Three Reflections on the Post-Election Reaction


Some scattered thoughts on the reaction of the Left to the Trump victory:

1)  I went to bed last night as reports were coming in from Los Angeles (and, apparently, across the country) of protests, demonstrations, vandalism, and even violence.

Gee. I wonder why?

An illustration:


Let this sear into your memory. Today’s Left does not seek to persuade. Worse, it does not care that it is not persuasive. They don’t care that their condescension, bullying of dissenters, and emotional outbursts were precisely the behavior that cost them this election—though they reserve the right to engage in more of it if you do not comply with their demands.

They do not care because they do not think they must persuade. Persuasion would imply that there is more than one way to understand or approach a problem; that the human mind can be moved by reason and that reason is thing. They do not believe this. Their “arguments” take on the character of heated assertions so often because the governing philosophy of the Left is that opinion should just “evolve.” It is not about persuasion. It is about growing. So you have either grown or you haven’t.

There is nothing for the “evolved” crowd to do in the face of that but to signal their evolutionary superiority and to shame others who have not reached the same pinnacles. If you have observed the phenomenon of a committed leftist (especially a campus leftist) devolving into a muttering ball of tears and anger, you know how the attempt to argue with them usually proceeds. They can’t make arguments because they don’t actually believe in them. First they look at you in disbelief. Then they make it known that you are not much better than dirt and deserving of treatment equal to your station.

For these outbursts you can thank 50 years of piss-poor education in American civics, the devolution of our constitutional order in the face of a Progressive onslaught against its institutions, the hyperventilating, lying, unscrupulous press (and their willing accomplices in the NeverTrump right), and a handful of other factors I am probably forgetting right now but all contributing to this result: When significant numbers of people hysterically believe the country just elected Hitler, what do you expect?

2)  In the wake of two Obama victories, I do not recall the political/media/entertainment/education complex having any abiding concern for the “disappointed half” of the country. There were not psychologists on the morning news programs offering solutions for dealing with depression and anxiety. There were not grief counselors brought into the schools to deal with weepy students, or safe-spaces created for them at the colleges and universities. Professors did not cancel classes and take their students to the LGBT center to make “glitter jars” and “decompress.”

Further, I do not recall sympathetic coverage of the Tea Party rallies (where no violence or vandalism occurred) from those now seeking to “understand” the violence, disruption, and vandalism happening in our streets right now. I recall mocking and derision.

As my good friend, Fred Bills, said:  “It’s Thursday, November 10, 2016. And if you still believe that 59,611,678 of your fellow Americans are bigots, then perhaps you’re the bigot.”

3)  While I generally oppose and reject the notion that Americans are made of jelly and I find well-intended but strained pleas for civility in the face of things that do not deserve a civil response off-putting, I do have a proposal that could have the desired effect without being a smarmy attempt to paper over our differences:

In election years, the MLB should move the World Series to begin after the election. Watching baseball together would be good about right now.

About Julie Ponzi

Julie Ponzi is Senior Editor of American Greatness. She holds an M.A. in political philosophy and American politics from the Claremont Graduate University. She was an Earhart Fellow and a Bradley Foundation Fellow while studying at Claremont and also earned a Publius Fellowship from The Claremont Institute. Formerly the Director of Academic Programs at the Claremont Institute, she also taught American politics at Azusa Pacific University. Her writing has appeared in the Claremont Review of Books, The Online Library of Law and Liberty, The Columbus Dispatch, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and The Washington Times. She was also a regular and long-time contributor to the Ashbrook Center's blog, No Left Turns. She lives in California. You can follow her on Twitter at @JuliePonzi

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98 responses to “Three Reflections on the Post-Election Reaction”

  1. We make a mistake to think of the contemporary Left as a legitimate, democratic force. It is authoritarian normally and totalitarian when it can be. If you look at how the Left has behaved this election and compare it to what we see routinely in, say, Venezuela, you would be hard-pressed to distinguish the two. We must never forget the DNC sponsored physical violence at Trump rallies.

    • Most Venezuelans are comparing Trump to Hugo Chavez. Like word for word he said pretty much the same stuff when he came into power.

    • You’re right. The children of the left are screeching Fascism, even as they emulate the Brown Shirts as best they can, given their childish world view. I’m afraid they are ripe for exploitation from sinister forces — but that is something they will just have to deal with. In the meantime, I’m enjoying the show. (Is that wrong of me? It feels vaguely wrong ..)

      • The vandalism was committed by a tiny fraction of the protesters. Marching in the streets to protest is not being “brown shirts”, it is explicitly protected by the First Amendment.

      • The Constitutional right to do so doesn’t make it wise. Do we not have a responsibility to accept the results of an election? Are the protesters going to find it easier or harder to accept the results after having marched in the streets? The Brown Shirts marched in force through the streets for years before Kristallnacht, hence the comparison.

      • Ironic that you would say that, because Trump refused to say that he would accept the result of the election, and his followers threatened to protest with guns. And since you brought up the comparison to Hitler, Trump’s demonization of immigrants and Muslims is chillingly similar to the way Hitler talked about the Jews.

  2. They’re just stupid. Notice how all of the crying and FUing and walking out and protesting are being done by kids in school. I don’t recall hearing of any company’s employees walking off the job in protest, or demanding safe spaces with coloring books. It’s just the kids! And it’s because they are so stupid, having never received anything that can be properly called an education. .

    It may not be “their fault,” but still. Stupid creatures are still highly dangerous. Standing in front of a stampeding herd of cows will get you killed no matter how strong your argument against them stampeding is.

    • Yeah, funding education is pretty important. Is that going to happen? Or should we expect students to take out $30k worth of student loans to pay for college? Your thoughts?

