Trump’s Taiwan Call Advances U.S. Interests

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America’s foreign policy elites are in an uproar. Again. Or maybe it’s still. It’s hard to keep track of where one censorious tantrum ends and the next begins. This time their casus belli is the President-elect’s phone conversation with Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen.

They warn us that this upsets the delicate international balance and that Donald Trump is a know-nothing cowboy acting without either knowledge or understanding.

Distinguished academics like NYU’s Ian Bremmer assumes that Trump’s political acts are nothing more than involuntary spasms, postulating that he “inadvertently caused a major diplomatic incident.”

The presumption is that since Trump is breaking with the current orthodoxy that he must be doing so accidentally.

It also ignores the fact that Trump is being counseled by Ambassador John Bolton, who wrote back in January that the United States should be countering China’s aggression in East Asia “may involve modifying or even jettisoning the ambiguous ‘one-China’ policy.”

Yet the more the critics talk the more they expose their own ignorance. American policy regarding the Republic of China (Taiwan) and the People’s Republic of China (Mainland China) is really not that complicated. Rather, it is predicated on a conflict and a fiction. Both are Made in America.

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7 responses to “Trump’s Taiwan Call Advances U.S. Interests”

  1. Of course, you have to understand that for the Lunatic Mainstream (as Mark Steyn so rightly calls it) the idea of an American President actually putting the United States’ interests first – and not everyone else’s – is entirely shocking.

    Pearl-clutching and the Vapors don’t come into it.

    • China is the shark bumping the president. They want to see if he’s food. The press wants him to fold and thrash.

  2. Two widely divergent thoughts spring to mind.

    The first is what an absolute and discredited failure our foreign policy establishment is and has been. In many ways, Foggy Bottom has injured more Americans and wreaked more devastation on this country than terrorist groups ever could. Nothing symbolizes this widespread incompetence more than the continued, inexplicable adulation for Colin Powell, who as Secretary of State fought tooth and nail in the aftermath of 9-11 to preserve the “visa express” service in Saudi Arabia to facilitate rapid entry from there into the United States. President-elect Trump should aggressively fight Civil Service rules and regulations to remove the entrenched careerists who believe their first loyalty is to the world rather than the United States. Removing this near-Fifth Column should be the first priority of the new Secretary of State.

    The second thought is how easily President-elect Trump can play the media and foreign policy establishment and expose what utter fools they are. The last three presidents at the outset were menaced by communist China. Trump has signaled he will not be intimidated by bullies domestic and foreign and what is a joyous moment has caused the self-proclaimed elites to tremble and howl. Basically Trump got a two-fer here, and his message was unmistakable: there are new rules and attempts to cling to the past will fail.

    Good times, good times.

  3. I would love to see Chris and PDM completely tear apart the arguments for free trade with the ChiComs that our beloved Professional Conservative Purists seem on making. I do not understand how at one hand these men of principle can denounce the barbarism of Beijing, yet also demand that any attempt to restrict trade with these despots is somehow left-wing Sanders style socialism.

  4. “a frequent guest… on NPR’s morning edition”? You have been on twice.

    • “a frequent guest on other national radio shows *including* NPR’s Morning Edition”
      Not the same thing as “a frequent guest on NPR’s Morning Edition”