Articles by Jay Carnahan

How to Outflank Everyone on Immigration

Corey Lewandowski and David Bossie remark about the Republican primary in their recently published book, Let Trump Be Trump: We wanted none of the other candidates to move to the right of us on immigration. From the overwhelmingly positive reaction we received at rallies to the boss’s hard-line immigration stance, we knew he had struck […]

Jeff Flake Shoots Blanks

One of the easiest ways to gain 15 minutes of fame as a Republican is to attack another Republican. The cameras will roll, the pundits will marvel, and we will soon be assured of a collapsing conservative movement. This week, Jeff Flake of Arizona garnered himself a full 17 minutes of fame with his defiant […]

Trump Can and Should Troll the Media on Sanctuary Cities

After Attorney General Jeff Sessions made a valiant speech this past week in Nogales, Arizona affirming that the U.S. border should actually be a border, the New York Times was up to its usual hectoring, again dwelling on the issue of sanctuary cities: Mr. Sessions and the homeland security secretary, John Kelly, have attacked cities […]

Political Violence and Coming-of-Age for an American Student

The recent events at Middlebury College should have been a jolting reminder that all is not well in our polarized culture or, especially, in our institutions of higher learning. The level of chaos on display two weeks ago was incongruent with the understanding most of us have about the experience of university life, and somehow even […]