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About Patrick Maines

Patrick Maines recently retired as president of the Media Institute, a nonprofit think tank promoting a strong First Amendment, sound communications policies, and journalistic excellence. While in college in Washington, he was a junior staffer in the office of Sen. Barry Goldwater (R-Ariz.), and later became assistant publisher of National Review.

Liberalism’s Death Rattle

Brett Kavanaugh’s Senate confirmation hearings shined a bright and ugly light on many people and organizations. People, for instance, such as the entire membership of the Senate Democratic caucus (with one notable exception), who, in a display of the finer instincts of hyenas, fell over one another in their abandonment of due process

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Our Imploding Press

If democracy in the United States is imperiled, as some say it is, then the pregnant question remains: Imperiled by whom? For the Left, Democrats, the pop culture industry, most of the mainstream press, and those in the permanent government bureaucracy known colloquially as “the deep state,” the answer is always Donald Trump.

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