      • The information these kids need is not available only through a formal college diploma. And right now this country IS “funding education” to an immense sum (you may not consider federal loans and loan guarantees to be “funding” but it most certainly is), and what is the result? Kids who know less and less with each passing year. So in fact, it is obvious that what is not being done is the funding of education. Something else is being funded, but not that.

    • Ad hominem attacks aren’t a compelling argument, and they only serve to lessen one’s credibility.

      • Describing a phenomenon accurately is not a logical fallacy. An argument ad hominem is fallacious only when it avoids addressing the argument it is made in response to. Here, the category and mental capacity of the people doing all of the protesting is material to an evaluation of the post-election landscape. That they are almost entirely adolescents who demonstrate their ignorance of history every time they open their mouths or post on Facebook or Twitter is vital to understanding what is going on. Stupidity is not an inherent, permanent quality. They are children and they are3 acting like children, and no adults in their educational institutions are asking them to think and act like adults. Quite the reverse. Their adolescent anxieties and uncertainties are being actively exploited by the educational institutions for their own purposes. These homunculi could easily lift themselves out of their stupidity if anyone in their educational environment did not regard them merely as candidates for programming and actually educated them.

      • An argument ad hominem, regardless of other words in a statement, detracts from credibility. It’s simply spiteful provocation.

        You’re also making a ridiculous generalization when judging the protesters.

    • I agree that the liberal arts seem to have failed miserably in this country. The very studies that were meant to foster critical thinking by providing a broad background of human thought and achievement through the centuries are doing the opposite. I wonder why parents and students think the level of education they’re getting is worth the money they’re being forced to pay for it. And I really believe that so many administrations have surrendered to their students because they are in such need of tuition payments. I assume they have generous budgets that need to be funded. That is the only thing that makes sense to me. Perhaps I’m cynical.

  3. Regarding your #2 point: after the Obama victories, not only did the Left not show any regard for the losing side, they took every opportunity to gloat that “we won” and “elections have consequences”.

    • I seem to recall being told that ” elections have consequences” and that the country had finally embraced a new, progressive agenda.

    • Awww, did you need a hug when Obama won? Did some Left Wing conspiracy hurt your feelings? Nothing says Christian values like: an eye for an eye.

      • The eye for an eye ceased to be a value when the Lord gave the instruction to love your enemies. An eye for an eye is a Muslim value or an old jewdaic one,not a Christiian one.

      • Denying equal legal rights to gay people and murdering abortion providers are examples of fundamentalist Christian “love”.

  4. “In the wake of two Obama victories, I do not recall the political/media/entertainment/education complex having any abiding concern for the “disappointed half” of the country. ”

    That’s because they gifted you with a candidate that you could only possibly object to if you were racist. You gave them a fascist. It is a moral requirement for all these deeply patriotic Americans to stand against fascism.

    I got in a brief discussion with a coworker mocking Trump for being hypocritical about his rigged election comments– that is, now that he won, there was no talk of the election being rigged. I pointed out that all of the people demonstrating last night saying “Not My President” were just a few weeks ago waxing apoplectic about Trump rending the very fabric of our democracy when he said that he might not accept the results of the election. After all, a person who insists the elected president is not their president has clearly rejected the results of the election. It was different, my co-worker replied, because Trump was so horrible.

    • We need to focus on the culture, particularly entertainment, education and what passes as our press these days, for this very reason. Your co-worker likely lacks insight, information and analytical ability to realize the grave felonies Clinton committed are far more serious and detrimental to us than the Billy Bush audio, or even that there is an issue as to her fitness.

      • Oh, we have discussed Clinton. They think Clinton is a victim. It’s all just a right wing conspiracy.The emails are nothing– everybody does that.

        I think the right need to focus on culture though. Brietbart was right. Politics is downstream of culture.

      • “They think Clinton is a victim.”

        Good Lord. That shows a dire need for better education, information and analysis. I’m glad you mentioned Brietbart, as an aside. He would have enjoyed this outcome immensely (the same goes with Hitchens).

      • It was more about choosing the lesser of two evils. Kinda like the second vs the ninth circle of hell. Trumps not a bad man he just says evil things. :)

      • Trump is a joke, and looking forward to seeing him burn down the GOP!

      • I wish somebody would focus on culture. Other than the Kardashians.

      • Right wing culture is too boring for mass consumption. Unless you’re a big fan of CW, WWF or that kid from Growing Pains, good luck.

      • The Clintons also left this nation with a surplus and 23 million jobs. They are centrists, not socialists, why all the hate? Same with Obama, he’s to the right of Bernard Sanders?

  5. Good points, Julie.

    Now, if you have a bat signal to Decius, it is time for him to come out and take a bow, even still in costume. Some thoughts about prioritization of policies would be welcome too.

    • I would like to think he’s too busy working with the Trump transition team, but yes, if he has the time, a brief “I told you so,” delivered in his customary eloquence, would be most appreciated.

      • Is there any doubt his “Flight 93 Election” piece may have been the most influential political essay in the history of our republic?

      • He really struck a nerve with the surrender right. He lives rent free in Jonah Goldberg’s head. They don’t realize the hysteria of their reaction proved him right.

  6. This is why the Left’s politics of destruction is so insidious. They say whatever they want to try and win. Any slander is fair game. So if and when their opponent might win, they are illegitimate in the eyes of their tribe and ok to destroy and disobey. That then naturally extends to supporters of the maligned office holder. Trump is the Palin that won. And I don’t want to hear any, ” well the right does it too”.. no… this tactic is a foundation laid in the 60’s by the left and built upon ever since.

