Former Army Medical Officer Files Complaint Against Commanding General for Unlawful Retaliation Over Vaccine Whistleblowing

A former Army medical officer has filed a criminal complaint against his commanding officer, alleging that the major general unlawfully retaliated against him after he made protected whistleblower disclosures about the COVID-19 shots.

After the COVID-19 vaccine mandate was imposed on the military, First Lieutenant Mark Charles Bashaw sent communications up the chain of command alleging violations of military regulations and federal law, and warned of the health risks associated with the shots, the Epoch Times reported.

Bashaw claims that “his commanding officer retaliated against him for 523 days” after receiving the “protected communications.”

Bashaw’s commanding officer was Major General Robert Edmonson, the Commander for the U.S. Army Communications-Electronics Command (CECOM). CECOM encompasses six military organizations, including the Medical Logistics Command (AMLC), which was founded on June 1, 2019 in Fort Detrick, Maryland. Bashaw worked at AMLC, which serves multiple medical-related functions, including the storage and distribution of vaccines and medication.

Bashaw contends he refused to take part in “COVID-19 masking, testing, and injections at the Defense Centers Public Health-Aberdeen” and was “retaliated against and discharged over the unlawful enforcement of these things.”

“After I submitted the protected communication to his office, [Maj. Gen. Edmonson] knowingly confirmed its receipt and proceeded to court martial me,” Mr. Bashaw said.

Then-Colonel Eugene Vindman, the twin brother of Ukraine “whistleblower” Alexander Vindman, recommended the court martial in January of 2022. Ironically, Vindman complained in a recent CNN interview that “the decision to blow the whistle on Donald Trump” cost him his Army career.

[In 2019, a cadre of anti-Trump bureaucratic insiders went to war against Trump over a phone call with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky. During the call, Trump rightfully urged the Ukraine president to investigate the Biden family’s influence peddling in Ukraine. The so-called “whistleblower” allegations about the conversation led to Trump’s first impeachment.]

According to Bashaw, the Army actually promoted Eugene Vindman after he and his brother were removed from their National Security Council posts and escorted out of the White House.

“Dude, you were promoted after your ‘whistleblowing,'” Bashaw wrote on X. “No one is buying your bullshit.”

Eugene Vindman, a Democrat, is now running for Congress in Virginia against Republican Cameron Hamilton, a former Navy Seal and former division director at Homeland Security. Contrasting his record against Vindman’s, Hamilton noted in a post on X that he represented 2,000 Department of Homeland Security employees who sued over the vaccine mandates, and won.


Bashaw was finally discharged in June of 2023, five months after Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate was rescinded, Epoch Times noted. The Senate passed a bill to rescind the COVID-19 vaccine mandate for members of the U.S. military in December of 2022.

Bashaw said that Edmonson “signed off on my elimination and a general discharge with unacceptable conduct after 17 and a half years of honorable service.”
In his Complaint, dated November 20, 2023, he accuses his former commander of violations under Article 132 and Article 92 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), breaching his Oath of Office, and “failing to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America from enemies foreign and domestic.”

Article 132 bars service members from retaliating against someone for reporting a criminal offense or making a “protected communication.”  Article 92 is failure to obey a lawful order or regulation, including willful dereliction in the performance of duties “through neglect or culpable inefficiency.”

“Through my research and knowledge of the Uniform Code of Military Justice, any person, according to the Manual for Courts-Martial, may report an offense subject to trial by court-martial,” Bashaw told The Epoch Times.

In a post on X, he announced that he submitted his criminal complaint on November 28.

He is seeking an investigation and/or UCMJ charges against Gen. Edmondson.

“As the commanding general, it was Maj. Gen. Edmonson’s duty to ensure that there were FDA-approved COVID-19 vaccines at his local clinic on his installation, but he failed to do so, because they did not exist,” he said.

At the time, Mr. Bashaw came forward as a whistleblower and publicly revealed that the military was not providing COVID-19 vaccines labeled as having full FDA approval and licensure to its service members, and was instead distributing vaccines labeled as issued under Emergency Use Authorization. A Pentagon policy had allowed vaccines labeled as issued under Emergency Use Authorization as being fit for use under the vaccine mandate. However, Mr. Bashaws and others had contended the policy was illegal because the mandate stated that it applied to “COVID-19 vaccines that receive full licensure from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), in accordance with FDA-approved labeling and guidance.”

It has also been alleged that the “vaccine” approved by the FDA is not the same product that was unleashed onto the public.

Bashaw discussed the case during an interview on One America News Network in July.

“Congress needs to address the unlawfulness of the mandates forced upon Service Members, the injured, the 10,000 unlawfully discharged, and establish accountability for those who KNOWINGLY violated laws, regulations, and their Oaths!” Bashaw wrote on X at the time.


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