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Dr. Steven J. Allen (J.D., Ph.D.) is vice president and chief investigative officer of the Capital Research Center in Washington, D.C., and author of the forthcoming book Revolt of the Deplorables.

The Nonsense of Race

The concept of race—the idea that humans can be divided into a few discrete subgroups such as “white,” “black,” “brown,” and “yellow”—may be the most powerful weapon in politics. Race is used by judges to justify gerrymandering, by colleges to exclude people they don’t like, by hucksters to extort money from businesses, by

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‘Roseanne’ and the Game of Identity Politics

Margaret Thatcher said, “First you win the argument, then you win the vote.” I wish that were true. Usually, it’s not. People don’t often decide how to vote by weighing carefully the pros and cons of each issue and the qualifications of each candidate. People’s political identities are rooted in their cultural identities

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Federal Rulemaking: Some Are More Equal Than Others

Contrary to myth, frogs don’t swim around, unaware of danger, as the water around them gradually heats to a boil. Only humans are that stupid. One degree at a time, with Americans little aware, our constitutional republic has morphed into a regime largely controlled by bureaucrats, who propagate far more rules than Congress

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Why MAGA Mattered

In the 2016 campaign, the slogan “Make America Great Again” was simultaneously a cry from the heart and a masterpiece of political marketing. Ronald Reagan used a version, “Let’s make America great again,” in 1980. Then the country faced double-digit inflation and interest rates, gasoline rationing, and a Soviet Empire on the march

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Poof! Making Documents Vanish is the Democrats’ Way

Often, when I mention Hillary’s emails to people who work in the Defense Department or the Intelligence Community, they say something like, “If I did a fraction of what Hillary did, I’d be in jail.” “What Hillary did” was steal 66,000 documents from the State Department. She diverted emails to a server in her

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Welcome to the New Class Warfare

The Democratic Party was once considered the home of working people. That changed as mainstream liberals of the 1960s such as Hubert Humphrey, John and Bobby Kennedy, and AFL-CIO leader George Meany were replaced by radicals and their ideological offspring. A key moment in that transition came during Barack Obama’s first presidential campaign.

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