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Patrick Maines is president emeritus of The Media Institute. He was formerly the head of government affairs for a Fortune 500 company headquartered in New York, and before that an assistant publisher of National Review.

The Republicans’ Turning Points

In this Age of Trump, we are told, the Republican Party has changed its spots. As evidence, Democrats and the #Resisters point to the many GOP candidates who campaigned with the President this year and the rank-and-file who overwhelmingly support his policies. The claim, in other words, is that it is Trump that

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Reimagining Republicanism

For at least 25 years, the Republican Party has been promoting policies damaging both to its own political standing and to the middle class. In the face of the growing radicalism of the Democrats, and the need—more crucial now than ever—for the GOP to assemble a majority coalition of voters, it must reexamine

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The Other Dimension to the Midterm Elections

There are many reasons why Republicans might be favored in the midterm elections, not the least of which is their party’s policy successes—particularly with the economy—since Donald Trump’s election. But there’s another, rather less obvious reason, why many in the party would like to see the GOP do well: the ongoing housekeeping within

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Liberalism’s Death Rattle

Brett Kavanaugh’s Senate confirmation hearings shined a bright and ugly light on many people and organizations. People, for instance, such as the entire membership of the Senate Democratic caucus (with one notable exception), who, in a display of the finer instincts of hyenas, fell over one another in their abandonment of due process

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Our Imploding Press

If democracy in the United States is imperiled, as some say it is, then the pregnant question remains: Imperiled by whom? For the Left, Democrats, the pop culture industry, most of the mainstream press, and those in the permanent government bureaucracy known colloquially as “the deep state,” the answer is always Donald Trump.

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