and order military lover is a bit overzealous.

        Draft dodger, serial insulter of the military, combined with the incoherence spewing from his mouth daily is par for the course since he announced his candidacy last year.

        Not to mention his propensity for textbook definition fascism that the Carrier deal appears to be.

        But if grab her by the p#ssy works for ya’ by all means lap it up everytime he twits his britches.

      • When glancing at your name, I initially thought it said MasterCuba. Pretty funny huh.

      • Could be and I do use another handle MasterCuda. And you prolly drive a BowTie because it’s cheap. More likely a KIA judging by your sense of humor.

        I bet you mouth your words as you read them don’t you?

        Pretty funny huh?!

      • Did you notice yesterday (and how could you not, with every outlet covering it) that Trump was the man sitting up in the stands at the Army-Navy game, sharing laughs and cheers with all of the Generals and Admirals? And he’s not even in office! And he split his time between both sides, quite Presidential.

        And where was the ACTUAL President, the ACTUAL Commander in Chief, who should have been there with the men who are still supposed to be working for him? He couldn’t even be bothered to show up, because he cannot stand to degrade himself by actually associating with military men. The break between Obama and the Military is already complete. They don’t take his orders anymore.

        6 weeks to go til inauguration, and Trump is ALREADY Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces. Just look at the footage from yesterday.

      • Yeah, ’cause that dude, Soetoro is one courteous and gracious guy, right?

        Every time you post a comment, you beclown yourself. Learn the first rule of holes, and stop.

      • I would guess the first rule of your hole is to fill it – maybe with your boyfriend. It’s legal now you do realize …

        Make sure you do it safely or you just might push out another little Trumpster.

        Just clowning around….

        You like that kind of pillow talk don’t you?

      • Why are you “Progressives” such homophobic, racist, xenophobic, religiously-bigoted @$$holes??

        All educated people know the First Rule of Holes – “When you find yourself in a hole, STOP DIGGING.”

        You just keep digging, making a bigger fool of yourself (to the extent that is even possible).

        Since you are clearly so uneducated, I will also acquaint you with a famous quote of a phenomenal American author/commentator, Samuel Langhorne Clemens, that is also applicable to you – “Keep your mouth shut a let people think you a fool; don’t open it and remove all doubt.”

        I would say, “a word to the wise” – but this is more akin to “pearls before swine” – although even that is an insult to the noble pig.

      • Between you and your boyfriend (which is legal) and I still don’t understand which one of you is aching.

        And pearls and pork – think about that for a moment – it sounds like you’re shopping for a necklace.

      • Again with the homophobia. Got something against gays, @$$hole?? Probably one of those self-hating closeted types.

        You are neither clever nor comedically adept. You clearly THINK you are a wit – and you’re half right.

      • And you’re are completely wrong. Left of center it’s called. Opposite of right.

        Samuel L. Clemens wrote under a pseudonym mirroring Thomas Jefferson merely a half a century earlier. As both of them wrote under false names they were both very effective in their results.

        To Mark Twain is a verb.

        Samuel L. Clemens is a Proper noun – always to be capitalized.

        To mark twain is to calculate a depth in shallow waters. It is used by mariners to this day and probably will be utilized to the end of time in a daily basis somewhere on this earth.

        Like I said Mark Twain is a verb.

        You comment is bent, or misled, or rather left of center. But regardless of what you are talking about it’s ignorant.

        You’re celebrating a man but you’re ignoring his actions.

        Mark Twain gambled away Samuel L. Clemens reality many times while he was Mark(ing) Twain just as Thomas Jefferson owned his slave and sired many children with her.

        Oh by the way TJ wrote the Declaration of Independence declaring that all men are created equal while owning another man.

        That’s how I think – and I can be, at times, both witty and quick – but never to a half measure.

      • 1. No, you’re not “left of center”, you’re an idiot, jackoff “Progressive”, like all your ilk. And the “scare quotes” are there for a reason – as “Progressive” is the OPPOSITE of “progress”; you halfwits cling to a discredited ideology that has (1) gotten nothing correct since 1867, and is directly responsible for the death of at least 100 million innocent people.

        2. (a) I DID capitalize Samuel Langhorne Clemens, you buffoon. I also capitalized “Mark Twain,” as, in context it WAS a proper noun. (b) I also know the verb meaning – to “mark” two fathoms of depth, using a sounding line. I suspect you were unaware of that, as well as the fact that SLC chose that nom de plume from his years working steamboats on the Mississippi. Ever read “Letters from the Earth”???? I thought not. Pretentious @$$wipe.

        3. I am willing to bet significant money I know far more about Mark Twain, and about his life, and body of work, than do you. It is unquestionable that I understand both better. You are a quintessential “sophomore” (look it up).

        You are a perfect example of Thomas Sowell’s observation that he could cure ignorance, but stupid was incurable. You are both ignorant AND incurable.

        Your parents, assuming you ever met them, or they ever met each other, must be SO proud.


      • I read the first few sentences only – hey homie .. blow me:

        I’m calling you the progressive – ya’ dumb sh!t

        Not only that but yer a stoopid dumb sh!t as opposed to simply ignorant.

      • And you may know more about the man Mark Twain but I personally have marked twain as part of my job previously and still do recreationally to his day.

        It’s a verb stoopid.

        The difference between ignorant and stupid is ignorant is not knowing any better and stupid is knowing better and doing otherwise.

        Remember when you’re in a hole – STOP DIGGING!!

      • AGAIN with the homophobia – further proof of your “Progressive” bona fides. Only a “Progressive” can be so visciously homophobic and racist. I would tell you do go blow yourself, but I doubt you have anything to blow.

        And, when clearly outclassed in “playing the dozens”, a resort to half-assed street talk is a poor response – but probably the best you can manage, given your EXTREMELY limited abilities of ratiocination.

        And, NO, I am not a “Progressive” – I am a Jeffersonian libertarian, but I am quite certain you have no idea what any of that means. Nor do I care.

        FOAD, “Progressive”, halfwit troll.

      • You spelled ratiocination wrong – or what’s called left of center.

        ratiocination — ha ha

        That’s a cut and paste from you.


        Get it right or use spell check like I did.

        Fuck man – a machine kicks yer ass

      • My spelling is exactly the same as yours – and correct (I assume you cut and pasted yours from me).

        I didn’t HAVE to Google it, or cut and paste – it’s a word I’ve used, and understood, for years.

        You are quite pathetic. Possibly even bathetic. Frequently frenetic, I suspect. NEVER apologetic (although you have much for which to apologize). You are somewhat of an emetic, since your pretentious babbling makes me quite ill.

        Again, FOAD, troll. You were never interesting; you have become unbearably boring. Go suck the hemorrhoids of a syphilitic warthog.

      • Set that shit to a beat and you might have a winning hip hop song there chief.

        I like yer rhymes:

        You are quite pathetic.
        Possibly even bathetic.
        Frequently frenetic,
        I suspect.
        NEVER apologetic

        (although you have much for which to apologize).

        I like how the last verse is parenthetical and doesn’t rhyme. The mark (twain) of real (in)sane.

        Let’s see how I do on short notice ..

        But never Nobel
        Maybe Navel

        Perhaps Naval
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        Mark’n T’wain
        Forever vain

        Looking at yer
        (boyfriends pain as he takes your WTF with your growling)

        Notice the parentheses?!

        Was I cool and used you like a b!tch in PAIN.

      • Again with the homophobia. Trust me – NO ONE cares that you are a self-hating closet queen. Feel free to come out.