    • i think your problem is you that you expect people to conform to your thinking after the election. We all made a personal choice on Tuesday. That’s it. You can’t ask strangers to give you birthday presents on your birthday.

    • Let’s assume your claim is correct. Is this unique to the Left? Hardly. There are untold thousands of slanderous and false anti-liberal tweets and Facebook posts in recent months.

    • Ironic that you would say that, after the nonstop barrage of lies and slander and hate directed at Obama for the past 8 years.

      The right does that far more than the left does. #Hypocrites.

  7. The crucial perception to keep hold of is that nearly all Lefties are not interested in the issues they trumpet.

    Whether it be Save the Whale, Gay Rights or Feminism – or the campaigns against the various phobias (xenophobia, Islamophobia; as Mark Steyn has pointed out “Don’t worry, there’ll be another phobia along any minute”) – what they really care for is the opportunity to bully their fellow creatures which The ‘Cause’ superficially legitimises.

    They are by nature the irresponsible members of the human race who seek always to load life’s tasks, and all blame, onto others. ‘Other people must provide for me; and, if anything in life goes wrong, it is somebody else’s fault. Meanwhile I get to feel noble by virtue-signalling with The Cause in Hand, and it enables me to work off my inner anger on others pseudo-righteously.’

    That is their mindset. The inner anger derives from the knowledge, deepmost down, that they are chickening out on life’s challenges and lazily attempting to be freeloaders. [At bottom they are like the Devil, FURIOUS with God for creating a universe in which all moral issues come to the pinch and everyone is judged, is evaluated on their response to the ethical challenges: an adjudication to which God Himself submits.]

    The proof of these assertions can be seen in so many domains of life. For example:

    99.99% of the Feminists turn away their gaze from the plight of women in Muslim countries and communities. If they REALLY cared about the status and role of women in human society they would be outraged by the horrible practices of forced marriages and honor killings (close male relatives slaying female family members who have refused such marriages or are deemed by them to have brought a stain upon the family). The feminists’ rage about such things would fill the air through much of the Earth.

    Instead, with a TINY handful of exceptions (perhaps five or six individuals like Ayaan Hirsi Ali) they are blind and deaf and dumb on the subject.

    Why? Because their feminism exists to grant them the joys of bullying. If they start denouncing Muslims for their practices (whether religious or tribal), the Muslims are likely to respond with a bomb, a bullet – or an axe. Bullies always cower when they meet with tough opposition.

    A lot of the people yelling ‘Liberty, Equality, Fraternity’ during the French Revolution did not mean what they cried. As one of their victims pointed out, essentially their view was ‘Be my brother or I shall kill you’.

    • Well, it’s a bit of a stretch to believe you know much about feminism besides what you’ve read in Hustler or Playboy. Getting upset at feminists for not denouncing chauvinism in Arab countries is like getting upset at you personally for not building rotary clubs in Haiti. I assume you’re a member, right?

    • What a fun site. Here we have a gentlemanly screed (who’s angry exactly?) filled with unsupported generalizations by a writer who believes he’s making valid points. Among them that the real issue is the Left is the devil and apparently angry with god for…I’m not sure. Creating Trump? Well. Now we’re getting somewhere.

    • I’m with you on the feminists ignoring the truly horrible situations of women in Muslim cultures. I remember, though, that feminists did rally around the fate of Afghan women before American intervention. That experience, that there is really nothing to be done but to send in men with guns, may be why feminists now prefer to ignore the subject. It is beyond their influence. But it would be more honest and more admirable if feminists at least acknowledged their sisters’ fates.

      Being old – or at least elderly – I remember that well before the USA ever got involved in Iraq, and over a fairly wide period of time, there were three BBC specials on the fate of women in the Mediterranean Muslim countries, which were shown on PBS: Death of a Princess about the execution of a Princess and her supposed lover in Saudi Arabia; a show focused on an honor killing in Palestine; and an investigative show on a group of poor women in Morocco. None of these three shows had anything good to say about the situation of women in these societies. Women are held to strict rules of comportment; the penalty for failure to live up to those rules is death; and women, such as those in Morocco, who found themselves without close male relatives, were consigned to the margins of society and always in fear of distant male relatives.

      Here in the United States, I am not aware of any leader being clear that honor killings will not be tolerated. We have had few of these, but when they occur they are treated as individual criminal cases. Honor killings are not identified as such. Even when daughters are killed by their parents for being too westernized here in the USA. We treat the possibility of honor killings here as being mildly embarrassing, something we’d rather not talk about. That is my impression.

      So, even though I think American feminists are hypocritical for ignoring the elephant in the room, so too are the rest of us.

  8. Good article, Julie. I particularly loved the quote from your friend and I look forward to your next column.

    BTW of nevertrumpers, there’s an excellent article about NRO on Taki Magazine today. I will particularly enjoy NRO’s further slide into utter irrelevance as the intellectual dwarfs on that site still embrace ideas and policies that have only lost, lost, and lost again.

    American Greatness has turned into my new intellectual watering hole–congrats to all of you. I was crushed when the original JAG went offline–and I never for a moment believed it was a joke. Anyway, welcome back. You are the “NRO of those who get it.” Don’t take it as an insult, because it’s not meant as one.

  9. Astroturf is big with the Left. I guess they like it because it never needs mowing. That would require effort and thought.

    • someone isn’t a fan of putt putt golf. Seriously though, it’s because there’s no rain in Southern California.

  10. Julie, I recommend you take a step back and ask yourself if you really think this article is helping anyone. We just ended a toxic election where your preferred candidate won. Now you are upset that people aren’t falling in line with that decision. If you want to live in a country that cracks down on political expression, consider leaving this country in favor of Russian or Venezuela. Otherwise, learn to deal with people quoting your elected president’s off the wall comments ad nauseam.

