The Case for Impeachment Gets Stronger

Over six months ago, I made the case here at American Greatness for impeaching Joe Biden. The case has only grown stronger in the interim. Not only has more information come to light about Biden’s illegal conduct, but he also has pushed a number of new policies that are constitutionally suspect at best and deserve intensive congressional scrutiny—assuming the Republicans don’t blow the midterms in November.    

I argued that the impeachment effort should be about educating moderate voters, independent voters, and even working-class Democrats about the stunning number of unconstitutional actions undertaken by the Biden Administration. It doesn’t matter if the GOP doesn’t have the two-thirds vote necessary in the Senate to convict and remove Biden from office. That’s not the point. After all, a successful impeachment and removal would put Kamala Harris in the Oval Office, and she may be even worse.   

Some pundits claim that impeaching Biden would hurt the GOP politically. That’s nuts. The Democrats impeached Trump twice and used those hearings to convince many former Trump voters to abandon him in 2020. Along with all the “2000 Mules”-type cheating, it worked. 

Similarly, the GOP should drag out the impeachment hearings for a year while they feature an array of credible witnesses to testify how this man has declared war on the American middle class and brought our country to the brink of economic collapse. Try as they might, such political theater would be difficult for the media to ignore. 

Biden’s impeachable actions include his refusal to enforce immigration laws; the debacle in Afghanistan; the nuclear deal with Iran; the Hunter Biden scandal; using the COVID epidemic to illegally accumulate power; weaponizing the FBI and Department of Justice against Americans; violating the rights of January 6 protestors; and working with Big Tech to censor the First Amendment rights of Americans. 

Indeed, unlike the two phony impeachment hearings held by the Democrats, the GOP’s impeachment hearings would feature real crimes by Biden, involving bribery, treason, and “high crimes and misdemeanors” that many constitutional experts define as “abusing the public trust.”   

On illegal immigration, we now know Biden’s Department of Homeland Security has deliberately flauted federal law by refusing to deport convicted criminal aliens. In a memo, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas stated, “The fact an individual is a removable noncitizen therefore should not alone be the basis of an enforcement action against them.” In the same memo, Mayorkas claimed DHS has “discretion” due to the criminal’s “advanced or tender age,” “lengthy presence in the United States,” a “mental condition that may have contributed to the criminal conduct,” a “physical or mental condition requiring care or treatment,” or the “impact of removal on family in the United States, such as loss of provider or caregiver.” In other words, an illegal alien who commits murder can remain in the United States if he’s a senior, has a mental illness, or if removing him does harm to his family. 

In fact, the DHS has no such discretion. This policy was simply made up and violates federal law. Indeed, the Biden Administration’s concern for poor criminal aliens does not extend to American citizens who have been victimized by them. The First U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has ordered Biden to correct this, but so far, there is little evidence anything has changed and the administration is appealing the decision. Furthermore, documents uncovered by Florida’s attorney general show that Mayorkas knew Biden’s policies would help the cartels and hurt American citizens.

On the Afghanistan front, whistleblowers are now revealing that the Biden Administration brought 324 Afghans to the United States who are on the terrorist “watch list” and apparently didn’t care.   Again, like illegal alien criminals, this has already led to crimes against American citizens, but Biden seems unperturbed. 

As for Biden’s ongoing effort to strike a deal with the Iranian mullahs bent on acquiring nuclear weapons, Biden has dropped even more demands so that the final deal would not curtail Iran’s nuclear ambitions. The deal is shaping up to be a suicide pact. 

Over the last few months, new information has come to light in the Hunter Biden scandal. Joe Biden has consistently claimed he never discussed his son’s foreign business deals. He lied. Hunter’s dealings were clearly illegal “pay for play” schemes, and Biden not only knew about these deals but was involved in them. “The Big Guy’s” involvement in his family’s financial entanglements raises questions of whether he has been compromised by hostile countries. If bribery or treason were involved, Biden’s lies are clearly impeachable. Indeed, Biden has already sold 950,000 barrels of oil from America’s Strategic Oil Reserve to a Chinese government-controlled company. Hunter sits on that same company’s board. How is that not illegal? 

Then, of course, there are Biden’s COVID policies, in particular his refusal to grant religious exemptions from mandatory vaccinations to federal workers, including military personnel. Even the Defense Department’s inspector general has concluded that such mandates violate the First Amendment. Moreover, it appears that the Pentagon has illegally coerced service personnel to take the vaccination. 

On the Big Tech censorship front, we now know the Biden Administration violated the First Amendment by colluding with Big Tech to censor conservatives.   

Then, of course, there is the weaponizing of the FBI and the Department of Justice against Americans, which has escalated dramatically on Biden’s watch. The Justice Department propaganda tarring parents as “terrorists” was a lie. The raids on Americans involved with the January 6 protests is like something we’d see in  a Third World country and cries out for investigation. Coupled with illegal spying on Americans, the FBI under Biden is becoming the enforcement wing of the Democratic Party. 

Biden has refused to hold Black Lives Matter or Antifa accountable for the billion dollars in damages and two-dozen deaths their riots caused over two years ago. His Justice Department has also ignored acts of terror directed toward pregnancy counseling centers and pro-life groups. One Justice Department official even smeared these groups as if to encourage more violence against them.

Biden has also violated the free speech rights of psychologists by issuing an illegal executive order calling upon federal agencies to put a stop to all counseling aimed at aiding people to overcome same-sex attractions. Bear in mind, most of these are people who have voluntarily approached psychologists for help in leaving the homosexual lifestyle.

If the GOP retakes control of Congress in January, MAGA activists cannot rest. Patriots will need to make it clear to Republican leadership that they will be expected to not only follow the America First agenda but also to hold Joe Biden accountable for his unconstitutional actions. 

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Steve Baldwin served as a California State Assemblyman representing the 77th District in the San Diego area from 1994-2000. For a decade after that, he served as the executive director for the Council for National Policy. He works currently as a freelance writer and is the author of From Crayons to Condoms: The Ugly Truth About America’s Public Schools. His work has been published in The American Spectator, WorldNetDaily, Barbwire, Newsmax, Human Events, National Review, and many other publications and blogs.

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