        As for THIS: ” . . . you might have a winning hip hop song there chief . . .”?

        SRSLY???? How about ” . . . you might have a winning hip hop song there, chief . . . “. Punctuation is quite crucial to effective communication – not that you would ever know, or be capable thereof.

        Seriously, go play in the traffic. You are silly, derivative, boring, unfunny, witless, thoughtless (in the EXACT meaning of the term), feckless and gormless.

        Don’t go away mad – just go the fuck away. As far as possible. Go look for your parents – that should keep you gone for some time, indeed.

      • I looked far and wide for parents and all I found were yours.

        They wanted it so I gave yer Mom sum cum and yer dad said yum I want some …

        I mean who am I to refuse the dumb

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        Just my luck I gotta wash the orange tint from my cock.

        SET that shit to a beat and Mother Nature will surely grant you luck.

      • A quick google look shows Obama only attended the game once. It was in 2011 and no doubt a campaign strategy.

      • Ah so – I believe you, which saves me from checking as I don’t care one way or another.

        Doesn’t mean it’s not a courtesy but I have no clue and I prolly shoulda’ worded my statement to show the ambiguity of thinking in a positive fashion.

        And the break between the current President and the military better not be complete or we’re in a whole world of man made manure.

    • Obama lusts for the Golf Course and the lucre that awaits him.

  4. And it can’t happen soon enough. One thing left out of the article is the money printing Federal Reserve that for 8 years has robbed seniors of the interest money they planned to live on. The liar in chief will get a sore hand from all the pardons he will have to sign so his entire staff doesn’t go to Leavenworth.

    • Yup… and “the most transparent president in history” used $85M of that printed money for family vacations over the last 8 years. Quite a legacy indeed.

      • Trump has already billed more than that to the taxpayer for guarding Trump Tower, and he’s only had the government credit cars for three weeks.

      • Tump hasn’t “billed” a thing. He didn’t want the extra security. The Secret Service demands it.

      • The $85 million for vacations does not include the cost of everyday protection for obama and his family. But of course you knew that…right?

      • You mean the leftist, Lib, Dem Di Blasio has billed the feds. His billing has already been shot down by the feds – he is another Dem soon-to-be-loser who will be shuttled off to the dust bin soon. The guy actually believes the feds were going to agree it takes approx $1 million A DAY to provide some security for Trump , when all it is is a few fences, a dozen or two cops and not much else – the feds do the heavy lifting.

      • Protecting the (prospective) Executive is a legitimate function of Government. Health insurance is not. That you do not understand this fundamental constitutional principle shows how far gone you are. Sad.

      • Multiply what Trump has spent so far and 100 and you will get half of what Moochelle spent of vacations.

      • If it were not for the nutty leftists from your party so much of that would not be necessary. Your type wants to run around and loot,burn and destroy when you don’t get your way. I doubt very seriously that guarding Trump Tower has cost that much. You leftists love to exaggerate don’t you?

      • 1. your statement is not correct
        2. if it were, it would be worth every penny
        3. Barack Hussein “I’m cooler than Bouncey, JayX, Al Green, and Moochelle all put together” Obama is an incompetent jackass–GOOD RIDDANCE TO BAD RUBBISH, so we will now disinfect/fumigate the White House to make it livable for decent, civilized people, or should we just burn it down and start over

      • Even if Trump costs 10 times what oblamo costs (and he won’t) it will still be worth it to finally get the economy growing. The crazy leftists like tennoogies will never admit it though. I wonder why he got all the noogies?

    • I wonder if he will pardon the Blind Shiekh and Major Nidal Hassan. I am sure the Deserter will be pardoned. Hillary? Not so sure but perhaps a very large and discreet transfer of funds will be made into the Obama Save the World Foundation…..

      • Why would he pardon Hillary?

        Trump’s bloviating was an election tactic or do you think he’s employing reverse psychology so as not to give the game away before January 20?


        Under the Constitution, only federal criminal convictions, such as those
        adjudicated in the United States District Courts, may be pardoned by
        the President. In addition, the President’s pardon power extends to
        convictions adjudicated in the Superior Court of the District of
        Columbia and military court-martial proceedings. However, the President
        pardon a state criminal offense. Under the Department’s rules governing
        petitions for executive clemency, 28 C.F.R. §§ 1.1 et seq.,
        an applicant must satisfy a minimum waiting period of five years before
        he becomes eligible to apply for a presidential pardon of his federal
        conviction. The waiting period, which is designed to afford the
        petitioner a reasonable period of time in which to demonstrate an
        ability to lead a responsible, productive and law-abiding life, begins
        on the date of the petitioner’s release from confinement. Alternatively,
        if the conviction resulted in a sentence that did not include any form
        of confinement, including community or home confinement, the waiting
        period begins on the date of sentencing. In addition, the petitioner
        should have fully satisfied the penalty imposed, including all
        probation, parole, or supervised release before applying for clemency.
        Moreover, the waiting period begins upon release from confinement for
        your most recent conviction, whether or not this is the offense for
        which pardon is sought. You may make a written request for a waiver of
        this requirement. However, waiver of any portion of the waiting period
        is rarely granted and then only in the most exceptional circumstances.

        no conviction no pardon…no 5 year waiting period no pardon….no pardon for Shillary… And if OBlamer pardons either of the two proven Muslim terrorists he will permanently damage his (D)imwit Party on National Security.

      • I agree with you but I would be very surprised to see Hillary going to trial though it would be good for the soul!

      • Shill will more than likely go to court,but not over the emails per se….most likely the FBI will find some wrongdoing with pay to play at the Clinton Foundation.There are currently several investigations into just that running by the FBI soooo…your soul may yet feel better

      • The reason Nixon was pardoned (or so it was explained to me) was that he knew where ALL the bodies were buried and threatened to sing like a canary. This was the last thing the Deep State wanted to have happen. I suspect a similar dynamic is at work here. Are some above the law? Think Chappaquiddick….

      • everyone claims the term Nixon was granted was pardon,but the technical term according to law would be Clemency…which is basically a pre-conviction pardon.I too would suspect that a similar dynamic is in play here as well,but there are some major systemic differences between the two time periods in question.Especially as in relation to which side (right or left) had the rise in populism going with them.Then Nixon had resigned to avoid Impeachment and the Left was on an ascendant rise that culminated in Carter’s Election.Now the Right is on the ascendant rise with the current election of Trump,mass possessions of governorships of States and their Statehouses,The House of Representatives,the Senate and so forth…while the old guard may try business as usual there is something different afoot.Hillary may find herself the proverbial “sacrificial lamb” to the changing of the guard.

      • § 1.4 Offenses against the laws of possessions or territories of the United States.

        Petitions for executive clemency shall relate only to violations of
        laws of the United States. Petitions relating to violations of laws of
        the possessions of the United States or territories subject to the
        jurisdiction of the United States should be submitted to the appropriate
        official or agency of the possession or territory concerned.

      • Thanks vidga……… I was of a different opinion on this but you have straightened me out.

