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Joseph Arlinghaus is 46 years old and lives in Fort Collins, Colorado with his wife Elsy, the younger three of their six children and a 110 pound Great Dane named Juno. Joe and Elsy are 1991 graduates (in Politics and English respectively) of the University of Dallas where their three oldest children are attending simultaneously in a conspiracy to bankrupt the family. Joe is the President of a large new pro-life research organization called the National Life Persuasion Project and a national pro-life election effort called Valor America Super PAC. His partnership with a political research firm called Evolving Strategies has resulted in the largest body of research data in existence on how voters respond to a variety of abortion related election messages. His 2016 election efforts on behalf of Donald Trump were focused on outreach to pro-life Hispanic voters and pro-life white blue-collar Democrats. Joe served as a consultant in 2015 to the Washington based Susan B. Anthony List. In December 2015 he was the first major pro-life leader to endorse Donald Trump for President and was one of the most vocal advocates of Donald Trump's credentials on the pro-life issue throughout the early caucuses and primaries.

Washington, D.C. Needs a Recession

Banish the bureaucrats! It's time to see some outsourcing of federal jobs in America's Capital City or, perhaps, just serious layoffs. Visiting the District of Columbia is an awful experience when you work hard to support your family out in the hinterlands. You arrive in a place with constant construction. Houses that would be $300,000

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It’s Not Idolatry to Call for Unity in the Fight

From some well-meaning patriots on the Right, there is a great resistance to accept Donald Trump, and an almost scrupulous religious impulse to qualify every positive statement about him with criticisms of his personality and character. Some conservative intellectuals are lost in a moral revulsion for a man they have seen and heard talking about

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