Articles by Heather Mac Donald

Cuomo’s Coronavirus Personae All Fail the Statesmanship Test

nyone who has dipped into Andrew Cuomo’s daily coronavirus press briefings knows that the New York governor relishes his variegated personae. There is the ethnic Cuomo, who, we have learned repeatedly, enjoyed spaghetti and meatball Sunday dinners in his Queens childhood home. Then we have Cuomo the family man, now belatedly bonding with his daughters […]

Coronavirus Racial Disparities Miss the Bigger Picture

ublic officials and activists are sounding the alarm about alleged racial disparities in the coronavirus death rate. New York City Public Advocate Jumaane Williams claimed last week that the city’s official responses to the virus have “clearly” discriminated against black and brown New Yorkers, as evidenced by fatality data. Blacks make up 22 percent of […]