    • just an FYI…to pardon someone…that person must have been CONVICTED of a federal crime,served their time then wait five years to even apply for a Presidential Pardon…Under the Constitution, only federal criminal convictions, such as those
      adjudicated in the United States District Courts, may be pardoned by
      the President. In addition, the President’s pardon power extends to
      convictions adjudicated in the Superior Court of the District of
      Columbia and military court-martial proceedings. However, the President
      cannot pardon a state criminal offense. Under the Department’s rules governing petitions for executive clemency, 28 C.F.R. §§ 1.1 et seq.,
      an applicant must satisfy a minimum waiting period of five years before
      he becomes eligible to apply for a presidential pardon of his federal
      conviction. The waiting period, which is designed to afford the
      petitioner a reasonable period of time in which to demonstrate an
      ability to lead a responsible, productive and law-abiding life, begins
      on the date of the petitioner’s release from confinement. Alternatively,
      if the conviction resulted in a sentence that did not include any form
      of confinement, including community or home confinement, the waiting
      period begins on the date of sentencing. In addition, the petitioner
      should have fully satisfied the penalty imposed, including all
      probation, parole, or supervised release before applying for clemency.
      Moreover, the waiting period begins upon release from confinement for
      your most recent conviction, whether or not this is the offense for
      which pardon is sought. You may make a written request for a waiver of
      this requirement. However, waiver of any portion of the waiting period
      is rarely granted and then only in the most exceptional circumstances.

      so no pardon till 5 years after they get out of prison for their crimes.

      • As your link states, those are not limitations on the president’s pardon power. They are the DOJ’s rules to be followed by petitioners applying to the DOJ for a pardon. The president can choose on his own to preemptively pardon anyone — as Gerald Ford did for Richard Nixon, who had not even been charged (yet) with any crime, let alone convicted or imprisoned. A pardon does imply guilt, but does not require a formal admission of guilt. So Obama can still pardon Hillary if he chooses, and unlike most criminals she can probably call his cell phone and ask him to; she just can’t apply to the DOJ to initiate the paperwork to request that he do so.

      • this word pardon…it means something other than what you want it to mean..Clemency on the other hand means what you want it to mean…..

      • There is no difference between pardon and clemency in the eyes of the Justice Dept. If you look at the stats on the Office of the Pardon Attorney’s website you will see the number of grants of pardon and commutations. No category for clemency. Clemency is the broader term.

      • I prefer Coolidge myself but I do consider Reagan to have been very successful.

        Truth be told Reagan was a very good Republican but not so good conservative.

        With only a passing knowledge of Ike, I don’t in any way consider him in the Carter/Obama league of failure. On the other hand George Bush – take yer pick – aren’t much better

      • Ike a failure??? He deported all the illegals. He built the interstate freeway system without raising taxes. He warned about the military industrial complex. His presidency was one of the most peaceful and prosperous in our nations history.

      • You have misunderstood me and my clarity seems to be on the wane as I can see how you got that impression about Ike from what I wrote.

        I didn’t mean Ike was a failure – as he was a Republican. His Vice President was an epic failure and not because he resigned.

        What you said was pretty much true but there’s always something to quibble about.

        But before I quibble along let me reassure you I don’t think Ike was failure but just the opposite.

        He may have deported all the illegals, which is doubtful on its face. With Operation Wetback he deported many illegal immigrants after the war, as did Truman. Those illegals replaced Americans who joined the war effort and they did so mainly in the fields. After the war was over the illegals were rounded up and removed as the Americans wanted their jobs back.

        Ike built the interstates without raising taxes – yes he did. At 90% there was much wiggle room to raise them was there?

        Yes he did warn about the military industrial complex and we see how well that worked out as there isn’t a corner of the round globe we haven’t been militarily engaged or are militarily engaged currently.

        And about that most peaceful and prosperous time:

        Ike did overthrow a country or two with the CIA – check out Iran and the Shah and then fast forward to 1979 and focus in on the embassy in Tehran. That’s called blowback. And after the French withdrew from their colony of Vietnam Ike stepped in and replaced them. I think that ended in like 1974. So the peace and prosperity you acclaim just took a little time to work themselves out.

        Like I said, there’s always something to quibble about.

      • Thanks for a balanced and fair response that added perspective .

  5. Unless something earth shaking happens between now and 2018, the Dem numbers in congress are going to shrink even more. I hope they continue to double down on leftism. It works so well for them. What’s funny is how they still act like they are in charge. They remind me of the tiny yapping dog that is oh so tough behind the fence, but when you open the gate and go into the yard, he slinks away with his tail tucked between his legs. Remember how the Repubs were in disarray and were going to fracture when Trump went down in flames? Didn’t happen quite like that…

    • The fact their congressmen voted FOR Pelosi to stay as their House leader is absolute proof they are in denial and nothing will change. The poster girl of Obamacare and she is re-elected? They are setting the table to eat their own.

  6. Stock market:
    Under Obama: up 180%
    Under Bush: down 40%

    Under Obama: down from 8.2% to 5.0%
    Under Bush: up from 4.8% to 8.2%

    Gas prices:
    Avg under Obama: $2.40/ gallon
    Avg under Bush: $3.40/ gallon

    US citizens killed by terrorists
    Under Obama: 58
    Under Bush: 3,918

    This is what it looks like if you go by actual statistics instead of by lying right-wing propagandists like the guy who wrote this article.

    • Nice try. Reminds me the football team that gains 500 yards and goes up and down the field at will, and loses 10-9.

    • Two, three or more wrongs don’t make a right. Same with statistics. You’re an ignorant, arrogant little troll, aren’t you?

    • Let’s also add the record number of Americans out of the workforce, the record number of Americans on welfare, the number of veterans who are dying due to waiting for the VA, the number of seniors who are receiving SS that is less than the amount we are paying to support illegals. There is in an increase in the number of individuals who are underemployed and need to work multiple jobs. The average earnings of Americans workers have declined during the 8 years.

      It is all a matter of which stats you want to look at. Also, the stock market is a bogus analogy as the rise is caused by the Feds manipulation of interest rates.

    • Under Obama: Republican Congress
      Under Bush: Democratic Congress

      • Picking and choosing your facts is propaganda.

        Bush had a Republican house till 2006 and had the House and the Senate for a Congressional term also.

    • The average working American couldn’t care less about the stock market. Not much to invest on Wal-Mart and McDonald’s pay, Wall Street doesn’t take food stamps, and unemployment and welfare doesn’t leave much leftover to invest either. But it’s great for the CEO’s.

      I’m certain you’ve been told how phony your unemployment numbers are. People giving up and leaving the work force is no way to lower unemployment, let alone run an economy.

      Gas prices? They were $1.10 under Reagan. So what? A new car averaged 8 grand under Reagan too, what do they cost now?

      You really want to go the terrorist route? First off, you lie about the number of Americans killed by terrorists under Obama, falsely reporting about a third of the actual number. Secondly, Bill Clinton let the 9/11 terrorists into the U.S. under his watch. The entire blame for 9/11 falls upon Clinton, who treated terrorism as a simple criminal act rather than a war on the U.S. Hillary would have been worse, actually inviting terrorists to our table.

      Now that your argument has been completely debunked, you only have three choices left: Educate yourself, go away, or remain here looking the fool.

      • The terrorism charge isn’t debunked – a simple transfer of responsibility by you in your retort.

        When I lose misplace my keys and ask my wife if she knows where they’re at she replies, “Whose keys are they?”

        Who was the President on September 11, 2001?

      • Your wife may run you, but she doesn’t run the country.

        Doesn’t matter who the president was when Islam murdered thousands in a single attack. Clinton allowed the Islamic murderers into the country without a second thought.

      • My wife was trying to help me in the fictional scenario.

        I was trying to help you as if you were a child dealing with my rhetorical question.

        But, alas, to no avail.

        Your still a child that does childish things while I leave those things behind me.

        Once again who was President on 9/11

        Keep in mind the difference between ignorant and stupid ..

