Cruz Blasts Biden’s Loony Judicial Appointees and the Senate Dems Who ‘Rubberstamp’ Them

Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) blasted Joe Biden on Thursday for nominating “extraordinarily extreme” judges to the federal bench, and attempted to shame Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee for “rubberstamping” the alleged “loons.”

Cruz said Biden’s appointees are so bad, it makes him long for the days of Barack Obama whose appointees were “moderate in comparison.”

On Wednesday, the Texas senator grilled Quinnipiac law professor Sarah French Russell, who was nominated by Biden last month to serve on the U.S. District Court for the District of Connecticut.

Cruz confronted Russell about a letter she apparently signed calling for the release of prisoners, a moratorium on new jail admissions, and the liberation of illegal immigrants in Connecticut, amidst⁤ the George Floyd hysteria in 2020.

“This letter is actually quite extreme,” Cruz declared. Russell repeatedly said she had no memory of signing such a letter.

“The nominations by Joe Biden have been extraordinarily extreme. They’ve been so egregious that they filled me with a sense I could not have previously imagined happening, which is that I long for Barack Obama,” Cruz told his colleagues on Thursday. “[A]lthough I disagreed with many of President Obama’s judicial nominees, they were comparatively moderate when put next to the radicals that the Biden White House keeps putting forward.”

As another example, the Texas senator cited Mustafa Kasubhai, an alleged radical Marxist who advocates for a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) approach to the law and cites the unhinged opinions of radical feminists in his writings.

Kasubhai is currently a United States Magistrate Judge for the District of Oregon and is Biden’s nominee to be a District Judge in the same court. A vote to advance Kasubhai’s nomination to the Senate floor is scheduled for Nov. 9.

Cruz read from some of Kasubhai’s far-left articles and argued that an individual who writes “love letters to Marxism” doesn’t belong on the federal bench.

“In one essay…Kashubhai argued that the integration of Marxism with traditional economic theories of property, specifically that of Locke and Bentham, would ‘provide a framework for relationships that enhance each unique self,’” Cruz said. “In that same piece he argued, quote: ‘the aspirations toward intimate knowing of ourselves and others in our community is a creative struggle towards redefining property,” the senator continued. “Redefining property is an objective of Marxists and by Marxist, I mean Communist,” he added. “Communism isn’t simply theoretical. My family has suffered at the hands of Communists.” Cruz has often spoken of his father, Rafael Cruz, who fled Communist Cuba after being tortured and imprisoned and arrived in Texas with just $100.

“Here’s a pro tip: if a guy is writing love letters to Marxism, maybe he’s not the best candidate to be a federal judge.” Cruz said.

The senator was also appalled by an article written by Kasubhai for the Wisconsin Women’s Law Journal in which he apparently praised the radical feminist theories of infamous Harvard Law Professor Catharine MacKinnon.

“He cited radical Professor Catharine MacKinnon, who argued sexuality itself is a power web in which heterosexual relations per se, are infused with violence and control and that most intercourse is rape. Is that the position of most Democrats on the committee?” Cruz asked. “That’s moonbeam nuts, and you all know that.”

In an attempt to shame his Democrat colleagues Cruz added, “there’s a reason that every Democratic senator is looking down. Because you can’t defend these views to your constituents, but you’re counting on the fact that the corporate media will not tell your constituents about the loons you’re voting to confirm.”

Cruz also complained that Kasubhai’s past writings indicate that “DEI will be central to his approach to the law,” quoting him as saying, “diversity, equity, and inclusion is at the heart and soul of the court system.”

“God help you if you’re some poor schlub white guy who ends up in court in front of this guy,” Cruz said. “Apparently the heart and soul of his court is to discriminate against you.”

Kasubhai has also stated that the United States “is deeply Islamophobic,” according to Cruz.

The Texas senator admonished Democrats for rubberstamping “extreme radicals” like Kasubhai, telling them that their actions result in more American deaths.

“This judge is radical and extreme. If he is confirmed, we can count on him to let violent criminals out of jail,” he said. “And I tell you, if Senate Democrats continue to rubber stamp whatever radical this White House sends them, people are going to die. When you release murderers from jail, they turn around and they commit more murders.”

Cruz argued that by putting “manifestly unsuited” radicals on the bench, the Senate Judiciary Committee will be directly responsible for those murders.

“I hope you’re prepared to look into the eyes of the victims’ families,” he said.


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Photo: UNITED STATES - MAY 11: Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, attends a Senate Judiciary Committee markup in Hart Building on Thursday, May 11, 2023. (Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images)