Articles by Robert C. Jeffrey

On Trump’s Defense of the West: “Every Foot of Ground, Every Last Inch”

President Trump’s remarkable speech in Poland on Thursday reminded me in some respects of Churchill’s Zurich Speech, Solzhenitsyn’s Warnings to the West, Coolidge’s Speech on the Declaration, and, at the end, of Churchill’s speech of June 4, 1940, to the House of Commons (“We shall fight on the beaches…”). Yet the president’s speech has its […]

Peter Augustine Lawler, in Memoriam

My old friend Peter Lawler passed away this week at his home in Rome, Georgia. Peter and I were close pals during the 90s, when we both found ourselves happily marooned in north Georgia. I have such wonderful memories of those years, times spent together early in my married life and when my daughter, Marjorie, […]