Investigative Journalist Warns That Conditions Are Ripe For ‘Black Swan’ Event in 2024

During a recent roundtable of journalists sharing their 2024 predictions, a respected investigative reporter said that she feared a “national security event with high impact” could occur in the next year.

The ominous prediction, made by CBS News senior investigative correspondent Catherine Herridge on Christmas Eve, was perhaps missed by many during the Christmas rush. Herridge, formerly the Chief Intelligence correspondent for Fox News, is known for her objective and accurate reporting. With her good sources in the intelligence community, she has stood out from the rest of the media in her reporting on the Russia hoax and many other major news stories.

During the Christmas Eve edition of “Face the Nation,” Herridge told fellow panelists that her prediction was “a little dark” because she is “concerned that 2024 may be the year of a black swan event.”

A “black swan event” is defined as a “high-impact event that is difficult to predict under normal circumstances but that in retrospect appears to have been inevitable.”

“This is a national security event with high impact,” she explained, “so it’s very hard to predict. There are a number of concerns that I have that factor into that.”

Herridge pointed to the nation’s “enduring heightened threat level” along with the wars in Israel and Ukraine as reasons for her concerns.

FBI Director Christopher Wray confirmed during a November House Homeland Security hearing on the border crisis that the open border poses a major national security threat.

At the time, the Department of Homeland conceded that nearly 1.8 million known “gotaways” were loose in the country amid a rising number of individuals on the terrorist watchlist apprehended at the Southern border.

“We’re so divided in this country in ways that we haven’t seen before,” Herridge added. “And I think that just creates fertile ground for our adversaries like North Korea, China, and Iran. And that’s what concerns me most.”

Some worry that “sleeper cells” of enemy foreign operatives awaiting an activation call are among the estimated 8 million migrants who have crossed the southern border during Joe Biden’s tenure.

“If you simply look at what’s the chaos right now, a wide-open southern border, I’m concerned about a cell sitting inside America today,” former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy told NBC’s “Meet the Press” in October. “When we’re looking around the Middle East and the uprisings popping up around Europe and others, they could be sleeper cells right now in America,” he added.

Others are concerned that an EMP attack could wipe out the country’s electrical grid for weeks and even months on end .

A sobering 2018 report  from the Air Force’s Air University titled, “Electromagnetic Defense Task Force,” warned that an electromagnetic pulse weapon attack, such as those developed by North Korea, Russia, and Iran, would dismantle or interfere with electricity, transportation, food processing, and healthcare throughout the nation. Additionally, the country’s nuclear reactors could melt down without electricity to cool them. The report said an EMP attack could wipe out up to 90 percent of the population on the East Coast within a year.

With the country at the “razor’s edge” on multiple ongoing catastrophic issues, including the rising death rate, the open border, Joe Biden’s obvious corruption, the weaponization of the Department of Justice against the regime’s political adversaries, the attempts to keep former President Trump off the 2024 ballot, the government-media censorship complex, persistent inflation, the unsustainable spending and debt crisis, U.S. involvement in two wars,  and massive Islamist demonstrations throughout our own country, it is easy to see why Herridge’s prediction struck a chord with many Americans.


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About Debra Heine

Debra Heine is a conservative Catholic mom of six and longtime political pundit. She has written for several conservative news websites over the years, including Breitbart and PJ Media.