Articles by Elizabeth Fortunato

George Floyd: Symbol Savior and Archetype

y now, we have all witnessed those nearly nine agonizing minutes when Officer Derek Chauvin snuffed out the life of George Floyd. Protests over this injustice quickly morphed into riots, with looting and destruction thrown in for good measure. Law enforcement is under attack, with deaths and casualties mounting every night since Floyd’s death. Floyd […]

Tara Reade, Feminists, and the Devil’s Bargain

exual liberation offered women the promise of freedom. The pill and abortion supposedly leveled the playing fields in our personal and professional lives. Likewise freed from prevailing gender roles, many women pursued college degrees and careers that had previously been culturally and physically off-limits. Yet the coveted ground of gender equality seemed littered with mines […]

Will Consciousness of Death Remind Americans to Value Life?

ay 1 celebrations used to be about the renewal of life, replete with beribboned poles and spring dances, long before the Soviet and Chinese communists appropriated those joyous rituals—replacing flowers with tanks. May Day parades, ostensibly for the purpose of commemorating International Workers Day and instilling pride in the motherland, were meant also to intimidate […]

Agenda Moms and Child Martyrs

Greta Thunberg, the world’s most polarizing young activist, has found herself in stormy seas lately. In some ways, Thunberg seems undeniably impressive—having successfully channeled the most crippling features of her autism spectrum disorder to speak with authority on the climate crisis. After being named Time‘s “Person of the Year,” Greta seemed at her zenith as the […]

Sex Is Not an Opinion

Senator Elizabeth Warren has apologized, yet again, for identifying herself as a Native American. This time, the Massachusetts Democrat’s apology came in front of a Peterborough, New Hampshire bowling alley in early December. Almost a year after her ill-advised DNA test, she is still trying to shake off the embarrassing debacle. Warren knows the episode […]

Blood Feud

It’s been 30 years since radical feminist Andrea Dworkin coined the phrase “war on women” in Beaver Talks. Later, she would revisit her thoughts on this imagined war, and expound on what were her then-controversial opinions regarding men and women in her 2002 collection of writings on domestic violence, rape, and pornography, Life and Death. […]

The Jellyby Syndrome

Greta Thunberg is a beautiful child. With her brunette braids and rounded face, she looks a little like a living Hummel figurine. I have heard many of my conservative friends and peers wish she would be as silent as one. I do not believe Thunberg should be silent. I believe she is sending us all […]

Leaving the Theater of the Church

I was raised in a devout Catholic household. My mother, as a nurse and teacher, was deadly serious about her faith. We went to the local Catholic schools and to Mass every Sunday. Deeply educated in her faith, she made sure I was taught the precise meaning behind everything that happened in that hour at […]