The Real Choice We Face

Do you see America as a nation that, despite its flaws, is the greatest nation on earth or do you see it as nothing but flaws made manifest? Pick one.

Confirmation Contempt

The media and Left are moving to turn the entire judicial nomination process into a large perjury trap. Will Republicans find the nerve to stop it and save a vital institution?

Politically Correct Pedophilia

It’s practically a cliché when an old guy or a conservative complains about declining moral standards. But with the news of a professed pedophile now openly […]

Alight With Good Intentions

I guess “Lit” is the new “Woke.” On April 14, David S. Buckel, a prominent attorney renowned for championing gay rights and environmental causes, doused […]

The Shape of Virtue

At the outset of this year’s Academy Awards, Jimmy Kimmel joked that he’d give the person with the shortest speech a jet ski. I really […]

Triumph of the Shills

Let’s begin with Godwin and get it out of the way. Imagine for a moment that Joseph Goebbels, propaganda minister for the Third Reich, was […]

Vote for Sticker!

When my son was about 2 years old, my wife and I began to potty train him. We encouraged him with stickers. Before long he […]