Donald Trump Becomes A Happy Warrior

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Donald Trump is in the zone right now. He appeared in front of a massive “Les Deplorables” banner in Miami Friday night with “Do You Hear The People Sing?” from Les Misérables pumping and the crowd roaring its defiance at Hillary Clinton’s slander.

Trump is relaxed, he’s funny, and he’s clearly enjoying the campaign trail. In the 16 days between Donald Trump’s surprise meeting with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto in Mexico City and letting Jimmy Fallon mess up his hair on The Tonight Show, Donald Trump has been on a roll. And the polls show it.  

He’s watched Hillary Clinton self-destruct—calling Trump supporters “deplorables” and saying that “they’re not America,” before tarring her fellow Americans with the usual Democrat smears of “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic—you name it.” And this was before she physically collapsed on the sidewalk after rushing out in the middle of the 9/11 memorial service, thus giving new urgency to claims about her failing health which, only days before, were dismissed by the lapdog press as right-wing conspiracy theories.  

Of course, that’s always the way with the Clintons—their misdeeds, personal shortcomings, or even just aging and illness are always the fault of the conservative cabal. That is, until the allegations are proven true which, this being the Clintons, they usually are. Then they try and change the subject. Many of their scandals escape attention simply because there are so many of them. Even conservatives journalists who want to cover them are overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of them.  

Within the past week we’ve learned that Hillary really does have health issues she’s been lying about, that she thinks Trump supporters are irredeemable bigots, that Colin Powell “would rather not vote for her” because “she has a long track record of unbridled ambition and (greed)” and that, according to Powell, husband Bill “is still d***ing bimbos.” We also learned that there are more emails evidencing the pay-to-play scheme between the Clinton Foundation and the State Department wherein foundation donors got favors from Hillary while she was Secretary of State.

And that’s just this week.    

Despite it all, the Clintons adopt the posture not just of lily white innocence, but of selfless moral virtue. She is “powering through” because “that’s what women do.” But with so many decades of proven scandals, public and private, fewer and fewer people believe it. Bill’s protestation of innocence—“I did not have sexual relations with that woman”—rings a little hollow in retrospect. For two years we heard how the idea that Hillary Clinton would house sensitive national security information on her illegal private email servers was a creation of the ever-present conservative bogeyman that haunts Hillary’s dreams. But then the FBI confirmed that, in fact, Clinton was sending and receiving Top Secret emails on her personal server and that she or her staff had purchased and used software called Bleach Bits to make the tens of thousands of emails they deleted after receiving a subpoena impossible for law enforcement to retrieve.  

And what about Clinton’s recurrent barking cough and reports of ill health? She only appeared at 11 public events in all of August and most of those lasted only 15 minutes. Talk about low energy. Repeatedly we were  assured of her vibrant health and scolded that to even raise the question was not just foolish but sexist—until she collapsed in public and retreated from public view for three days.  

Then, the very same people who had been assuring curious Americans of Hillary’s health and vitality rushed on television to say they had never seen her so tired. But it’s nothing to worry about—just pneumonia and, according to Clinton flacks, it’s the “rarest of rare” kinds of pneumonia: It’s one that appears suddenly and without warning, incapacitates its victim but it’s also not contagious in the slightest (that lucky piece of news was discovered by Clinton’s apologists just after a picture circulated on the Internet showing Clinton getting germy with a little girl) and is curable in just days. If you ever get pneumonia, this is the one to get. It’s easygoing, flexible, and ready to accommodate your schedule.

Yet while Clinton continues trying to dodge scandals and deflect health scares using tactics she and Bill dreamed up in the 1990s, Trump is relaxing on the couch with Jimmy Fallon looking confident and carefree. And today, on the heels of the Fallon interview that had his New York audience cheering, Trump did what he does best: He beat the media at their own game. In what amounts to the world’s greatest rick-roll, Trump’s communications office let the press know that he would be making remarks addressing Hillary Clinton’s accusations of birtherism.  

