‘What am I Gonna Tell My Kids?’


Apparently, the children of Hillary Clinton voters are despondent at the outcome of Tuesday’s election. Or maybe their parents are projecting. Either way, very serious people at very serious publications are offering advice to parents who aren’t sure what to tell their kids about President-elect Donald J. Trump.

I’ll tell you what you shouldn’t tell them:

You shouldn’t tell them that the people who disagree with you are racist or stupid.

You shouldn’t tell them that every time they don’t get their way they should throw a tantrum.

Here’s what you should tell them:

You should tell them that in races there are winners and losers and, given fair competition, to accept the results.

You should tell them that politicians aren’t rock-stars in whom we should invest too much meaning.

You should tell them that one of the greatest results of civics is a civil society. You should also teach them history.

You should teach them that not everyone they dislike is comparable to Hitler.

You should teach them about the notion of a constitutional republic and representative government.

You should teach them that diversity of opinion is as important as diversity of race and class.

Beyond all this, you should teach them that as they move through life, they will come into contact with good and moral people who disagree with them passionately. That derision and vilification of those people, rather than an attempt to understand and communicate with them, ultimately will cheapen their lives. Lives which, if lived with an open mind, can be filled with a respect for a beautiful multiplicity of ideas that can move the human endeavor to new heights.

About Boris Zelkin

Russian-born Boris Zelkin is an Emmy Award-winning composer who has written the music to countless films, documentaries, television shows and major sporting events, including the Tucker Carlson show, Bill O'Reilly, "Gosnell," “FrackNation,” Citizen United’s “Rediscovering God in America II,” Roger Simon’s “Lies and Whispers,” the America's Cup, the Masters, the World Skating Championships, the U.S. Open, NASCAR, the Stanley Cup Championship, and the theme to ESPN’s NCAA championship coverage. Zelkin received his B.A. from Colgate University and earned his M.A. in religion from the University of Chicago Divinity School. He has written extensively on the culture for various online journals and was a major contributor to the recently released “Bond Forever,” a book about the James Bond franchise. He currently resides in Los Angeles but is always looking for a way out.

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5 responses to “‘What am I Gonna Tell My Kids?’”

  1. “It’s really only Kool-aid though it has a bitter almond taste – Masada!”.

  2. In short you are telling them to become virtuous.

    Confucius tried this 26 centuries ago. His standards and ideas were excellent but they did not take hold.
    For someone to become virtuous at the level which makes a difference – i.e. viscerally – the only strategy that works is for them to be taken up into God’s nature; for God is entirely good.

    This ascension is not accomplished by rational advice.

  3. Lets start understanding that the Left sees government as their church, not a secular outfit that delivers the mail. Heretics must be burned.

  4. Great article! So sick of the whine, what will we tell the children. Clearly they need some help in this area. I guess their parents didn’t talk to them either!