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Elad Vaida is currently enrolled in the Heritage Foundation’s George C. Marshall Fellows Program, and the America’s Future Foundation Writing Fellows Program. He has a Master’s in Middle Eastern Studies from Harvard University, and a Bachelor’s in Political Science from Penn State University.

Mona Charen Exemplifies NeverTrumpers’ Straw Grasping

Mona Charen is at it again. In an article from last week titled “Impeachment for Thee but Not for Me,” she argues that Republicans who supported President Clinton’s impeachment but now defend President Trump against spurious impeachment charges are hypocrites. According to her twisted logic, supporting Trump but bashing Clinton means you’re trying to have

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Kevin Williamson’s Faustian Bargain

Kevin D. Williamson recently published an article at National Review titled “The Infernal Art of the Deal,” which compares President Trump to the devil and portrays Trump voters as intellectually dishonest and morally compromised. With no concrete evidence, Williamson then moves on to make broad and false generalizations about Trump supporters—to say nothing about his

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The Modern Bonfire of the Vanities

Five centuries ago, in Renaissance Florence, the Dominican priest Girolamo Savonarola, in his quest to purge Florence of all “immoral” works of art, started what came to be known as the “bonfire of the vanities.” Thousands of objects and works of art were burned in the fire; paintings by Sandro Botticelli, works by the poet

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