Instead, he let them wait 30 minutes during which time a stream of military heroes gave testimonials and endorsements of Trump on a live news feed carried by every major network. At the end of it all, Trump appeared briefly and swatted aside Hillary’s accusations with a single sentence. Trolling the media has become Trump’s inside joke with the American people—a joke that the press still doesn’t get.    

Trump has appeared increasingly confident in himself and his campaign and has given a series of speeches that are serious, well-conceived, well-delivered while retaining Trump’s mischievous sense of fun. In doing both he goes over the heads of the media and builds a bond directly with the American people.  

Republican consultants have been trying to build a happy warrior candidate in the lab for 20 years—that was part of the justification for Marco Rubio’s campaign—but as of now it looks more and more like it’s Donald Trump. Why? Because that can’t be focus-grouped, planned, and programmed. It’s the combination of an authentic personality, temperament, life experience, and a special something—charisma?—that can’t be taught.  

While the press casts Trump as all four horsemen of the apocalypse rolled into one—and with a mean streak to boot—the man that people see on the stump is self-assured, energetic, and permanently affable.  The prophet of doom, it turns out, also offers a message of hope—of reckoning and rebirth.  

When Trump quipped in Flint, Michigan that “It used to be, cars were made in Flint and you couldn’t drink the water in Mexico. Now, the cars are made in Mexico and you cannot drink the water in Flint” he summarized his campaign. At the behest of its leaders, the country strayed from its distinctive path and began worshipping the globalist idols it saw in European temples while on study abroad semesters and family vacations. Worshipping these false gods provoked a harsh judgment on the American people—the American family is in a sorry state, real wages have declined, the national debt is unsustainable, and our kids are taught that America is nothing but an idea and a bad idea at that—but deliverance is at hand.

Yet against his detractors, who see Caesars under every bed, Trump is appealing to Americans to save themselves—with himself as president, to be sure. But at least he recognizes that only Americans acting together can make America great again.  

The only reason anyone is surprised by this is because they read about Trump rather than listening to Donald Trump. They believed the reports about the man without listening to the man himself. It should surprise no one that the billionaire real estate developer from Queens, the teetotalling bon vivant and thrice married family man—the man who embodies so many of the contradictions common to 21st century America—is also the man who sees night closing in but also that joy will come in the morning.  

With less than 60 days to go until the election who would have thought that Donald Trump would have become 2016’s happy warrior? He looks like a star college athlete who has just found his footing in the pros. Trump keeps finding ways to win and is starting to make it look easy. He’s having fun out on the campaign trail, engaging the American people and looking like the leader of tomorrow while Hillary Clinton looks more and more like yesterday’s news.  

About Chris Buskirk

Chris is publisher and editor of American Greatness and the host of The Chris Buskirk Show. He was a Publius Fellow at the Claremont Institute and received a fellowship from the Earhart Foundation. Chris is a serial entrepreneur who has built and sold businesses in financial services and digital marketing. He is a frequent guest on NPR's "Morning Edition." His writing has appeared in the New York Times, the Washington Post, The Hill, and elsewhere. Follow him on Twitter at @TheChrisBuskirk

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56 responses to “Donald Trump Becomes A Happy Warrior”

  1. Donald Trump is on his way to the White House. It is such a joy watching Donald Trump giving lessons on “How to win the presidency, on time and way under budget”. I am really looking forward to seeing Donald Trump perform these same miracles in behalf of the American people.

    • I really don’t think anyone on the planet missed that, do you? The producers of “Les Misérables” are likely ready to jump into US District Court in Nu Yawk City early Monday morning to prevent any and all Les Deplorables from uttering the song… hahahhaaa… – that is if they can push their way past the all the foreign terrorists running around.

    • It was Fabulous! Hillary is becoming even more Deplorable than she was. A real feat!

