Embalmers Continue to See White, Fibrous Blood Clots in the Bodies of Vaccine Recipients

Bizarre white, fibrous blood clots continue to clog the arteries of vaccine recipients, a recent blood clot survey of embalmers confirms. The survey of 269 embalmers from around the world found that 73 percent are still seeing the unusual clots in about 20 percent of the bodies they work on. The survey also found that 79 percent of embalmers are seeing the rare phenomenon of “micro-clotting” in an average of 25 percent of the bodies they see.

As American Greatness reported in February 2022, Richard Hirschman, a funeral director and embalmer from Alabama and John O’Looney, a funeral director from Milton Keynes, England, were the first to draw attention to these horrifying new pathologies. Those embalmers and a number of others were featured in the documentary “Died Suddenly,” which premiered in November of 2022.

In one memorable scene from the film, Wallace Hooker, an embalmer from Indiana, talked about how he had asked a room full of about 100 embalmers during a  conference in October of 2022, whether they had been seeing the strange, white, fibrous clots in corpses. After showing them photographs of the worm-like clots, Hooker said almost every hand went up.

When he asked them when they started seeing the clots, most said it was in the middle of 2021—about six months after the mRNA injections were introduced.

That scene piqued the interest of Retired Air Force Major Tom Haviland, who went on to conduct two worldwide surveys of embalmers to find out how widespread the phenomenon was. He said he purposefully left out any mention of COVID-19 or the shots in his questions, and simply asked embalmers what they were seeing, when they started seeing it, and how much of it they were seeing.

Of the 179 embalmers who responded to the first survey, conducted in late 2022, 44 said they had begun seeing unusual clots in 2020.

Haviland told British YouTuber Dr. John Campbell that “many more embalmers saw the phenomenon in 2021.”

He said the numbers exploded “after  we had the advent of the rollout of the medical intervention.”

Of the 179 embalmers who responded, 119 (or 66 percent) said they had begun seeing the white fibrous clots in 2021.

Doctors have theorized that the spike proteins in the coronavirus and the injections can cause “amyloid-like protein folding abnormalities” that lead to blood clots.

The medical rationale for that,  Haviland explained, is because the lipid nanoparticles carrying the genetic material in the shots did not stay in the deltoid muscle in the arm, as promised, but traveled throughout the body, turning the entire body into “a spike-protein making factory” for potentially months at a time.

“The scientists I’ve talked to say this has exacerbated or supercharged the effect of the formation of these white fibrous clots,” he said.

Campbell blasted the medical establishment for peddling what he called “misinformation, lies, and propaganda” about the mRNA products.

“These lipid nanoparticles are systemically distributed, they go everywhere, and we’re just starting to learn some of the consequences of that,” he lamented.

Haviland said that his 2022 survey found that embalmers were finding the white, fibrous clots in about 30 percent of the bodies they worked on.

In his second survey, Haviland said that number fell to about 20 percent.

In that study, conducted between December 8, 2023 and January 8, 2024, 73 percent of the 269 embalmers who responded, said that they were still seeing the clots.

“These embalmers have had 20 to 30 years of experience, John, and they’d never seen this phenomenon before until the last few years,” Haviland said.

Campbell said that an embalmer recently told him that he’s seeing the unusual clots in 20 to 30 percent of the bodies he works on, which falls in line with Haviland’s findings.

Haviland noted that there has also been an increase in micro-clotting, a rare phenomenon the embalmers describe as having a “coffee grounds” appearance.

In the 2023 survey, 79 percent of respondents said they had observed micro-clotting in the corpses they embalmed.


Haviland told Campbell that one embalmer told him that before COVID, he would occasionally see micro-clotting in patients who had received chemo-therapy.

“The micro-clotting occurs at the capillary level and can block the exchange of oxygen at the lungs and the carrying of that oxygen to all the major organs of the body, including the brain,” he explained. “This phenomenon is just as dangerous as the white, fibrous clots.”

The 2023 survey found that micro-clotting is now seen in an average of 25 percent of the bodies seen by the 79 percent of embalmers noticing the phenomenon. Significantly, 58 embalmers said they were seeing it in up to 40 percent of the bodies they work on, and 32 said they were seeing it in up to 60 percent of the bodies they see. Before COVID, embalmers reported seeing micro-clotting in less than 5 percent of the bodies they saw.


The survey also asked embalmers if they have seen an increase in the more traditional “grape jelly” type of clotting. The vast majority, 258 out of the 269, said they were seeing an increase. The average percentage of corpses that had the traditional clots was 40 percent. Before COVID, the average number of corpses that had the grape-jelly clots was 30 percent, Haviland said.


Haviland’s survey found that embalmers saw an increase in all of the types of clotting in all age groups, including babies. The largest number (157) saw increases in 66 to 80 year-olds. The second largest number (129) saw increases in 51 to 65-year-olds. Haviland was most concerned about the high number of embalmers (89) seeing clotting issues in the 36 to 50-year-old group.

“You don’t normally associate this age group with having heart attacks and strokes,” he said, adding that “the data dovetails very closely with the insurance death and disability data” highlighted by investor Edward Dowd in his 2022 best seller “Cause Unknown.”

Haviland noted that there has been a increase in excess deaths in that age group in the United Kingdom, the United States, and most western countries.

“Surprisingly, we haven’t seen much excess mortality in African countries that had very little uptake of the medical intervention,” he added.

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