Weaponizing Inflation and Immigration

Democrats have an endgame in mind with several inflationary bills alongside election “reform.” It's all part of a giant step toward wiping out the Republican Party once and for all.  

Tucker Carlson Matters

The Fox News host matters a great deal to America. His contrarian, courageous truth-telling is in far-too-short supply in this chaotic, insane age.

The Long-Term Contagion From China

The Chinese Communist Party’s threats include potential disruption to global supply chains, financial markets, and deadly pandemics. But the “soft power” spread by Confucius Institutes on college and university campuses is another type of virus we must immediately quarantine from American culture.

Clearing the Air on the Right

The most interesting debates happening today in American political discourse are not between the Left and the Right, but rather within the Right. We should not shy away from our differences but embrace the dialogue in good faith and with the understanding that the best ideas and the best leaders will win, and the conservative movement will be better off as a result.