Canadian MPP Dubbed ‘Ottawa’s Jussie Smollett’ After Claim of Being Assaulted By Transphobes Falls Apart

A leftwing Canadian politician is being called “Ottawa’s Jussie Smollett” after his claim that an anti-gender ideology activist punched him in the face during a protest unraveled over the weekend.

Christian and Muslim protesters joined forces at a “Save Canada” rally on Friday to show their opposition to the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board’s (OCDSB) plan to force non-binary pronouns on all students.

The directive, issued to all staff, advised the use of ‘they/them’ pronouns for all students until their preferred pronouns were expressed. The move, viewed as an overreach by many parents, triggered a protest attended by more than 250 individuals.

Canadian Muslims, who have become increasingly vocal opponents of the aggressive LGBTQ+ agenda, were recently inflamed when a public school teacher in Edmonton lambasted a Muslim student for eschewing school Pride celebrations. “You don’t belong here,” the teacher said in a rant that was secretly recorded.

A Muslim woman at the “Save Canada” protest said “leave our kids alone!”

Ottawa Centre MPP Joel Harden and other LGBTQ+ counter protesters showed up at the rally to voice their support for “queer and trans youth.” Harden, who was clad in a rainbow striped jacket, said he was there to potentially de-escalate any violent confrontations spurred by the anti-trans ideology protesters.

“We held a part of the street far away from schools as we did not want to be protesting in front of schools, so we gathered near where they said they would gather,” Harden, a member of Canada’s far-left New Democratic Party (NDP) told Yahoo News.

Harden claimed that while speaking through a megaphone, he could see an altercation between a woman and another individual out of the corner of his eye. He said he rushed over and stood between them in an attempt to deescalate the situation.

“I felt a punch in the back and then a rabbit-punch to the face,” Harden recounted. “It happened in a split-second.” The MPP posted a picture of himself with a cut under his eye following the alleged attack. “I’ll take a punch for queer and trans youth any day,” he tweeted.

“There will never be room for hate in our community; we will always be there to #ProtectTransKids; love will outlast hate every time. #Pride,” Harden tweeted later on.  The MPP received an outpouring of sympathy from outraged LQBTQ+ allies.

“Hope you’re ok Joel,” tweeted fellow MPP Marit Stiles after the rally. “Hateful so-called rallies outside of our schools are becoming far too common – and it’s boiling over into violence. It’s well past time to take urgent action and protect 2SLGBTQ+ youth. Thank you to everyone that showed up today.”

Jagmeet Singh, the leader of Canada’s “New Democratic Party” also weighed in on the alleged assault.

“I’m proud of you @JoelHardenONDP,” Singh tweeted. “Queer and Trans people – and kids – are being targeted by angry and hateful extremists. Governments must step up to protect the queer and trans community.”

“My local MPP @JoelHardenONDP just got punched in the face at a counter rally, during an anti-trans protest,” tweeted consultant Kathryn LeBlanc of LeBlanc (& co.) Communications. “Queer and trans people are sounding the alarm on rising hate. It’s time to come together, mobilize, and build solidarity on this issue.”

“J-sus Ch–st. I’m sorry Joel, and I hope you’re okay. Thank you for always standing by 🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈 communities and our rights,” said LGBTQ+ activist Fae Johnstone, a transvestite who was featured on a Hersey’s Chocolate bar earlier this year.  “We must take the rise in far-right anti-2SLGBTQIA+ hate seriously.”

Ariel Troster, Councillor for Somerset Ward in Ottawa and Liaison for Women and 2SLGBTQ+ Affairs, claimed to have witnessed the assault.

“I saw my dear friend (and MPP) get punched in the face by haters today. When I say the bigots are getting emboldened, this is what I mean,” Troster tweeted.

However, video footage has since emerged showing that no one had “rabbit punched” Harden in the face or in the back of the head when the injury occurred. Rather, it appears that the damage was self-inflicted while Harden was holding the megaphone close to his face. The culprit wasn’t a “hateful far-right transphobe”—it was a sharp plug protruding on his megaphone.

Twitter added a “Community Note” to Harden’s post indicating that his injury was self-inflicted.




On Sunday, after Harden’s claim unraveled, the politician changed his story slightly, saying only that he was punched—not punched in the face. Hardin said he didn’t want to press charges, but still wanted to talk to the woman about why she felt the need to be violent and to protest outside of public schools.

“Last Friday, I broke up several altercations or near altercations that got started by anti-trans protesters,” he tweeted.

In one of these occasions, a woman was grabbing another woman by the hair. I put my body between them and separated them.

After separating them, I looked over my shoulder and was punched. I was holding a megaphone against my face. The blow glanced off the megaphone and my face was cut. The woman left and the altercation ended.

I do not want this woman charged. I would rather talk to her about why she needed to be violent, and why she needed to protest outside public schools.

If she is reading this statement, that offer still holds. Please get in touch with me.

Still, no video or photographic evidence has emerged to show the alleged assault.

Harden’s claim of being attacked by a violent transphobe came one day after he said “incidents of hate against the 2SLGBTQIA are rising” during a speech at the Ontario Assembly.

“As incidents of hate against the 2SLGBTQIA are rising, we have a message for queer and trans youth in #OttawaCentre and everywhere in this province: We see you, love you, value you, and we will not continue to let you be threatened by hate or bigotry,” The MPP tweeted.

According to the Alberta-based news site, the Counter Signal, there were actual episodes of violence during the protest, but they were spurred by Antifa agitators—not the Christian and Muslim protesters.

Video footage of the protest show antifa goons— easy to identify by their masks, balaclavas, and gloves—clashing with the protesters.

“They began assaulting protesters and parents in front of these children—the very children they claim to want to protect,” the Counter Signal reported. “To the Ottawa Police’s credit, violent outbreaks were pounced on and snuffed out before it got completely out of control.”

At one point, a masked agitator aimed an electronic whistle at protesters while Harden stood by.

One assault appeared to happened in close proximity to Hardin as we was walking down the crowded street with his megaphone. The assailant was quickly apprehended by police. The altercation takes place at about 5:21 in the video below.

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