  11. Man, you right-wingers juts can’t stop whining, can you? Little Donnie s0bbed that the protests were “unfair.” Poor baby.

    • OK, so some idiot spray painted something stupid, though if history is any guide it is likely that leftists are responsible since the vast majority of investigated hate crimes are hoaxes. But even assuming a Trump supporter is responsible, against that we have today:

      1. An elementary school student beaten for supporting Trump
      2. A high school girl assaulted for supporting Trump -
      3. An elderly man beaten for supporting Trump –
      4. “Die whites die” spray painted on monuments in New Orleans –
      5. Cars vandalized in Portland
      6. Twitter deluged with assassination threats

      I could go on and on and on, but I’m sure you will tell us that all of that is completely justified because Trump is Hitler and also some idiot spray painted a wall somewhere, so those assault victims had it coming. I’m thinking you may be the walking embodiment of Julie’s thesis.

      • Trump isn’t Hitler, but he’s no saint either. If you voted for him, he’s your responsibility. And we’re going to remind you of that… daily.

      • Um, OK, I’m good with that. In the meantime, you might want to ask your allies to stop beating up little kids — in some places that’s considered bad form.

      • That’s right. The right wing completely owns the train wreck that is about to happen, and there is going to be one hell of a backlash.

      • So NOW you’re concerned about violent tweets and threats? Not so much when they came from Trump supporters, eh? And what about the 7 year old Muslim boy beaten on a bus in NC? Or other Muslims and gays who have been attacked? And do you REALLY think spray painting threats and insults is harmless? It isn’t.

        I am not defending violence or property damage or threats by anybody. But Donnie’s deplorables are hard at work.

      • Where the hell was your concern when Trump talked about “Second Amendment solutions” for judges he didn’t like???

  12. Oh, what vapid, sputtering horseshit. Does anybody without an ax to grind think the same wouldn’t be happening if Trump had lost? The losers in all this are the millions of us, left and right, who just want to move on and see what happens, but can’t because no-class morons like this woman and the Michael Moores think they have something important to say. You don’t. Shut up!

  13. Trump detailed how he was going to negatively impact many people’s lives if he won (deportations, surveillance, taking away health insurance, etc.) things that Obama never did. Now that he has won, you expect those same people to just sit back and watch it happen? Seriously? LOL.

  14. Civic education has been relegated to occasional holiday lessons because of “a nation at risk”. ” no child left behind” and the testing movement. Since only reading ,riting, and rithmatic are tested, history, gov, and economics are given little attention. If it is our “piss poor” civics education that is at fault, we can thank knee jerk Republican administrations for these results.

    • Education is the most important important investment our country can make.

  15. While I find any rioting and violence deplorable, people have a First Amendment right to peacefully protest whatever they damn well please, whether it be an election result or the fact that Toblerone changed their candy bars. That’s rudimentary level American civics. Let’s not omit the fact that tens-of-thousands have protested without incident. “Well, no one protested when Obama won,” is a straw man. You can’t infer, insist, or expect that one shouldn’t protest just because someone else didn’t.

    • Sorry but I will continue to claim the higher ground because I and my ilk did not protest Obama’s reelection in 2012. We understood the democratic process and, however painful, grudgingly agreed to play by the rules. There must be a way of deciding a winner, one that does not include gunfire. Today’s protesters seem like little more than aging toddlers throwing a tantrum.

      • Nonsense! You and your ilk have done nothing but spew lies and hate about Obama for the past 8 years, including the ridiculous idea that he was born in Kenya and therefore not a legitimate president.

        And it’s ironic that you mention gunfire, because it is you right wingers who are the gun-toting thugs, like the way Cliven Bundy and his followers brandished assault rifles at federal agents. THAT is how right wingers protest.

        You have no high ground.

      • You mention Clive Bundy … so I presume you know the protesters were just found innocent. The only person shot was a protester, and my understanding is that there is an investigation going on about that shooting, which was caught on tape. So I don’t think this was a good example of right wing thugs.

      • Just because those thugs were FOUND innocent of their takeover of federal property doesn’t mean they WERE innocent. And they still face charges for their thuggish behavior in Nevada, where they brandished assault rifles at federal agents.

        As for Finicum being shot, the aerial video shows that he was was reaching in his jacket for his gun. It was 100% self-defense to shoot him.

      • I could not disagree more about the shooting. The man had walked away from his car so that his passengers would not be put in danger. Reaching for and actually pulling out a gun are two different actions. Since he never pulled a gun, it’s hard to say unequivocally that was what he was doing. I don’t think the man fell with a gun in his hand. So I find that killing problematic.

      • Except it’s not higher ground. It’s lower.

        The very same mechanism that allows you to cast a vote in the first place also allows these people to protest. If you understood the democratic process you would understand that the rules allow them to protest. The fact that you and your “ilk” didn’t protest some previous event is entirely irrelevant. The fact that you feel morally superior because of it is quite revealing.

  16. You fail to recognize the TRUE UNFAIRNESS OF THIS ELECTION and that is the continued use of the Electoral College, a woefully outdated manifestation of our forefathers. In this day and age with technology what it is, elections should be decided by the “one man, one vote” tenet. BUT THEY AREN’T. Clinton won the popular vote, so the American public who made the effort to come out and vote, wanted her to be our next president. However, that vote was NEGATED by the Electoral College. THE PEOPLE DIDN’T GET TO HAVE THEIR VOTES MEAN WHAT THEY WANTED THEM TO MEAN BECAUSE OF IT. Yet every time people start getting upset over the use of the Electoral College and anyone hints at abolishing it, that “effort” is quickly quashed and the whole thing goes away for the next time it raises its ugly head. AND THE REASON IT DOES IS BECAUSE THE PARTIES DON’T WANT TO ABOLISH IT BECAUSE IT GIVES THEM A CHANCE TO STEAL THE ELECTION AWAY FROM THE PEOPLE!