        Ignorant is not knowing any better but stupid is doing otherwise.

      • Nah, you are being the usual condescending liberal against a superior foe who already knows the facts.

        The facts are, Bill Clinton was soft on Islamic terrorism, and thus allowed terrorists into our country unchecked. On more than one occasion under Clinton’s watch, Islamists struck on U.S. soil. 9/11 was merely a continuation of the attacks that began during Bill Clinton’s presidency. The Islamic terrorists came to the U.S., and trained here while Clinton was president, while he turned a blind eye to them. The blame for 9/11 falls squarely, unequivocally, upon Bill Clinton. End of story.

        You may not have known this. However, now you do. Thus, you can no longer claim ignorance as a defense.

    • You know, those are facts, not reasons. You should try to learn the difference.

    • Waaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh! All the way home to the R congress and White House – doesn’t THAT tell you something? You’re on the wrong side pal.

    • Thank goodness we had a Republican congress during most of Obamas disaster presidency to have the figures you quoted to fix the disaster we had with the Democrat congress during most of Bush’s Presidency because you showed the figures that the DemocRat party gave us during those horrible years. (I’ll save you time and suspense; Clintons presidency looked good because of a Republican congress as well)
      Oh and one more thing. 9/11 happened because Bill Clinton knew Bin Laden needed to die but when we had him, Clinton was in the middle of a sex scandal and didn’t want any political blow back that assassinating Bin Laden would bring so those 3000 deaths is on Clinton

      • Oh, i get it.

        9/11 was Bill Clinton’s fault (despite the fact that he’d been out of office for almost a year);

        the tripling of gas prices from 2001-2006 was Al Gore’s fault (despite the fact that he was never in power);

        the financial crash of 2008 was Barney Frank’s fault (despite the fact the Republicans controlled the entire government in the run-up to it) and

        the Iraq debacle was Obama’s fault (despite the fact that the entire thing was a complete disaster from the day Bush declared “mission accomplished.”)

        I can’t wait to see what kind of devastation Trump will cause that you will be trying to blame on Hillary Clinton four years from now.

      • U libs are losing election after election in epic proportions. So keep up EXACTLY what u are doing. It’s sure working out great…….for us!!!!!

      • Wow, this really does remind me of the Bush years. All through the first several months after they came in, all they could do was gloat about winning and frame every single issue about “the liberals” (who were no longer in power). They were still celebrating down in Crawford when Osama bin Laden slaughtered 3,200 Americans in the most successful terrorist attack against the US in history. Didn’t work out so great for those folks.

  7. Precisely! Great article which touches upon the core problem of the left under Obama: arrogance.

    • Picture the “Bi-Coastals”. They visit each other in the Upper East Side and Sausalito. They imbibe of Brie and Chablis. Flyover Country was and is Terra Incognita to them. They look at each other and asked, what’s the beef with those Yokels out there? They were beaten like a Drum and still reappointed Nancy Pelosi. They remain clueless.

      • Don’t forget to include the others — Maxine Waters, Barbara Boxer, Dianne Feinstein, and Jerry Brown.

      • California is what America would have become under Hillary.

      • Yes. The CBC, due to our unconstitutional Voting Rights Act of 1965, are gifted seats in states where the Democrats have no other hope of ever being elected. I suspect that the Democrats go to these tools to learn what is making flyover country tick, because these are the only Dems elected from those states. Think that Moslem former nation of Islam official they think can take the pulse of the mid west.

      • Don’t worry. The Voting Rights Act AND the Civil Rights Act will both be repealed by the end of 2017.

  8. Barack Obama’s legacy is that nothing of value was accomplished during 8 years of economic stagnation, foreign policy setbacks including shunning our allies and emboldening our enemies, and the rise of the most dangerous threat to the free world today: militant Islam.

    The only good part of the whole 8 years is that somebody other than me helped elect him.

      • I would say that he more typically polishes his knob, but I suspect he hasn’t one to polish.

      • You mean 8 years. And that would be me! I helped get him nominated, anyway. My state is far too corrupt and backward to help him win the presidency.

        Trump/Pence 2020!

  9. Obama will become a Comic Figure, a fixture of late night Talk Shows and Faux Hollywood Award Ceremonies. A vapid, shallow man who could have risen to Greatness by binding the Nation’s Racial Wounds but who chose to pour salt into them. A Complete Failure whose only accomplishment was to push Carter off the Pedestal as the Worst American President in our History. Oh yes, lest I forget, the 20 Trillion Dollar Debt will hang around our heads like a very bad hangover. Good Riddance!

    • Actually, I think President Obama will be more like President Kennedy; a fantasy of accomplishment and success.

      • The problem is that President Kennedy was more a failure than success. The Cuban Missile Crisis. The Bay of Pigs. He failed more than anything else.

      • He got tax policy right, though. Today, JFK’s advocacy for tax cuts would get him thrown out of the party for heresy against socialism.

      • OTOH, JFK also gave us federal government employee unions, one of the most insidious and damaging entities of our time. Of course, THAT would endear him nearly to sainthood with the Democrat Party.

      • you are correct about JFK’s tax cuts.They were the model for the Reagan Tax cuts of the 80s and hopefully the ones We The People will see starting the next fiscal year.

      • He did try and take on the “Deep State” and we know how that turned out….

      • Kennedy was negotiating through “back channels” to reach diplomatic solutions with the USSR over Vietnam and Cuba, when he was murdered.

      • He did have Marilyn sing Happy Birthday to him and let’s not talk about the candle(s).

      • It only worked because kennedy died and all the blow back landed on others.

    • Sadly, I doubt the committed Leftists in the media and Hollywood are self-aware enough ever to mock Obama. They will lionize him as a tragic, perhaps Christ-like figure who tried to raise our consciousness, tame our crude and savage nature, end war, stop the rise of the oceans and the warming of the planet, but who was betrayed by sinister, Neanderthal, racist, sexist, misogynistic, homophobic, Islamophobic, transphobic troglodytes and those evil Russians. It has already begun.

      One can only hope the masses of voters who awoke and voted this year see the effort for what it is, and treat it with the scorn and ridicule it deserves.

  10. America can’t be great unless bankers and billionaires and the craziest generals are running the show, led by a guy that doesn’t have any idea what he’s doing and probably doesn’t even know how to read. Everybody knows that.

    • Yeah, those Wharton Business School Grads are really stupid.

      • Yes, it will be funny watching the liberals’ heads explode as Obama’s legacy is undone.

      • Watch them suddenly develop into strong Constitutionalists inveighing against the Nuclear Option!

    • You were talking about Obama weren’t you? He’s an object lesson against incompetence, arrogance, and the crazy generals who willingly followed him.

    • Yes “crazy generals” who are loved and respected by their underlings. Of course you put no credence in that fact because you think people in the military are a bunch of uneducated losers.

  11. Trump’s actions as president-elect has shown the void in leadership that we have experienced in the past 8 years. As Obama said when he took office, elections have consequences. Yes, they do and Trump can wipe out Obama’s actions with his pen. If Obama took the time to lead, it would be work to undo his legacy but instead Obama avoided Congress and used his pen. The problem with executive orders is that the ink is not permanent. Another pen can turn it invisible. Unfortunately, the issues he created internationally and domestically will be his legacy.

    • “… Trump can wipe out Obama’s actions with his pen.”

      What executive orders do you think Trump wipe out?



      Etc etc

      Which ones?

