Articles by Steven J. Allen

Where’s the Evidence for Putin Backing Trump?

It’s been almost 21 months since the Obama Administration issued an “Intelligence Community Assessment” containing the explosive claim that the Russian government deliberately helped elect Donald Trump president. It’s a claim for which, so far, no serious evidence has been made public. Russians are said to have “meddled” in the 2016 election for one or […]

Kavanaugh and the Revenge of the Clinton Gang

Hillary Clinton watchers agree: If she’s cackling, she’s lying. Hillary cackled this week in response to a comment by Brett Kavanaugh. Accused of being an attempted rapist or perhaps a serial gang-rapist, Kavanaugh called the charges “a calculated and orchestrated political hit,” fueled in part by “revenge on behalf of the Clintons and millions of […]

Colin Kaepernick, Football’s Richest Martyr

It started with football players protesting the National Anthem, and ended, as protests often do, with money changing hands: The vile Colin Kaepernick becomes a highly compensated spokesman for Nike, and the NFL tries to pay off activist players with tens of millions of dollars for leftist causes. In August 2016, Kaepernick, then the quarterback […]

Manafort’s Web Ensnares NeverTrumpers, Democrats—Everyone

Paul Manafort was exactly what Donald Trump’s presidential campaign needed—and what it didn’t. At the end of March 2016, Trump was in trouble. He had won the most delegates, but not a majority, and many of the Trump delegates, chosen under arcane rules, actually supported other candidates. Trump might still be denied the nomination. Even […]

Populism: The ‘Extremist’ Vision of Jefferson, Lincoln, and Reagan

At the heart of the current conflict in American politics is the belief among privileged elites that grassroots members of the pro-Trump movement—the “populists”—are ignorant low-lifes, “deplorables” who should stay in their trailer parks and be barred from the halls of power. That perception justifies in their minds actions ranging from boycotts and blacklisting to window-smashing […]

Russian Ads on Facebook Helped Democrats and the Left

The Russians, we learned learned this week, appear to have meddled already in the upcoming midterm elections with a series of advertisements on Facebook and Instagram. The ads promoted causes linked to the Democratic Party. Wait . . . that can’t be right. We all know, from listening to the experts, that the Russians want […]

The Establishment Hearts China

Communist China is one of the gravest threats this country has ever faced, in large part because many members of the American establishment see China as a partner, a role model, and the wave of the future. They believe that, instead of fighting the Communists, we should work with them and emulate them. Democracy is […]

Russia Meddled and Almost Nobody Cared, Until . . .

Political leaders and journalists are deeply concerned about Russian meddling in U.S. elections. Took ’em long enough. The Russians have been meddling in U.S. elections for at least 70 years. In 1948, the Progressive Party—a front for the Soviet-controlled Communist Party—ran former Vice President Henry Wallace (pictured above with actor Edward G. Robinson) as its […]

McCabe, McAuliffe, and the Company You Keep

Dime con quién andas, y te diré quién eres, Mexicans say. Tell me who you walk with, and I’ll tell you who you are. That’s why it’s significant that Terry McAuliffe, one of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s top lieutenants, funneled more than $675,000 into the campaign of Dr. Jill McCabe, whose husband Andrew would later […]

‘Roseanne’ and the Game of Identity Politics

Margaret Thatcher said, “First you win the argument, then you win the vote.” I wish that were true. Usually, it’s not. People don’t often decide how to vote by weighing carefully the pros and cons of each issue and the qualifications of each candidate. People’s political identities are rooted in their cultural identities and in […]

Meowing Media Fuel Mass Delusion of Russian Collusion

Every mass delusion has a beginning. One day in the Middle Ages, a French nun began meowing. Other nuns soon joined in. Soon, all the nuns in the convent were meowing together several hours a day. They stopped after neighbors complained, and some soldiers threatened to beat up the nuns. Like the chorus of meowing […]

Federal Rulemaking: Some Are More Equal Than Others

Contrary to myth, frogs don’t swim around, unaware of danger, as the water around them gradually heats to a boil. Only humans are that stupid. One degree at a time, with Americans little aware, our constitutional republic has morphed into a regime largely controlled by bureaucrats, who propagate far more rules than Congress passes laws. […]

Why MAGA Mattered

In the 2016 campaign, the slogan “Make America Great Again” was simultaneously a cry from the heart and a masterpiece of political marketing. Ronald Reagan used a version, “Let’s make America great again,” in 1980. Then the country faced double-digit inflation and interest rates, gasoline rationing, and a Soviet Empire on the march around the […]

Poof! Making Documents Vanish is the Democrats’ Way

Often, when I mention Hillary’s emails to people who work in the Defense Department or the Intelligence Community, they say something like, “If I did a fraction of what Hillary did, I’d be in jail.” “What Hillary did” was steal 66,000 documents from the State Department. She diverted emails to a server in her basement, […]