    • I absolutely agree with you. The Founding Fathers set up the Electoral College to Protect America from the unwashed, uninformed American people. The Electoral College could overrule the people and install a person of “culture and education” (read “landowner”). That college has outlived its usefulness. Now, in 2 of the last 5 presidential elections, the candidate that won the popular vote did not win the presidency because of the Electoral College.

      Now, with the advent of 3rd parties, it is not inconceivable to predict that, in some future election, none of the candidates will reach 270 and the election will be thrown into the House of Representatives. Let’s say that the House is controlled by party A. But, in a 3 way election, party A came in third in the popular vote. It is conceivable that the House would install the candidate of party A even though that candidate lost to party B and also to party C.

      You are absolutely right. It is time to get rid of the Electoral College.

    • Yes! It is ridiculous that someone in Wyoming gets their vote to count three times as much as someone in California.

  17. Here is how Robert Paxton defines Fascism: “A form of political behavior marked by obsessive preoccupation with community decline, humiliation or victimhood and by compensatory cults of unity, energy and purity, in which a mass-based party of committed nationalist militants, working in uneasy but effective collaboration with traditional elites, abandons democratic liberties and pursues with redemptive violence and without ethical or legal restraints goals of internal ethnic cleansing and external expansion.” #MakeGermanyGreatAgain Does any of this sound familiar?

    Far-right politics are defined as right-wing populist ideologies known for extreme nationalism and opposition to immigration, as well as Nazism, neo-Nazism, fascism, neo-fascism and ideologies that feature extreme nationalist, chauvinist, xenophobic, racist, or reactionary views, which can lead to oppression and violence against groups based on their supposed inferiority, or perceived threat to the nation, state or ultraconservative traditional social institutions. Sound familiar?

    On election night Katy Tur from NBC News interviewed Future U.S. Attorney General Rudolph Giuliani about comments made about Hillary Clinton to the effect, assassinate that bitch. She was unable to get Giuliani to actually answer the question, he kept talking about a rock thrown through a window at a RNC Headquarters, as if that is equivalent to a political assassination? Trump’s surrogates have stated Hillary, “should be put on the firing line and shot for treason.”
    On election night as Trump gave his victory speech, a man kept yelling out Kill Obama!

    It IS vile for a swastika to be drawn on a Jewish bakery, but on Trump, that’s just telling it like it is! Isn’t that what made Trump famous? Not being Politically correct?

  18. I read all your crying about the “Willing accomplices of the Nevertrump right” . You do realize that you’ve spent the last 15 months trying your best successfully-to get a man elected who has absolutely nothing in common with conservatism? You do realize hes a liar, corrupt , and even as we speak is back peddling on his promises-but you and your ilk are fine with that I see, as long as he maintains the hate speech, the divisive rhetoric and other garbage that is his platform. The idea that you condemn the nevertrump right for sticking by principles and moral values -it tells us everything bout how conservative you really are. You might want to check your math again, given that number you cite represents fewer than half the votes cast. Yes hes a bigot-and Im one of of those disabled people who happens to be veteran that no longer have a place in Trumps America-then again he detests those to -at least the ones that are captured in service-service from a war he ran from 5 times. Theres a reason half the country is scared crapless of this goon and with good reason. Aside from his obvious inarticulate stupidity, misogyny, and back peddling lies hes a lying narcissist of the first order. No, the problem is just under half of the country are not bigots-though a large percentage of his cult is, its that they didnt bother to check out the history of the man they supported. They turned their TV on to Hannity and bought his BS hook line and sinker and joined in the mancrush. Others were just so into the hate of Hilary that they were willing to create a fantasy of morally upright trump to champion their anger and frustration. As a conservative who didnt go populist left with Trump..So before you get to proud of yourself on slighting and attempting to imitate your cult heros hate for those protesting his election, you may want to consider that this has nothing to do with civics, nothing. It has to do with people in fear of a man that made promises he now has to keep -its not that he will-its that he’ll try. These are people who fear that Trump is what hes suggested he is and will do what he said hell do. What you see in those streets in division, and its not just those leftist protesters who feel that way-many may conservatives and Moderate Dems are just as fearful and set on non cooperation with his unlawful, Un-American Policies. Its fear of a complete idiot taking over this country, and its well placed. No one thinks the protesting will change the outcome-but given you find yourself such a “civics guru” you should know that protesting is right everyone has who is concerned about the direction of their country. And contrary to what you think, it is their country also. Obama never threatened to deport people, mocked the disabled, or had as agenda the garbage Trump does. You are absolutely going to be disappointed if you think people are going to cooperate with this monstrosity any more than they cooperated with the monstrosity of Obama. SMH

  19. Authoritarianism inevitably leads to Fascism. This we have seen in Putin’s Authoritarianism/Fascist state of Russia. Make no mistake about it, you, Julie, are an Authoritarian. Most people who consider themselves true elitists i.e. better than others and who demonize others, are authoritarians. One thing we have to guard against in the 21st century is the Overwhelming Fact that Fascism in this century DOES NOT come with cattle cars and concentration camps … It Comes With a HAPPY FACE. It comes with promises of a better life, it comes with promises of more security. All we have to do is give up some of our freedoms (at first) and then let our rights be compromised … Julie … By people like you.

    First comes attacking the press and then limiting them, a little at first and then more and more in the name of “what is right”. Finally, you will, destroy the Fifth Estate. Then, as you are doing here, attacking the RIGHT of Free Assembly and demonizing those who choose to have different views from you and trying to quash those views with a precept of lawlessness.