      • Clean Power Act, for one. Bathroom order is not an EO it is a new interpretation of the 1965 Civil Rights act. All Jeff Sessions need do is say “nevermind” and those cases disappear.

      • And the Clean Power Act is an extension of the original Act.

        And I hope Jeff Sessions does say oh well whatever nevermind.

      • There is no “Clean Power Act.” It is called the Clean Power Plan (CPP) because there is no act of Congress behind it. CPP is NOT “an extension of the original Act,” whatever that is. CPP is whole-cloth EPA administrative rulemaking, and can be disappeared in an hour.

      • ALL OF THEM.

        Then Trump can re-issue a few, if they were really necessary. But Obama’s name will be wiped from history regardless.

      • He made that choice rather than having it forced on him.

      • Pragmatism at its best.

        And do you think he’s going to have us do anything that he isn’t willing to do?

        I mean if it’s ok for the golden goose why not for the rest of the geese?

        Do you really see him nullifying that particular executive order?

        The best I can hope for is that his Attorney General doesn’t enforce it but in reality the order remains.

        He could surprise me though.

      • Bruccie is an aberration yet still a male. It’s in his genes.

  12. “When the system is running right, change comes slowly and even then only by building a consensus among the American people. Education and persuasion become fundamental to the art of politics.”

    This is exactly where the U.S. system has gone awry.

  13. Obama was successful in one sense. He deliberately sought to weaken and hurt America. He succeeded.

    • He also weakened and hurt the democrat party and for that we should be thankful.

      • True! Don’t forget the big gains in Smith and Wesson stock!!

      • Yeah, If I were a liberal democrat in DC, I would buy gun stocks and rant endlessly about confiscating guns.

      • Ummm no..The (D)imwit Party hurt themselves over a very long time by providing a place for Ideas like Obamas to brew and fester.He is as much a product of their wishful thinking for the last 30+ years as he is his own narcissism

    • “He deliberately sought to weaken and hurt America”

      God knows that’s the only way to explain his foreign policy.

  14. “When the [Constitution] system is running right, change comes slowly and even then only by building a consensus among the American people.”

    That system brought the progeny of its framers open discrimination in the institutions those framers built. Eventually, it was deemed necessary that the stupid, the lazy, the parasitic and the nepotistic could have those ‘educations’ and ‘jobs’ instead. And of course a result has been much ‘they pretend we’re teachable, we pretend to work’.

    Fifty years later AA is still with us. And though we also see its beneficiaries ‘moving imperceptibly from too weak to ignore to too strong to ignore,’ there was always one powerful group that stood to gain from displacing the framers’ progeny at Harvard.

  15. Obama and his egregious Anti-America administration, has almost destroyed this country. He has put terrorists and criminal invaders ahead of Americans. He has run up the debt, 95 million Americans are out of the work force, the SNAP program reinforces unemployment and puts the cost on the back of the tax payer. Obama has decimated our military, robbed Social Security, and abandoned our Veterans. He has ignored the Constitution & laws, and flooded this country will illegals. This traitor should be tried for treason and hung on the Washington Mall – even better, in front of the Lincoln Memorial.


    • @chuck_pro:disqus – there is a reason that many of us referred to our current First Occupant as Pres’ent Obama from when he was first inaugurated …

      • We still don’t know where he was born. The BC he post on the WH website is an outright forgery. Was he born in Vancouver? Seattle? Hawaii? Kenya?? We just don’t know.

  16. Agreed. The funny thing is, and it will kill most Democrats, in the long run I expect history to be kinder to W than to Clinton or Obama.

      • You gave not a whit of a reason why W would not be considered better than the other two in the long run.

        Most will realize 911 was planned under Clinton. Medicare Part D is the only entitlement program coming in under budget, and doubling the debt seems to be something Obama was even better at.

      • Just gave you 4 reasons much less a whit.

        Same percentage of doubling went on with both of them Obama just started with a bigger number is all.

        And using your reasoning Hoover, and maybe Coolidge, can get credit for Hitler because he started planning under them and not FDR. And Pearl Harbor was Hoover’s fault for sure as the Imperial Japanese expansion started in ’31 or so …

        Am I being consistent here with your thought process?

        Bush was the President on 9/11. That’s a fact.

        Bush was Commander in Chief and responsible for the security on 9/11. That’s a fact.

        It is irresponsible for you to blame his predecessor for his spic failure.

      • yes, as a matter of fact great fault has been laid on the administrations prior to 1939 that let Moussolini invade Ethiopia, Japan invade China in 1933 and 1936, and Hitler take the Rhineland, Austria, Sudetenland, and Czechoslovakia. The USA has avoid much of the blame, but yes certainly Neville Chamberlain is reviled in the UK for letting it happen on his watch. They don’t blame Winston Churchill for that.

        I take it you do not read much history.

      • I take it you don’t pay attention to current events or reality.

        It happened on President Bush’s watch.

      • All true. But history is written by the victors, and they’re all Republicans.

  17. Wow – you hit it out of the ballpark this time Chris. Everything you wrote is spot on and a remarkable compilation of aspects of Obama’s “reign”. “The King is dead, long live the King” has never had such personification as Obama.

    • Long live Obamacare is more like it.

      The gutless Republican Congress will at best defund it thru reconciliation but repeal it – no way. Just like the Supreme Court had its chance under the leadership of that staunch conservative Chief Justice Roberts and we all remember how that went.

      • The Force is strong in the Republican Party Yung Jedi.

        They just got a pretty bad candidate elected. It’s a strong party apparatus so don’t doubt they can defend their incumbents and even add to their margin in both houses.

      • we can’t live long WITH Obamacare. it is way too UNaffordable.

      • So is Social Security and Medicare and pretty much anything social welfare program the government operates.

        The government will just raise taxes to deal with its’ UNaffordability.

        Social Security is only as successful as it is because half the people that pay into die before they collect any benefits.

        And Medicare Part D is a redistribution of wealth from the working man to Big Pharma.

      • The SCOTUS Obamacare decision is the best argument for Congress creating two additional SCOTUS seats, so three conservatives can be appointed in short order.
        The influence of Kennedy and Roberts must be diluted, and soon. We cannot afford for them to be the swing votes.
        With three conservative appointments, we will have 5 conservatives , four liberal regressives and a better chance for Roberts or Kennedy to be sane that day…..

      • So, just cutting the financial penalites out bothers you? It seems almost all insurance companies will pull out in 2017, I will enjoy watching Obamacare collapse under its own weight.

        But do not fear, I bet Trump will be magnanimous enough to allow you to keep your overprice Obamacare policy if you want.

      • I have no doubt it will collapse as you say. If they defund it using reconciliation then when the Republicans fall out of power, like the Democrats just did, the Democrats will simply re-fund that particular exercise in futility.

        It’s why it’s fundamentally important to repeal the law even if there is no replacement ready.

        I’m just saying the Republicans are cowardly in Congress and will not repeal the law.

      • Obamacare is a disaster and I am living proof
        My Blue Cross policy that was terminated: $3,000 deductible, $390 premium, choose any doctor.
        Obamacare: $6,250 deductible, $610 premium, HMO only and my doctor dropped me.
        So, how is it you are a fan of Obamacare?
        Only 20 million are on it, including over 8 million like me who had their policies cancelled.
        Please, educate us on the greatness of Obamacare.

  18. Of course, the basic fallacy here is that Trump is the expression of a conservative majority, or the Republican Party. He is neither.
    We don’t know yet what he is.
    It’s too early to start celebrating. He has to be held accountable, just as we must hold any politician accountable.

