What the Censoring of Andrew Tate Says About the Ruling Class

“It isn’t enough to have ‘fuck you’ money. You need a ‘fuck you’ life.” 

So said notorious social media personality Andrew Tate in an interview with Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy. And, by all accounts, Tate has taken his own advice. A former professional kickboxer and reality TV star, Tate became a highly successful online influencer by marketing himself as a self-help guru for disaffected men. Tate portrays himself as an international playboy and digital pimp. He drives fast cars, pals around with hot women, and dispenses hard-edged cynical “street wisdom” to his legions of followers on social media.

What really sets Tate apart, though, is his flagrant disregard for liberal pieties and his unrelenting opposition to the modern state. 

Tate is an outspoken critic of the COVID lockdowns and global biomedical security regime. He’s also an opponent of feminism and sees himself as a champion for disaffected and abandoned young men. In an interview with Tucker Carlson after being banned from virtually all social media, Tate gave examples of his advice to young men. He tells them to develop a “strong body” and “strong mind,” encourages them to think for themselves, advises them to cultivate a “strong network of brothers” and to “reject the slave mind” of liberal ideology.

Tate’s message resonated. By this summer, it became virtually impossible to avoid seeing clips of Tate’s quotes and life advice on sites like TikTok, YouTube shorts, and Instagram Reels. These 20 to 60 second clips of Tate, usually smoking a cigar and shirtless while surrounded by beautiful women and fast cars, featured him saying outrageous things. It was the perfect recipe for viral content. 

His legions of fans shared his clips across hundreds of different accounts and channels as they shilled Tate’s Hustlers University, a $50 a month “school” in which Tate teaches subscribers how to become fabulously wealthy through online marketing. The New York Times says that, before it was taken offline, the site had reached 127,000 subscribers. 

Tate had cracked the algorithm. By giving his fans affiliate commissions for signing up new members and posting his videos online, he drove massive engagement through a decentralized network of accounts sharing his content. By using his followers to flood the zone with his videos Tate managed to make himself into one of the biggest stars on social media.

Tate’s rise quickly attracted the attention of the Eye of Soros. Last week, Tate was suspended from virtually every social media platform in the world. Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok have all permanently removed his accounts. Twitter had already banned him nearly a half-dozen times.

Of course, Tate is not a savory character or a paragon of Christian morality. He made his first million by running an OnlyFans cam-whore operation. He has been suspected of human trafficking by the U.S. government (although he has not been charged). He was caught on tape beating a woman with a belt (he says it was consensual BDSM sex).

None of this is relevant to the question of his banning, however. Plenty of American elites pal around with whores and perverts. Bill Clinton received blow jobs in the Oval Office from an intern and invited known pedophile Jeffrey Epstein as a VIP guest to the White House. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg and his husband adopted infant twins from a deadbeat mother. How this differs from human trafficking is unclear. With enough money, virtually any adult in America can acquire a child. Surrogacy and other reproductive technologies are virtually unregulated. Put simply, our regime is perfectly fine with human trafficking and sexual misbehavior assuming those who engage in such activities are wealthy and connected and toe the regime line. 

The reason Tate was banned, then, had nothing to do with his alleged actions but rather his message. Andrew Tate became famous by telling young men to check out of the system, to acquire money and power so that they could gain sexual access to beautiful women and live a life unencumbered by moralizing liberal schoolmarms. 

Tate is a walking middle finger to our regime’s dominant concern for the weak and degraded. He isn’t interested in talking about oppression or the fate of the marginalized. Though he is black, he doesn’t whine about racism or white supremacy. Tate is utterly convinced of his own awesomeness. He walks around flaunting his wealth, sexual success, and fighting prowess. 

The liberal religion of pity is Tate’s nemesis. He is one of the leading members of the opposition: the anti-pity party. For the last two years, the regime has been shrieking at young people (especially men) demanding that they sacrifice their social lives, careers, and lifestyles for the sake of the elderly, disabled, and dying. Tate isn’t interested. The shrieking hordes of teachers and female HR bureaucrats demanding that you use the right pronouns, get the jab, and submit to onerous mask mandates are a sign, in Tate’s mind, that the system is viciously opposed to youth, strength, and vitality. 

Young men shouldn’t go along especially since, in Tate’s mind, the whole pandemic, like the political system, was built on a lie.

He compares the modern state and economy to “The Matrix” and says he wants young men to get out of this system. The message Tate advances poses an existential threat to the regime. There are a legion of conservative policy nerds in D.C. who can spew out a litany of talking points about why “socialism sucks” and how the Democrats are bad. The regime doesn’t worry about this human type. Ben Shapiro “owning” liberals with “facts and logic” is an acceptable and tame activity in their eyes because it is not persuasive to anything like a majority and gives them cover by suggesting they tolerate opposition. 

Tate, though less openly political, is a far greater threat. His spiritual orientation, his embrace of strength and success, is a direct challenge to the regime’s claim to power. Our elite rule because they care. They are concerned with equality, with trans rights, and helping the homeless. Never mind the explosion in social dysfunction, the horrific cases of doctors and parents mutilating children’s genitals, or the ironclad grip of America’s oligarchs on its political process. This is all just part and parcel of living in the 21st century global economy.

The ruling oligarchs depend on young men, especially young white men, staying onboard with the program. Even though our ruling class viciously hates these types (hence the constant demoralization propaganda about white supremacy) it needs them to keep showing up, paying their taxes, and keeping the trains running on time. 

Andrew Tate has a different message. Instead of blindly submitting to a government that can imprison you inside your home at any moment, young men should gain real freedom. They should focus on themselves. 

Andrew Tate, like Donald Trump, emerged because of the insane pieties of our liberal regime. Modern life in the West is stultifying. All of the politicians are on the same side; so are the media, Wall Street, and the academy. All of these so-called elites despise ordinary people. They treat them as a resource to be strip-mined for short-term profit. 

An increasingly large number of people want out. They don’t want to worship at the altar of weakness and wokeness. They’re tired of being forced to celebrate LGBTQ ideology and flog themselves for the sins of their ancestors. 

Andrew Tate’s cancellation won’t change any of this. Our regime faces a growing crisis of legitimacy that will only get worse as economic, cultural, and political conditions decline. Liberals can whine all they want but this is the world they’ve created. Andrew Tate is only the beginning of their problems and a sign of things to come. 

Censorship won’t save them.

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Photo: Andrew Tate, Instagram

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