    Julie, any TRUE american would be proud to see our FELLOW americans standing up for what they believe, even if those beliefs are diametrically opposed to ours.

    So, Julie, may I say in closing that … I believe you are wrong. And I CELEBRATE our American Constitution that allows you to say it. I would LITERALLY defend your right to say it with my life. Oh, wait … I HAVE!

    E. H.
    U. S. Navy, Retired
    Vietnam Veteran

    • With all due respect for your service, you are wrong. No respect is due to protesters of a fairly held election. The election is supposed to end the conflict of ideas by declaring a winner. The children in the streets may have a Constitutional right to protest, but they are mainly proving that they have no respect for the democratic process, and therefore they deserve no respect themselves. Let this spread and we could be faced with the horror of the US military being called in to keep civil peace. Okay, we’re nowhere near that point now. But that would be real fascism. At the end of a rifle.

      • So you do not believe in the First Amendment. And the people who were protesting were not “children”.

        There are more of us than there are of you, and we WILL fight back. You will not succeed in letting your hero’s racism, xenophobia, and misogyny drag us back to the 1950’s.

      • Why is it that people ask other people if they dis-believe one amendment or another when, in reality, they don’t seem to understand its meaning themselves? I am referring to your apparent non-understanding of our first amendment: the freedom of peaceable assembly. Note that I stated “peaceable” assembly. In order to claim the right to that amendment, it has to be “peaceful.” You are also not allowed to claim your right if in doing so, you are taking away someone else’s right. If an assembly involves blocking roads and highways, the assembly is taking away the rights of those who wish to move from point a to point b on that road or highway. To block a road is unacceptable and in some places, illegal. If the crowd is breaking windows or damaging others’ property while assembling, that is not considered peaceable; therefore, if you can’t have a peaceable assembly, you can’t have an assembly, period.

        Lately, our roads and highways have been blocked by “children”. I state this because the people who have been causing havoc in our streets the last few days have been acting like children. To be more specific, the winey crybabies have been throwing temper tantrums like three year old children. Look, trump won the election. Why not accept that like adults and move on with life. Maybe in four years he will be replaced with another dictator like Obama (my opinion); but until then, act like an adult.

      • LOL, you call Obama a “dictator” even though he was elected by a majority of voters (twice), unlike Trump or Bush.

        And you right wing hypocrites have a hissy fit about people marching in the streets, but not about the non-stop barrage of lies and hate that were spewed at Obama (including Trump pushing the birther nonsense for years on end). You hypocrites didn’t say a word when republican members of Congress committed outright treason by writing directly to a foreign government to try to undermine our president’s foreign policy, or when they flagrantly violated their Constitutionally-mandated duty to vote on Obama’s Supreme Court nominee.

        Your KKK-endorsed president and his white supremacist chief of strategy had better get used to protests, because you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. He does not represent the majority of Americans in any way, shape, or form, and we will be very vocal about that.

      • Hello CincyGal. As I do with all posts that I respond to, I have read, studied and thought about what you have said in your post and, although I do not dismiss it out of hand, I do, however, disagree with a number of points that I list here …:

        1. You say the election is supposed to end the conflict of ideas by declaring a winner. I most strongly disagree with that assessment. A presidential election gives the victor the lawful ability to govern but the Constitution does not give the victor the Absolute right to govern nor does it give the victor the right to govern without dissent.

        2. An election result was never intended by our Founding Fathers nor our Constitution to stifle, in any way, the right to dissent and the right of lawful assembly. What you are seeing is the exercise of that right by people who dissent with the policies of Trump. Celebrate That … Celebrate that we are not like Russia or China or any other place where the Government controls its people from dissenting.

        3. Be careful when you assign parameters to the justification that others have for executing their Constitutional rights. You say “… they have no respect for the democratic process and therefore they deserve no respect themselves”. Applying the same parameters, others could say that Donald Trump, since he questioned the legitimacy of Obama’s presidency by saying that Obama was not a U. S. Citizen for 7 1/2 years was a sign of (at least) disrespect and (maybe) racism. So, therefore, he deserves no respect.

        4. I looked and a far as I can determine there have been less than 50 arrests out of tens of thousands that have now marched. About half of those arrests were made in Portland, Or. and those arrested were thugs that brought baseball bats so that they could break car windows and store windows. The police and the courts will deal with them.

        5. Ok, some may know this, others may not, I am not saying you do or do not. The U. S. Military is forbidden to conduct any operations, other than training, within the borders of the United States under normal circumstances. The only way the Army, Navy, Air Force or Marines could conduct other than training operations would be if the President of the United States declared a state of emergency by declaring Martial Law. If Necessary, the National Guard could be called out to quell any violence that law enforcement could not handle but then it would only be to stop the violence and Not to stop peaceful protests.

      • I appreciate your thoughtful reply. I thought I remembered that in the 30s the US military opened fire on veteran protesters camping out on Capitol grounds. Perhaps they didn’t go that far. Being from Ohio, I certainly know about Kent State. I also believe that there are many ways to protest and oppose the elected President without taking to the streets. I find it disingenuous to think that the marchers are not intimidating, whether they are actually breaking windows or not. It is a law that the President be born in the US. Obama could have produced a birth certificate at any time. I believe his staff found the specter of “the other” to be more politically expedient. Admittedly, I am becoming cynical in my old age. I think the Electoral College actually helps legitimize the vote, as any fraud (Cook County for example) is contained. It also provides some parity for the low density population states. Otherwise, I don’t see that Kansas or its sister states have any reason to participate in a national vote if it is always determined by the two coasts. Without having a vote, can Kansas or any state between the coasts be expected to remain loyal? But a variety of viewpoints assures a variety of possibilities to cover any eventuality. Thanks for answering.