    • I’m starting now, giving thanks each day we put our country back on track. Plus, I’m opening a bottle on December 19th and on January 20th,

      • I have hopes Trump will do well.
        I see him as an unknown quantity. Clearly better than Hillary, who was a known evil.

  19. it’s always a chuckle whenever the Dems mention Trump lack of experience at governing, foreign affairs, military etc etc when Obama didn’t have any experience at those things either.

    • I find it amazing that they accuse Trump of being a narcissist.

      • Because Obama is a narcissist means Trump can’t be?

        That’s sum strange thinking.

        More likely they both are and probably every other person that runs for any office in America is …

  20. John Hinderaker at Powerline blog in 2014 highlighted this excerpt from a book written by Rob Stein, one of the founders of the Democracy Alliance (the club of leftist billionaires who pledge to each other to spend at least $200,000 a year to promote left wing causes). Here’s the except:

    “The reason it is so important to control government is because government is the source of enormous power,” Stein continued. “One president in this country, when he or she takes office, appoints…5,000 people to run a bureaucracy, nonmilitary nonpostal service of 2 million people, who hire 10 million outside outsource contractors–a workforce of 12 million people–that spends $3 trillion a year. That number is larger than the gross domestic product of all but four countries on the face of the earth.”

    “So the reason we’re doing what we’re doing…and the way we get progressive change, is to control government,” Stein said. “That’s what this is about.”

    That is the fundamental transformation Obama talked about in a speech five days before he was inaugurated. It’s all about using government power to change the country’s values, norms, mores, etc. to conform with progressivism. I think every Democrat was on board with this. Obama had the advantage that he could press the edges of executive authority because as the first black president, he would NEVER be impeached even if some Democrats believed he should be. They’d never put the near monopoly they have on the black vote in peril.

  21. Obama, the “constitutional law professor”. Yes, a “constitutional law professor” in civil rights at the University of Chicago… Obama was in actuality a Lecturer from 1992 to 1996. He was a Senior Lecturer from 1996 to 2004, during which time he taught three courses per year. Senior Lecturers are considered to be members of the Law School faculty and are regarded as professors, although not full-time or tenure-track. The title of Senior Lecturer is distinct from the title of Lecturer, which signifies adjunct status. He was continuously criticized by his colleagues for not showing up to teach his classes…

  22. 40 days…Obama, Biden, Kerry, Clinton, Reid, and Boxer…GONE!
    2017 is going to be a great year!

  23. Most of the dem base is lazy by design. Is it any wonder that they finally hired a lazy leader?
    Obama began his retirement 8 years ago….his followers never noticed because most of them think effort is for Republicans.
    Reap it baby, reap it!!!

  24. doubling the Federal debt to $20t… $55,000.00 per citizen… and a Debt-to-GDP ratio of over 100%

  25. Barry was NEVER a “constitutional law professor”…he was a “lecturer” and then “senior lecturer” for approximately a 12-year period, indicating his life long aptitude for the absence of the actual work required to perform at the job “handed” him…

  26. A nice summary. Me, I just know I’ve slept better in the past month than I have in the last decade.

  27. But…but, but… Obama was COOL! He chilled with COOL people like Beyonce and the Kardashians!

    Surely that must account for something!? LOL

  28. Barack Obama is the worst president of my lifetime: an incompetent ideologue who made the world and the country worse. The economy is not as bad as it was directly after the crash, but it is much, much worse than it would have been had it not been weighted down with Dodd-Frank regulation and the anvil of Obamacare. Racial tension is worse, the national spirit is worse, the wars in the Middle East are worse, our nation’s place in the world is worse, our federal institutions are more politicized and corrupt — all because Obama simply did not know how reality worked and would not change his mind.

    • The world typically rejects minority rule. Obama ran as a black, not a white. Obama won election because he was black, pandered to blacks, and accomplished very, very little. The experiment rid the country of racism and cleans the white sin of slavery didn’t work. Only the melting pot of assimilation can.

  29. Barack Obama will go down in history as a mediocre president most notable for his race. He certainly won’t be the ‘Democratic Reagan’ as he said he wished to be.

    • He never tried to be. His own Communist Muslim roots wouldn’t allow it.

  30. By this time even some Democrats must be realizing electing affirmative action Presidents is a step to far, even if they will never admit it!

  31. He has a legacy, it is just a bad one he and the Dems are trying to spin into some convoluted winner meme. Didn’t you hear? He won a Nobel Peace Prize then between he and Hillary created absolute carnage in the Middle East.

  32. We should at least give Obama credit for destroying the Democrat Party as a viable entity in its current iteration. The final nail would be the election of Keith Ellison as DNC chief. We have to have hope.

  33. The liberals are not only being undone by the way that the implemented their agenda, but the fact that their agenda caused the worst recovery from a major recession in the modern history of our country. Liberal policies hurt the American people in their pocketbooks and that more than anything else is what propelled Trump to his victory.

    If Trump plays his cards right, he can make job growth and income growth for the American people at large a unifying force. A unifying force so large that it obliterates identify politics and the politics of grievances.

    • Disagreed, with respect, re this “worst recovery” stuff that I’m tired of hearing of. We went from a recession — a word with a definition — to a depression, a long period of essentially zero growth, just like 80 years ago, created and prolonged by government stupidity, ignorance, malfeasance, and vote-buying.

      • We have NEVER had a recovery from a major recession where the growth did not exceed 2% for the seven quarters following the end of the recession. The causes of this are:

        1. The raising of income tax rates
        2. ObamaCare’s wet blanket upon hiring by small businesses
        3. The money taken out of people’s pockets by ObamaCare’s higher premiums
        4. Businesses relocating out of the USA due to us having the highest corporate tax rate in the world
        5. Banks being unable to lend to small businesses due to Dodd-Frank
        6. Reduction in investment in the Internet due to the stupid Net Neutrality policies of the FCC
        7. Reduction in business investment overall due to an regulatory approach that was hostile to the private sector. The Keystone pipeline and the Clean Power plan are examples.

  34. Obama’s was a failed presidency. Despite his media cheerleaders, Obama and the status quo was soundly rejected. Was it his record budget deficits (greater than all other US Presidents combined)? Was it his abysmal and naive foreign policy (the world still laughs at his Syrian “Red Line”)? Was it the oversold and just plain lies that were ObamaCare? Although damning, I’d say they take a back seat to his zero accomplishments. He did reorganize the Ferguson, Missouri police dept when it didn’t need it, but he never did anything of positive consequence. I don’t believe it was malicious. I just don’t think he was particularly bright (remember his pronouncing Marine Corps as corpse?). Unless he was among stooges, he often shrank. Maybe he can be like Jimmy Carter and do better in his post Presidential years.

    • “If I had a son, he would look like Travon”
      “The police acted stupidly”
      “Elections have consequences”
      “For the first time in my adult life, I’m proud to be American” MO
      Failed. The worst. The president who never was.

  35. Except Obama has promised to stick around and squeal like a greased pig. No fading back and letting the new president take charge. He acted like it was only right that Bush give way to him but no way is he not going to be on faux news channels raising a ruckus over his vile BS legacy.

    • And SNL could have so much fun with that if they ever decided to be funny again.

  36. “Yet Obama, the only “constitutional law professor” ever elected president,”

    BS, he wasn’t a constitutional law professor, he was a constitutional law lecturer. There is a big difference between a professor and a lecturer.

  37. Excellent article, Chris.
    While Trump is ‘draining the swamp in DC’ , Harvard should fumigate its Faculty Lounge.
    Now we know where the “C” students end up–in government!