    • I am completely deplorable, and I am voting Trump!

      Let’s “The Deplorables” our calling theme!

      • You despicable fiend. So will I. Two peas in a despicable pod. May we burn in hell for ever!

    • This should be given the widest possible distribution.

    • And nothing is said about it. Imagine if this was the Trump campaign……

  2. Lol. It’s been much fun observing liberals “tantrumps” reactions these days.

    First: Trump wins the commander in chief debate, so furious liberals blame Matt Lauer and wants him fired.

    Then, Trump has fun at Jimmy Fallon’s show, so the liberals are mad at Fallon’s and want the show cancelled.

    Then, Trump says what the media has expected him to say “Obama was born in US, period” and the liberals get mad because he said it.

    Can’t please these people. LOL.

    • Agreed, and I’d just point out that the MSM expected to tar Trump and excoriate him so they turned out in force to publicize his comeuppance live across the nation.
      Instead, he used their cameras, networks, and audience to announce his Yuuge DC Trump Hotel opening, finished under budget and ahead of schedule, where it stands in stark, stark contrast to the DC corrupt and incompetent business-as-usual. He also made them cover the heros including Medal of Honor recipients give him enthusiastic and detailed endorsements which they would have ignored if they knew ahead of time.
      People have said he took MSM lemons and made lemonade but that is faint praise. Trump took MSM lemons and had lemon chiffon pie ala mode then stuck MSM with the bill.
      I’m loving it! It’s going to be fun to have a genius and AmericaFirst street fighter as President.

      • the media takes sweet smelling fruit and turns them into rotting piles of rotting fly infested trash, but it isn’t working as public perception of media is at all time low, and since media didn’t make Trump, they can’t unmake him

    • Jimmy Fallon is a entertainer, not a political commentator. People drifting off to sleep don’t want to see nasty attacks on guests. That’s why Letterman tanked.

  3. “It should surprise no one that the
    billionaire real estate developer from Queens, the teetotalling bon
    vivant and thrice married family man—the man who embodies so many of the
    contradictions common to 21st century America—is also the man who sees
    night closing in but also that joy will come in the morning.”

    The commentator can flat-out write. I have bookmarked this site and will happily return.

  4. Trump is outstanding. He is winning the hearts of the American people with joy, humor and creativity. Inspiring people of a better future. Trump is great!

      • Quick! Somebody call a waahmbulance! We have a severe case of butt-hurt on the board.

  5. The poles are rasist! Everbody knows Trump will loose and Clinton will win by a lanslide! Your a bigget!

  6. Memo to the DNC: Dump Her! Bring in Biden/Bernie. Bring in a Winner. She is beginning to swirl in The Toilet Bowl of Doom. Trump is up 7 points according to the LA poll. Personally, I believe the LA poll is understating the coming Electoral Tsunami. Truth be told, she lost it when she consigned working America to the Deplorables Basket. Can she do the debates without collapsing? Could she withstand a face plant on the stage while tens of millions watch? Are you willing to take that chance? Time for an intervention.

    • The time will come when Dems will mostly want to replace her, but the Clinton Machine corruption has long tentacles anchored deep, deep in the Dem party. Clinton finally has her claws on the nomination, and short of an untimely death she will not let go. She’ll burn the party down, relentlessly attack/harass in-party critics, and fund large numbers of assassination attempts but she will not go quietly into that good night.

  7. Trump should be happy. If he wins, he goes to the Oval Office. If he loses, he returns to his estates, his golf courses, his wife, his empire and his family. Hillary goes to the Rest Home.

  8. Awesome.. It is so exciting to see Trump growing and developing as a leader.

  9. I am really loving how Donald Trump is always a step or two ahead of those who try to tell us what we should think. The man is fraking brilliant, and takes it to them and throws egg on their faces. I feel alive. Thank you Donald Trump!!