    • Your first paragraph describes Obama to a tee, especially including the happy face.

      Only hippie activists would believe the nonsense from your first paragraph. I’m sure people like Bernardine Dohrn and Bill Ayers are complaining and yelling fascism now, just as they did back in the 60s at just the presence of a cop. They wanted anarchy, and by the looks of your post, that is what you want as well. It is clear that you don’t understand the meaning of the term “fascism”. Enforcing our laws is not fascism. In order to understand fascism, one should study Italy in the 30s. Not enforcing our laws creates anarchy, which is what we have now, with mobs roaming our streets, blocking traffic, yelling expletives, breaking windows and generally creating havoc; typically the behavior of immature children.

      Regarding the second paragraph about the media, you appear to be clueless. You don’t seem to realize that the media has already been taken over by liberals and has been run by liberals and told what to broadcast for all of the Obama years. As far as the right to free assembly, blocking streets and highways so no one can pass is not a right; in fact, blocking people from moving on the streets is taking their rights of movement away from them. blocking others from moving freely makes them bullies.

      I agree with Julie’s article; she expressed my views very well. Trump campaigned, basically, on law and order; something I feel we have been missing for the last 8 years. No president should be allowed to pick and choose the laws he is willing to enforce and refuse to enforce the others; just because he doesn’t personally agree with them. If he does, he is not doing his job; the one he took an oath to do. I am a registered democrat. I am also a Vietnam veteran; but I didn’t become a hippie after I was discharged.

      • Ok, I’ll answer your post even though I dismiss it out of hand.

        In your “post” you said … “They wanted anarchy, and by the looks of your post, that is what you want as well. It is clear that you don’t understand the meaning of the term “fascism”. Enforcing our laws is not fascism. In order to understand fascism, one should study Italy in the 30s.”.

        You do realize, however, our country was founded using civil disobedience. That was NOT fascism, that was a reaction to AUTHORITARIANISM by England. Did you ever hear anything about “taxation without representation”? You did hear something about what was called the “tea party”, right? Do you believe the Colonists had a RIGHT to protest?

        Do you really know what that Taxation was? England protected the Colonists from the French in the French and Indian War. England paid for that themselves. They passed a law that said that by taxing the colonists, it would help England pay for the war that defended the Colonists. In other words, England thought that the colonists should help pay for their own defense. The ELITE LANDOWNERS did not like this and soooooo … the rest is history. But, did the colonists have the RIGHT to at least vote and dissent in England to this tax … yes, and again … soooooo, the rest is history.

        If you do believe what the colonists did was ok, then you MUST agree that we have the RIGHT to peaceful assembly (Psst … It’s in our Constitution) Now, having said that, just because a few people have broken the law doesn’t mean that the rights of the many should be constrained … unless you believe England, back in Revolutionary days, had a right to confiscate firearms from the colonists to prevent violent protests and disobedience of the law. Ahhh, that is why we have the Second Amendment.

        Now, you may have a short memory so let me refresh your memory …
        President George Bush claimed the authority to disobey more than 750 laws enacted when he was in office, He asserted that he had the power to set aside any statute passed by Congress when it conflicts with HIS interpretation of the Constitution. What he would do is SIGN the legislation and then write his dissent and assert his ability as president to disregard the legislation. They were called “Signing Statements”.

        Among the laws Bush said he could ignore were military rules and regulations, affirmative-action provisions, requirements that Congress be told about immigration services problems, “whistle-blower” protections for nuclear regulatory officials, and safeguards against political interference in federally funded research. The big one though was spying on Americans WITHOUT warrants issued by FISA. THAT is a step from conservatism to Authoritarianism. Now, allow me to educate you …

        Extreme liberalism leads to socialism and extreme socialism leads to a bastardized form of Libertarianism which leads to Anarchy.

        On the other end of the scale … Extreme Conservatism leads to Authoritarianism which leads to Fascism.

        So, on the left … extremism leads to the power of the people usurping the right of the government to govern leading to Anarchy and … on the right … extremism leads to the power of the government usurping the rights of the people leading to Fascism.

        Please don’t tell me I don’t know what Fascism is because when you do, you show your own ignorance.

        And so, do I solidly stand behind my statements in my first paragraph? You bet I do because I am absolutely right.

        As far as your comments about the “liberal” media, I just dismiss that out of hand because it is not true. Cry, cry, cry from the right. OMG, Lester Holt was attacked for being a liberal when he hosted one of the debates. He’s a REGISTERED REPUBLICAN for god’s sake. You have the most popular cable news network (Fox) which is absolutely on the right. The radio waves throughout the U. S. are DOMINATED by the Right. Look at Laura Ingram and Rush Limbaugh. Even MSNBC, that bastion of liberal media, has as it’s most popular program the 3 Hours of Morning Joe with Joe Scarborough who is a small government, deficit hawk republican. So please, we’ve heard this over and over again and, … it’s just not true!

        And as far as your assertion that the protesters blocked traffic for a little while and that took away others rights to walk down a sidewalk or two, well, sometimes that’s the price you pay for FREEDOM.

        Nuff said.

  20. Why do you associate someone’s knowledge of Civics with how they act on the streets? Do you not feel that internal values have anything to do with that, or even how an individual is raised throughout many years has an effect on how they act in society. Do you attribute their knowledge of Civics as being the main factor in how they’ve act? I’m shocked with a person of your background making a statement such as that. One’s knowledge of a subject doesn’t ultimately define their behavior. I fail to believe piss poor education in Civis is the reason supporters of both political parties are acting the way are. I know it’s your opinion, and maybe you’re not happy with the system of education, but that’s seems like a very flawed theory.