  38. Obama will have a legacy of dividing the US, negotiating with terrorist (probably pardoning an US traitor in Bergdahl) and wrecking the health care system.

  39. If Obama was white he’d be seated next to Buchanon as one of America’s worst presidents. It’s interesting, isn’t it, that Obama now calls for a report on Russian hacking of the election. This is the same person whose campaign raked in millions of foreign credit card donations in Election 2008, but the media ignored that. So did the man-child president-elect. All illegal and in broad daylight.

    History will not be kind to Obama. The cop killings, midnight edits, Holder, Lerner, the IRS meddling, fast and furious, his back bending efforts not to offend Islamic terrorism, on and on, not to forget BLM and spoiled insurrectionists shouting and rioting, will absolutely remind us all how feckless and terrible his presidency was.

    • How can we forget the constant name-calling his supporters were assured would be protected and forever-more assessments of our character. We’ve all been deemed racist for the most simple criticism of some thing that we didn’t like, hailed as degenerates for daring to stand by our religious beliefs or rights and for not kneeling at the image of an almighty Obama.
      I won’t forget. Ever.

    • If Obama were white, he never would have gotten elected president (or U.S. or IL senator). Columbia University would not have admitted him, Harvard Law School would have been a distant dream, impossible for him to attain.

  40. Obama will be lionized and any detractors will be attacked as racist. And remember that he’s not going away. He will be a dangerous provocateur for the next 20 years. As for the celebs that will pine for obama and lament the ‘what could have been’ Hillary presidency, the best remedy would be to not support their product with your dollars. Hopefully more than a few will be driven back to living from paycheck to paycheck or their next tip in the real world with us deplorables.

    • The racist accusations will only be effective as long as the accused accept it. REJECT IT! And reject the sexism charges for not supporting the Hilldabeast. I do not reject Obama as a black or Hillary as a woman. I soundly reject their ideas, their thoughts, their hysteria, their emotional responses, their financial irresponsibility, their weakness, their identity politics, their faux institutional racism, their liberal-only feminism, their assault on sovereignty, their self-serving globalism, their religious intolerance, their tax and spend liberalism, their demonization of the successful, their hatred of the flag, the military, and the heartland, their arrogant elitism, their idea that all of America can be divided into oppressors and victims, their Saul Alinski tactics, their control of the media, campus thought, and suppression of ideas opposed to theirs through intimidation, stigmatization, and denigration. 60 million Americans rejected the Obamas and the Clintons, but 64 million Americans side with them. Our very survival depends on shrewd, fair, calculated, compassionate strength, liberty, independence, self-responsibility, and achievement. So be it!

  41. Barokeydoke is just “yesterday’s pickaninny” now

  42. Mr obama will remembered as the only US president to support domestic and foreign terrorists above protecting the citizens. He was raised in Kenya and never ascribed to our American values.

    He got in as a sharp talker repeating lines written for him as a bringer of “hope” and “change”. Little did we know that hope and change meant pardoning the most criminals in history, running up the largest deficits in history and bringing in thousands of radical Islamic terroists.

    He divided the country and sowed seeds of racism into the fabric of the media and anyone who dared challenge his illegal executive orders. This man will be remembered as the man who nearly destroyed America and the civilized world with globalization.

    barack hussien obama, you are a very sad and hateful man

    • What makes it even more tragic is the unique role he could have had. As the first black man (half anyway) he could have led the way in healing the divide rather than making things worse. He could have been another Lincoln or Washington, but now he will be known as the worst president ever.

    • The last sentence is a killer: “And he will become the president that never was.”

  43. You said: “community organizing” (whatever that is). I can tell you what “that” is, being old enough to remember when “that” was called ‘rabble rousing’, and the people who engaged in “that” behavior were known as ‘troublemakers’, at least, in polite company. Barry has followed an ancient path; he could easily be nicknamed Grima Wormtongue, he and all his fellow travelers, whispering into the ears of America’s least educated and most needy.

  44. Let’s hope this article is very wrong. The realities of history need to be remembered, not forgotten. If we forget the Obamas, the Clintons, the Reids, etc., the people will eventually try to elect others just like them, and they may succeed.

  45. Even with power of the Presidency and a compliant Congress, Mr. Trump will not be able to completely erase Obama’s Obamacare legacy:

    If you like your Doctor, you can keep your Doctor.
    If you like your healthcare plan, you can keep your health care plan.

    Those two lies will live forever in history.

  46. The alt-left will never stop, though. They will rant and name-call and try with their media minions to discredit all who disagree with their plans. That has often worked for them in the past and may again. Stay alert.

  47. Did the libs really think America was buying the anal marriage, socialized medicine and free range range rest room crap they cramed down our throats? Not just no, but he’ll no!

  48. how does the smartest prezzy ever with senate and house leave such a pitiful legacy soon to dwindle to zero. one man wrecking crew of the democrat party and hillary as backup. to make it worse trump of all the clownshow snake oil used car salesman has the keys fall into his hands. america what has happened to that city on a hill? at least the laughs will be endless for the next four years

  49. Fantastic article. Well written. Well thought out. Thank you.

  50. Obama’s “legacy” will be the decimation of the Democrat Party. It reached its high water mark in 2008 with his election but began its decay shortly thereafter due to his arrogance, condescension and tin ear. That’s what you get when you elect someone who hasn’t learned the art of political compromise and building coalitions for your policies. The American people gave him the benefit of the doubt, twice, and he /they squandered it for expediency’s sake. Tough luck, pal.

  51. Nice try. President Obama will be remembered for saving GM, killing OBL, job creation, ACA & being a man of integrity

    • GM should have been allowed to go bankrupt; it was an utter failure. Obama had virtually nothing to do with killing OBL. The percentage of people working has decreased dramatically during obama’s regime, the only time that has ever happened in America. For a “man of integrity” it’s curious that virtually everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie; “keep your doctor”, “costs to decrease by $2500”, the Bengazi video, and thousands upon thousands of other flagrant lies.

      btw, obama started the Kenya lie himself. Google “1991 literary promotional booklet”. He himself said he was born in Kenya, possibly to make himself seem more exotic in order to market his first self-indulgent biography (the one written by Bill Ayers). But more likely, since he may be the laziest person who has ever lived, the Kenya thing was lifted by his literay agent from his college transcipt. He probably lied about his birth to qualify as a foreign student at Harvard. Of course, his college transcripts, for some reason, are under lock and key, so nobody can verify who isn’t in on the scam.

      • GM is an “utter failure” because you think so and that’s good enough regardless of facts such as share price, loan repayment, jobs saved & created. President Obama gave the order to deploy the assets which killed OBL, various options were presented to the Commander and Chief, the President lead the charge. Had a nincompoop such as the currently elected been President he’d probably call up Pakistan or Russia try to make a deal to hand over OBL. Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi every diplomat assigned understands the risk, but from behind the safety of your computer and after millions spent on a fruitless investigation, you cry for valiant men who died in service of their country for your own political purpose. You try to blame President Obama for the disrespect hurled at him during his presidency yet you provide no facts and it’s ridiculous and without merit. President Obama provided his birth certificate and his taxes. The current president elect hasn’t provided his taxes, his college transcripts, his business associates & entanglements which are a real threat to our democracy. I’ve kept my issuance and my doctor, along with the 64,000 plus other employees in my company plus millions of uninsured including my children are covered by healthcare with my co-pays increasing which was bound to happen with or without ACA. Everything in your post is devoid of reason based in facts, I don’t know if that makes you a fool or a tool but it hurts our republic when the uniformed vote. President Obama was your President for eight years, history will not erase his accomplishments. This article is is a waste of time, nothing more than a right wing fairytale.

