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Shawn Mitchell served 14 years in the Colorado Legislature, three terms in the House and two in the Senate. Shawn has worked as Special Counsel to the Attorney General and in private law practice. Shawn blogs at and writes and speaks often on policy and politics. Shawn received a B.S. magna cum laude from Brigham Young University and graduated from law school at the University of California at Berkeley. Shawn married Yvette Fuller in 1983. They have seven children and are active in their church and schools. His hobbies include rock climbing, hiking, and iPhone photography on frequent walks in Colorado’s beautiful places.

Obama Aides Guilty of Tyrant-Coddling Hypocrisy

Susan Rice, President Obama’s national security advisor and former United Nations ambassador, has offered a new reason President Trump should be considered a patsy for strongmen: He spoke too softly about a diplomatic clash between close ally Canada and strategic regional ally Saudi Arabia. That was the subject of Rice’s recent New York

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Searching for the Authoritarian Trump

A lot of public intellectuals and writers are pushing an alarming thesis: President Trump is a menace to the American Republic and a threat to American liberties. The criticism is not exclusively partisan; it’s shared by prominent conservatives, liberals, and libertarians.From his perch at the New York Times, David Brooks declares Trump is “pursuing

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