Encouraging the Youth Revolt Against the Global Left

The planetary dominance of Leftist thought is the greatest threat to human liberty in our time. Virtually all Western governments, institutions, and cultures are in the grip of totalizing liberalism. The near universal implementation of lockdowns and vaccine mandates in response to the COVID “crisis” across the globe indicates the degree of ideological and political conformity to liberal demands.  

Understood as a spiritual phenomenon, Leftism means the elevation of the weak, sick, and dying at the expense of what is strong, life-giving, and noble. The collapse of the USSR did not mean the permanent defeat of Bolshevism. To the contrary, Leftist ideology has become all the more entrenched and powerful in the West since the 1990s. The new “woke” dedication to anti-racism, decolonization, and the extirpation of “whiteness” are merely a rearticulation of the older Marxist-Leninist dialectic. Ethnic and sexual minorities are the new proletariat, straight white men the new bourgeois oppressors.  

Leftism means the ripping down of tradition, order, and hierarchy in the name of equality and “human dignity” detached from any kind of nobility. Liberalism is an embrace of mediocrity and, ultimately, death.  

The growth of the biomedical security state, state surveillance programs, deindustrialization, and mass immigration reveal that the modern American regime has turned on its traditional population. The near universal commitment to “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” among institutions of higher learning, the military, the media, and businesses reveals the extent to which this spiritual civil war has turned into a civilization engulfing conflagration.  

The West is in deep crisis. The spread of homelessness, drug addiction, suicide, and family collapse indicate that we have lost confidence in ourselves and the competency to maintain functioning social order.  

And yet, against this planetary tidal wave of repression and civilizational decay there is still hope. Communism and liberalism are not all-powerful ideologies capable of overwhelming all possibilities. Human nature is real.  

The flame of the West—the union of aspiration and knowledge with morality—still burns brightly in the hearts of spirited young men. Those youths contain within themselves the possibility to slow our civilizational decline and perhaps even reverse it. The Leftist obsession with what is weak and degraded inflicts significant handicaps on their own power.  

Battalions of woke BIPOC gender-queer commissars have serious deficiencies as a means of enforcing the will of the Left. Contra Alex Jones and company, our rulers are not Machiavellian geniuses carrying out millennia long conspiracies to destroy humanity. They are, rather, petty bureaucrats with souls oriented towards the longings of the stomach and the genitals. Our ruling class cannot produce great art, science, literature, or martial greatness. 

This deficiency points to the supremacy of nature and the possibility of a rebirth in our time. The liberty movement today should, therefore, pour money and resources into talented and spirited youth who feel revulsion at the sweeping tide of liberalism. In this rebellion of the youth lies the greatest hope for liberty today.     

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About Josiah Lippincott

Josiah Lippincott is a Ph.D. student and a former U.S. Marine Corps officer. You can find him on Telegram at https://t.me/josiah_lippincott or subscribe to his Substack here.

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