      • A GM bailout that cost the taxpayers $50 billion dollars is indicative of the “success” that obama imposed on the country (as usual, without congressional consent). Every single company that has gone bankrupt in the last 20 years would still be afloat with that kind of taxpayer funding.

        Panetta approved the OBL assassination, after ten years of work by people not obama. Obama would never have approved it, and if he had, we would have dozens of books detailing the glorious process he used to re-direct the efforts, analyze the pluses and minuses, and cajole the entire government into doing it. nada. They probably photo-shopped him into the infamous photograph.

        Where was your hero the night of Benghazi? It’s one of the most vile and cowardly (lack of) actions by any person in the history of the country. And then there is the blame game with the video that had less then 20 views.

        btw, please share with us the cost of obamacare for “you and your children”, the deductibles you pay, and the subsidies you receive. I want to know how much I’m paying for you without my consent. As you no doubt know, 80% to 90% of the people “covered” by obamacare are on medicaid, which could have been done with a one-line law, and is ultimately paid by the states anyway; it is a re-distribution scheme, plain and simple. obamacare is universally considered a massive disaster and will be repealed by the end of February. Even the parts that are “popular” are stunningly stupid….”children” on their parents policies until they are 26 (why not children until they are 100), and coverage of pre-existing conditions. As anybody who knows anything about insurance knows, covering pre-conditions grossly inflates the cost for everyone else. The ultimate “solution” will be for the entire country to share that cost rather than other obamacare policy-holders, but even that will be stupid.

        Read the author’s article. There are facts galore in it. All of obama’s illegal redistribution schemes will be reversed and he will be remembered for one thing only; the color of his skin. He was pretty good at guilt-tripping the public into voting for him, but other than that, he was devoid of political skill, because, as the author clearly shows, he attempted an end run on the system. Thank god he was found out before another president could make the cons impossible to reverse.]

        And oh yes, As I showed, he lied about his birth for years and then whined about people who he conned into believing it. The guy has been a professional con man since he was a teenager.

      • Don’t let the facts get in the way of your anger. Taxpayer did not lose $50 million on GM. Treasury puts the number as 10 billion. The U.S. bailout of GM and Chrysler saved 1.5 million jobs in the United States, according to the Center for Automotive Research. Those auto workers buy various goods and services so there is positive ripple effect across the economy. Autoworkers also pay taxes so it turns out to be was a wise investment. Definitely a better investment than that Carrier deal Trump just negotiated 800 jobs ..$7 million taxpayer dollars. You’re a bit delusion when you think a CIA chief can order the military to enter a foreign country to bring OBL to justice. History will record the facts not your idea of a photoshop truth. Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi nothing in the report or endless investigation came to your conclusion. I work, so my medical plan is part of my compensation package. Kept my doctor and my increase out of pocket expenses are in line or lower than pre-ACA estimates. But I agree with your plan to expand Medicare with one line. You didn’t show anything, you just made up the President Obama as the source of the question of his birth. As of August, 72% of registered republicans believe President Obama was not born in America, even after he produced his birth certificate. You’ll remember President Obama for the color of his skin because that’s what you see. I’ll remember him as an intelligent leader that faced numerous challenges with dignity and integrity. A solid family man with a beautiful wife and children.

  52. The opportunity of the Obama presidency won’t come again in our lifetime; He could have ushered in a new age of racial harmony, instead , he opted for PAYBACK – “Now a BLACK man has the LAW.”
    He labeled the majority of white voters, who put him in office, as bigots, bitter clingers, and racists.
    An opening for resolving the long standing division between the races was thrown away, never to return.
    Now we are practically back where we were fifty years ago.
    Fools, damned fools.

  53. Very good, but you give the GOPe a pass when they should share the blame of the obama reign of terror. They were the ones who promised to stop obama and instead enabled him. They were the ones who supported Hillary over Trump and they will be the ones to oppose President Trump as we are already seeing with McCain, Graham, and Rubio.
    Trump’s nomination and election was also a repudiation of the GOPe who take orders from the plutocracy not their constituents. I expect them to oppose Trump all the way and I expect Trump will have to use his Bully pulpit and go straight to the people. That’s what he has done since the beginning. It has worked so far and I hope he continues on his winning streak.

  54. This is a great article, Mr Buskirk, about what an incompetent fool Obama has been. Thank you.

  55. As with all narcissists, Obama will shrug it off and just conclude that we weren’t enlightened enough to fully appreciate his greatness. Besides, I think his sights are on bigger things. I believe he’ll attempt to become the leader of the entire world. That probably entails creating an entirely new title for him. Geez…what a putz he is. I wish to God I could get those last eight years of my life back.

  56. Obama already has a case of Nicorette set aside for Jan 20 but poor Michelle will grit her teeth down to the nub on Inauguration Day.

  57. I will tell you what will happen under 4years Trump, the riches will getting richer, the poor will stay poor, and the deficit will be much higher then before. The wall will not be built (okay, he says fence now), special interest will rule D.C. more than ever before, and the USA will be in a weaker position against China. He will blame everything on Obama (who had to clean up the mess little Bush left behind), and seek reelection with the same empty promises.
    And the scariest thing is, many people will still believe him….

  58. May Obama recede into the pages of history as an experiment with liberalism gone awry.

  59. “After undoing Obama’s executive actions, Trump will enact his agenda through Congress. That will make it be more durable—and more likely to transform America. Obama might be remembered, but his political legacy will fade like memories of a summer fling. And he will become the president that never was.”

    How sweet it is.

  60. I anxiously await his third act which will be community organizing on steroids. Well, that and scooping up as much dough as he can possibly scoop. That and hangin’ with the rich, richer, the famous and most famous.

    As to his term in office? Already forgotten.

  61. The bottom line of this article is: obutthole has done more than enough to have been impeached and convicted but wasn’t.

  62. Smidgen wasn’t a “constitutional law professor”. He was a guest lecturer who, instead of teaching constitutional law, taught Black Liberation Theology.

  63. America elected Algonquin J Calhoun and got what it deserved. If he wasn’t black he would be universally condemned for the clown that he is.

  64. Cowardly Kerry and Obama have underhand hit at Israel as they slink out of office….and good riddance to that pair of inadequate morons who have promoted Islam extremist rights beyond anything seen before. Shame on the entire democrats and hope they will never again get into the White House to pull the American people down the swamp. Thank God for Trump and the intelligence of the people who voted him for President!

  65. There should be a national petition to eliminate and wipe out any and all traces or mention of Barack Hussein Obama from history books monuments and what have you he truly is the president Who Never Was and will forever hereafter be known as that PS on a personal note I would love to see him become the first ex-president executed for treason

  66. When the feckless first “black” President Obama with his nothing burger resume was handed the office, no surprise he would vote “present” and do nothing through congress, that takes character. Clinton and Carter not far behind. My worry about Trump’s amazing success in our social media era is it’s directly through Twitter, he chooses to work with congress and could just as easily choose the opposite. The next Democrat will rule like an Ayatollah, and hopefully not be one.

  67. The feckless tin-pot Obama didn’t let the troops do their job either; his Executive Order military cost thousands of military and innocent lives, allowing his ISIS ideological brothers room to butcher.

  68. Feckless, pathetic, a real phony behind one of the better teleprompter readers.