Revenge of the Bums

The overzealous persecution of Donald Trump and his supporters is an act of bitterest revenge. It is the bums, the government parasites who have never created a single dollar of value, who depend for their living on graft and extortionate taxation, saying in one voice, “No, you can’t have dynamic leaders who prioritize you. You’re stuck with us.

The worst excesses of the bums are to be seen in the cities where they have total sway. New York City, the cultural and financial capital of the world, has been reduced to a dirty, makeshift shantytown, filled with the sights, sounds, and smells of the Third World. The dopey mayor, Eric Adams, is pleading for someone to save the city from itself, as it shells out billions in taxpayer dollars in the deranged suicidal race to provide food, shelter, and clothing for the indigent masses endlessly pouring across the border, who have doubled the homeless population in a single year. There is an element of poetic justice to it all, and yet, the city is running out of space, and the arrivals won’t stop coming. There are only so many luxury hotels and sidewalks with which to fill the sorry, suckling orphans of the uncivilized world.

No; sooner or later America must do its part. No town is beyond the reach of the ever-expanding trash heap; seated at the top of which is Biden, the chief bum, who flung open the gates, and bid the rest of the world to come. Biden has lined his family’s pockets; he and his fellow bums will endure the “transition” of America into a foreign dumpster just fine. For those without political connections, it’s a desperate scramble for higher ground, to escape the general dilapidation wrought by Biden and his real constituents, the rapists, murderers, looters, vagrants, anti-white terrorists, gender-bending, pedophile freaks, and endless, weltering, noisy, entitled stream of humanity relentlessly hammering at the gates, bringing violence, disorder, and commotion to the communities that have the misfortune of receiving them.

What were formerly known as the “citizens” of America are under immense strain, having become, without their knowledge, the adopted parents of every poor waif in the southern hemisphere. The proletarianized “middle class” is imploding under the pressure of inflation; the basic necessities of life, food, energy, and shelter, have all shot up in price; most are working multiple jobs to cover the bills, while competing with their foreign replacements, their unwanted, adopted children, for a shrinking pie of wealth and property. The fake “media” trumpet the bogus miracles of “Bidenomics” while passing over the venal dealing of Biden’s family in uncanny silence. Biden and the criminal bums pour billions of tax dollars into Ukraine, the great hope of democracy.

The stakes of this war could not be higher; victory means the preservation of America’s own system of government, which is to say, the welfare of the welfare classes, of the rioters and looters and deranged vagrants who threaten to smash and steal at any moment, and the leeches in power, their patrons; of the constant waves of suckling orphans, which must go on forever; it means the preservation of a government that takes half the wealth of the productive classes; and desperately desires to disarm them; of a government that forces its people to constantly flee the dangers and depredations it creates, and live in constant fear of disruption and anarchy; that protects and rewards criminals like Biden, his decadent family, and the racial fanatics who terrorized the country three summers ago; that crushes its political enemies, even daring to jail an American president, under color of law; a government full of cant and wind, a showy, hectoring, oppressive, sham, embodied in that bilious, screaming wraith, Joe Biden.

What kind of government can there be, that produces such diseased leadership, such rotting fruit as are cropping up everywhere? It must be a very late government, a degenerate and distant offspring of its just original. When all is said and done, Biden’s legacy will be the final destruction of the legitimacy of America’s government, of the very law, which has been perverted from its good purpose, to establish peace and justice and liberty, toward the singular end of destroying the enemies of the governing classes. This government exists, not to represent the people, but to engorge itself on the decayed remnants of what their ancestors built; it is a thing to be resented and patiently endured, if it cannot be overcome.

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About Matthew Boose

Matthew Boose is a Mt. Vernon fellow of the Center for American Greatness and a staff writer and weekly columnist at the Conservative Institute. His writing has also appeared in the Daily Caller. Follow him on Twitter @matt_boose. ‏

Photo: Kerem Yucel/AFP/Getty Images

Notable Replies

  1. Avatar for task task says:

    The effects of the Mariel Boat lift, during Carter’s term, cost Bill Clinton his governorship. The only thing that will save this trash heap of decadent human pestilence, from the masses seeking retribution, will be illegal and rigged voting. It can function as a legitimate government no longer. It needs to be removed and since it will not go peaceable then the public has every right to use the tools of both war and peace to make it happen.

  2. Avatar for Alecto Alecto says:

    One of the finest pieces ever published by AG. You go, Boose! Go 'head!

    If only Americans had a two-party system under which the governing philosophies and priorities of each diverged… I wonder what a party that represented citizens would look like? I wonder what it would do?

  3. Avatar for Alecto Alecto says:

    It’s time to raise the funds necessary to carve out de Tocqueville’s warning over the entrance to the Capitol Building, or a commemorative marker over the rubble that will inevitably remain after the next revolution.

    The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers it can bribe the public with the public’s money.

  4. To paraphrase Alecto’s post: “Time to close Galt’s Gulch”, and to add that under President Joe Stalin if re-elected, articles like this will disappear.

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