Articles by William Voegeli

#MeToo and the Clinton Carve-Out

For a moment, join the legions of embittered Democrats who imagine a world where Hillary Clinton won the 2016 presidential election. Would that world have a #MeToo movement? Eleven months after Clinton lost to Donald Trump, New York Times and New Yorker stories about film executive Harvey Weinstein’s sexual misconduct ignited #MeToo. Social media quickly […]

Trump and Prudence: A Reply to Decius

Editor’s note: We find plenty to disagree with William Voegeli’s argument here, but we want our readers to see the full debate over Decius’s “Flight 93 Election” essay and this is one of the more compelling responses. (Reposted by permission of the Claremont Review of Books.) If conservatives in 2016 are like airline passengers hijacked by terrorists on […]