Hispanics Reject Biden’s Agenda

Joe Biden and the Democrats hemorrhage Latino support into 2024. In fact, the trend grows into perhaps the biggest single liability for the Left into next year’s election. The liberal site Axios sent up a warning flare, declaring the breakdown in Biden’s Hispanic support as “an alarming, re-election-threatening, full-blown crisis for the White House.”

The latest battleground state polling from my organization, the League of American Workers, validates that assessment, and points to potential seismic gains for the cause of patriotic populism among Hispanics this election cycle. Specifically, the latest survey highlights massive Hispanic dissatisfaction with Biden and leftist policies in the key battleground of Arizona, one of the most Hispanic states in America.

The overall mood of America darkens, primarily due to the economic anxiety caused by Biden’s mismanagement. Arizonans reflect that national malaise as only 18% of Grand Canyon State voters report that the American Dream is “still attainable.”

Historically, hard-working Hispanics have been among the most optimistic groups in America. As recently as a year and half ago, an Ipsos-Telemundo poll found that 61% of Hispanics believed they could reach the American Dream. But now, our survey reveals a staggering reversal toward pessimism. Fully 77% of Latinos in Arizona do not believe the American Dream is achievable.

What happened? Why such a collapse of confidence among Hispanics?

Looking within our poll — and also at determinative macro metrics — it is clear that younger voters abandon Biden, intensely. In addition, working class citizens feel the disproportionate pain of Biden’s economic failures. So, since Latinos are both younger than other groups and generally modest earners, plenty of Hispanics run away – and fast – from Biden and the radical Democrats.

Forever Young

According to the Census bureau, the median age of an American Latino is 30.0, more than a full decade younger than non-Latino citizens at 41.1 years old. Young Americans, regardless of ethnicity or color have been his especially hard by Biden’s inflation crisis.


Because inflation benefits the established owners of assets like houses and commodities, the already-successful. Few young people fit into that category. So, the young strivers of our society suffer as they struggle to build savings, start families, and buy homes.

Not surprisingly, then, our battleground state survey shows deep economic gloom among the young. For example, young adults ages 18-34 in Arizona gave Biden miserable marks on the economy, with only 3% saying they “strongly approve” vs. a whopping 48% who “strongly disapprove.”

Shrinking Middle Class

Many of those depressed young people understandably see little hope of living the kinds of lives that their parents and grandparents enjoyed in America. Importantly, these voters clearly blame Biden, including a supermajority of Latinos.

For example, middle income Hispanics struggle to deal with persistent, punishing inflation. When asked about Biden and gasoline prices, 65% of Arizona Hispanics say his policies have raised prices, while a negligible 3% say he lowered them.

Housing also rises to the fore as a chief worry for Hispanics. In Joe Biden’s America, far too many brown Americans can only afford poor quality housing, often in high-crime areas. Our polling revealed that 56% of Hispanics say Biden’s policies have raised housing costs, and a miniscule 2% say he has lowered rents and mortgages.

Increasingly, these trends spread alarm throughout the salons of Georgetown and K Street in Washington DC, where ruling class operatives correctly shudder at the possibilities unleashed by populist right-leaning Hispanics.

For example, Politico magazine, which functions as effectively the PR arm of the DNC, ran the headline: “ What’s Behind Biden’s Latino Voter Problem?”

Well, our survey largely answers that question – and sets the stage for momentous conservative victories in states like Arizona which will determine the political future of America. Right now, admittedly, that future looks bleak. But the path out, the road upward toward national renewal, will be paved by Hispanics.

Let’s do this, bad hombres…

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About Steve Cortes

Steve Cortes is the founder of the League of American Workers. He formerly served as a senior advisor to President Trump, and a broadcaster with Fox News, CNBC, and CNN.

Photo: PHOENIX, AZ - NOVEMBER 12: Demonstrators protest outside the Maricopa County Tabulation and Election Center on November 12, 2022 in Phoenix, Arizona. Supporters of Arizonas Republican midterm candidates disagree with the election results as election workers continue process and count ballots inside. (Photo by Joshua Lott/The Washington Post via Getty Images)