  10. If HRC wants to stay competitive in this race, she has to make adjustments inside her campaign headquarters. Something is not working. Again, that’s the difference between a career, corrupt politician and a businessman. Do you Remember when Donal Trump fired his previous campaign chairman and managers? Everybody was saying that it was over. No it wasn’t. Donald saw something wasn’t working and took action immediately to right the ship. I would expect Hillary to follow my advice shortly.

  11. Maybe Trump can borrow the minions and change deplorables to despicables and really have a lot of fun because Minions, no matter what are characters that make so many smile impulsively.

    And to have to watch hillary lie through her every pore about bringing americans together and running a campaign not a smear lesson is hillarious.

    Sorry but I am a registerd democrat who like so many are appalled at where the party of ask not what your country can do for you, is now a country that says “oink, oink, oink gimme, gimme, gimme” and let others work hard to pay for me, me, me

    • Sorry that your party left you behind, but I believe that you will find yourself in a rather large basket of deplorable company, not the least of which was Ronald W. Reagan.

      • Dale thank you. Loved Reagan, was a founding donor to his library, living in the area and have been out there several times.

        One of my proudest moments was on the USS Mt. Whitney, july 4 1986, as a guest of the navy with 1 student from each state and their chaperones, we were honored to be on the ship that gave President Reagan the 21 gun salute as he steamed down NY Harbor on the USS Iowa.

        Best to you.

    • As if anyone EVER cared or will care about ANYTHING you think or say.

    • Absolutely shitty comment from an absolutely shitty regressive who brings nothing to the discussion.

  12. While the press casts Trump as all four horsemen of the apocalypse rolled into one—and with a mean streak to boot…

    It doesn’t matter what this man says — they’ll call him a monster, anyway.

  13. Trump, the “happy warrior” is knocking down establishment and media strongholds, right and left, and those of us watching are extremely happy he’s doing it.

  14. I am proud to be one of Shrillary’s deplorables. The one thing libs never get is that they are the real racists. I treat blacks like individuals, they treat them like voting blocs. Everything they have “done” for blacks has hurt them. I would take away all of the affirmative action, welfare etc, and treat them like adults, accountable for their actions. The “black problem” would disappear very quickly.

  15. Bravo, Chris Buskirk! It’s the best article I’ve read on both Clinton and Trump. You pointed out things people knew in their hearts but hardly ever heard or read in the media. God bless you!

  16. ^This whole article.^
    This article articulates what millions and millions of marginalized Americas are feeling: delight!
    Mr. Trump is acting on our behalf and we are empowered and inspired and enthusiastic and joyful that in him, we have a leader who is both courageous and clever enough to take on and WIN against an entrenched system that has been systematically destroying our great nation!
    When the Left’s Honored Queen threatens us with a permanent and ‘irredeemable’ “deplorable” label, our resolve is only strengthened. What a small price to pay for membership in a movement that will likely be responsible for the beginning of a new era in America; an era of unapologetic Americanism!
    America First!, Baby! America First!
    TRUMP/Pence 2016

  17. Trump makes people laugh again. People love people who make them laugh. Has there even been a more entertaining, edge of your seat election such as this in anyone’s lifetime? Not in mine, that’s for sure. Millions of us who supported Trump from the beginning saw what so many are now seeing. His love for this country, his love for its citizens, his faith in us, all of it was there to see from the beginning. TRUMP! 2016

  18. Crooked Hillary and Kreepy Kaine the Democrat Choice…….

    Trump/Pence Make America Great Again!

  19. Great article! Sure to send Goldberg, French, and Nerdlinger into a tizzy!

  20. Be proud of your heritage. Wear like a badge of honor. This is how you will be remembered in the history books. Pouring sugar and being smug about it.

    Teenage future Trump supporters. Their 50th
    anniversary is coming up at a local Trump rally. Make America Great Again means
    to them the right to pour sugar on minorities. A scene from the future movie
    “The Deplorables”.