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Jesse B. Russell is a native of Livingston, Montana and has written for a variety of scholarly and popular journals including, Front Porch Republic, The Claremont Review of Books Digital, Touchstone Magazine, The American Spectator, and Crisis.

Tom Wolfe’s Bad Blood

On May 14, 2018, the irreplaceable chronicler of postmodern and post-millennial American decadence, Tom Wolfe, slipped from this world into the next. One of the master craftsmen of “Gonzo journalism,” or what Wolfe himself would call in his 1973 collection of the same name, The New Journalism, Wolfe, like his more radical journalistic counterpart in

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The Great American Movie

Among American cinephiles, there is a shortlist of movies that usually serve as the fitting answer to the question: What is the greatest American movie of all time? No matter the answer, respected connoisseurs of cinema invariably will mention John Ford’s 1956 classic Western, “The Searchers.” Featuring one of the strongest performances of that most

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Mogadishu Comes to Minneapolis

Ridley Scott’s 2001 masterpiece, “Black Hawk Down,” has become, like his 2000 "Gladiator," a classic tale of the triumph and tragedy as well as the courage, heroism, and sacrifice of a small band of brothers showcasing crucial elements of what classicist Victor Davis Hanson, has called, “the Western way of war.”Based on Mark Bowden’s

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