  21. “They don’t care that their condescension, bullying of dissenters, and
    emotional outbursts were precisely the behavior that cost them this

    Ridiculous generalization about “today’s Left” and an unprovable claim in one statement. Now that’s concise.

  22. I have to agree with many of the points Julie makes here. I’m not a Trump supporter, nor am I a rightist or a leftist.

    I do however have an issue with the constant barrage of negativity that the average middle class white America gets. If I were to believe all I’m being told in the media, coming from Hollywood, and coming from many of these activists, well they must evil incarnate.

    It seems the view today is that if your an average white male, by default you should be ashamed of who you are. You must be a racist, a bigot, hold a grudge against women, etc. At the same time, your supposably privileged and somehow have it better then everybody else, who you are clearly actively holding down. Oh, and if you have a healthy respect for our country, our government and system of government, law enforcement, civic institutions, and the positive accomplishments of our nations history, then you must be a truly delusional racist.

    Sad really. It’s very clear to me that racism, bigotry, “blame the other guy for my issues”, closed mindedness, and this crazy state of entitlement gone to extremes (you have to put me on a pedestal and worship me because I’m black, green, LGBT, have shaken leg desease, our whatever), is now entrenched in our culture and across all elements of our diverse culture.

    So the white middle class pushed back, and elected a game show host as opposed to the corrupt, elitist, leader of a political machine that they saw as being completely out of touch with reality. Was, or is, Trump a better option, no probably not. The guys an idiot. But, you should take a moment to understand why that happened, and maybe we can start to deal with the underlying issues that created this situation.

    Just my two cents.

    • Nobody is saying all white males are racist. That is a total straw man. But there are plenty who are racist, as shown by the hateful backlash against people who are speaking out about the numerous cases of unarmed black men murdered by the police.

      Saying that black or LGBT people expect to be put on a pedestal and worshiped is another ridiculous straw man. Equal rights are not “special rights”, that is just another right wing lie.

  23. The piss poor education in American civics starts with the uneducated masses at Trump rallies completely buying into his manufactured claims of a rigged election and voter fraud, dangerously sowing doubt on a sacred American institution of the election process. That process has proceeded peacefully, and successfully, and without being defiled by fraud for two centuries.

    The piss poor education in American civics starts with Donald Trump, who declared his intention to set up libel laws to restrict the ability of the press to hold its government accountable.

    The piss poor education in American civics starts with those who believe we can restrict the travel of individuals based on their religious (Muslim) beliefs, or have government agents conduct surveillance activities in religious (Mosque) gathering places, without probable cause.

    The piss poor education in American civics starts with state and local Republican officials who attempt to put obstacles in the way of voting, such as arbitrarily and illegally wiping people off the voter registration rolls because they are black or belong to other minority communities likely to vote Democratic. Multiple times courts had to step in to declare these practices as illegal. These Republicans are a stain on Democracy.

    The reason why you hear psychologists on radio stations discussing the election is because the reaction is based on a real, not an imagined threat. When Obama won, the threat of having guns taken away was imagined (did you notice it never happened?). The threat of splitting families by mass deportation is real. The threat of a non-citizen muslim taking office was imagined . The threat of a President Trump whose natural instinct (and history) is to take vengeance on those who cross him is real. The threat of death panels from Obamacare was imagined. The threat of millions of lower income people losing healthcare coverage when Obamacare is dismantled is real.

    And the threat of having a black man as President was imagined, while the threat of a rise of racism, validated and legitimized by the words and policies of this President elect, is real and already happening.

    You set up a straw man by saying those on the Left do not seek to persuade. It’s a meaningless generalization, and a pointless rhetorical device. I’m sure you can do better than that.

    No one condones violence in these protests. It is committed by Idi0ts who only serve to weaken the argument. But do not be fooled that the shift of power, based on an archaic electoral college (for the Presidential election) and a good amount of district gerrymandering (for the House of Representatives), will proceed without activating the Left for a renewed political resurgence.

    • I have a minor in education and it goes back to the 60’s.

      Alot what happened and was implemented, happened in the 60’s…..

    • And it’s about to become a hell of a lot more divided. We will fight back against the Con Artist In Chief.

  24. On, Julie was quoted as saying “the devolution of our constitutional order in the face of a Progressive onslaught against its institutions”. Really, Julie??? Blocking Obama’s court nominee for a year was an epic devolution of Constitutional order and an attack on the President’s lawful right to nominate someone.

    Do you think we have forgotten how you right wingers have abused the filibuster massively over the past 8 years? That was an onslaught.

    And Comey’s stunt of meddling in the election was a virtually unprecedented attack.

    After spewing non-stop lies and hate at Obama for 8 years, you are upset that people are angry that we have just elected the most blatantly bigoted President in decades???


  25. My father went through my texts starting my freshman year in college in the fall of 1967.

    He said they were all Marxist and that when I am a grandmother, my children would live in a communist like country. Don’t think we are that bad, but there is so much disinformation regarding our country, its history, its relationship to other countries, other countries opinion when they come here—the nicest people in the world to travellers, the understanding of religion — true from false –, the legal system, the military, the Marxist play on racism.

    And then there is the idea some people have the idea that they think they are all good and thus have the right and power to label and condemn and invalidate other people.

    Our morality? The sexualizing of our children down to primary grades, the casual disregard for the sanctity of human life and for the unborn, the elderly, the infirm and sick…

    All the encumbrances of laws and regulations to control us, to make us cogs…our country if not communist, a totalitarian one where people cannot openly talk and discuss with one another.