Deal of the Living Dead

In auteur George A. Romero’s horror classic,Night of the Living Dead,” flesh-devouring, reanimated corpses trap a group of young people in a farmhouse. It is suspected that the marauding, murderous ghouls have been reanimated by radiation from an exploding Venus probe reentering the Earth. Ultimately, all the youths who were initially trapped in the farmhouse are killed, except the protagonist, Ben (Duane Jones), who survives. Hearing a posse of armed men who are roaming the area killing the reanimated corpses with a bullet through the brain, a relieved Ben comes out of the farmhouse to thank his rescuers. The posse shoots him dead and places him atop their recently killed pile of ghouls for a bonfire.

Art imitates life.

For those in the world victimized by the barbarous Iranian regime—starting with its own citizens—the European Union’s (EU) and the United States’ brain-dead diplomatic posse has come not to save them, but to seal their fate and rescue the ruling ghouls of the world’s largest exporter of terrorism. The deal of the living dead—the Iran nuclear pact—has been reanimated, not by an exploding space probe, but by the hubris and the suicidal “magical thinking” of brain-dead “diplomats.”

The EU has been the interlocutor between the United States and Iran to reanimate the corpse of the 2015 “Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action” (JCPOA), which the Trump Administration rightly terminated. But because they believe “orange man bad” is worse than the world’s most destabilizing state sponsor of terror, which earnestly and sincerely proclaims “Death to America” and “Death to Israel,” the EU and the Biden Administration have been busily snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Now they stand at the precipice of resurrecting the deal of the living dead.

As reported by Politico, in Vienna the EU has finalized a text of 25 pages to revive the Iran nuke pact; and will circulate it between the parties for their concurrence. (There is no indication that there may be new secret codicils to said text.) 

If signed onto by the parties, Iran will acquire billions in sanctions relief, which they will then use to subsidize their exporting of terrorism and the killing of innocents around the globe. Iran will also be allowed “to sell its oil freely on global markets and regain access to its frozen assets, worth an estimated $100 billion.” The Politico article cites Henry Rome, a senior analyst with the Eurasia Group, who estimates the deal would garner Iran “an additional USD 3 billion per month of revenue on top of existing exports.” Further, Iran demands and will likely get:

. . . economic assurances that will provide Iran with the opportunity to profit financially from the deal—even if a new U.S. administration were to withdraw from the pact again. One such assurance that negotiators are working out is a temporary continuation of contracts for companies doing business in Iran.

And what do the United States and EU (and let’s not forget our ally Israel) receive for appeasing the ruling ghouls of a nation hell-bent on devouring them—other than more terrorism and carbon emissions?

First, the free world keeps Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) on the U.S. Foreign Terrorist Organization list. But we had that already. For its part, Iran is believed to have backed off this claim, likely preferring to take the immense sanctions relief they will receive for signing the deal and going after the redesignation of the IRGC later. They most certainly will. What happens then? Politico states that Joe Biden “insisted that he would keep the IRGC under sanctions for now.” [Emphasis mine.] This is less than reassuring.

The problem is quite simple, as Politico (perhaps unwittingly) relates: “The terrorist designation was imposed by former President Donald Trump in 2019, in addition to numerous other terrorism and human-rights sanctions on Iranian institutions and individuals that are not related to the nuclear program.” 

That’s right: the brain-dead diplomatic community thinks it can separate out the murderous Iranian regime’s heinous track record of terrorism and human rights violations from its pursuit of nuclear weapons. Such legalistic compartmentalization is beyond idiotic. Rogue regimes despise the linkage of their bad behaviors, because it helps curtail them all. The Iranian rogue regime is no different. Yet this is lost on the brain-dead and secular diplomatic posse, which stolidly refuses to accept reality; nor that this radical Islamic regime believes it has a moral duty to lie to the infidel—i.e., them.

Still, while this issue and four outstanding “technical questions” maybe have been “resolved,” such as the reinstallation of monitoring cameras Iran pulled the plug on after being censured by the IAEA Board of Governors, there remain roadblocks on the path to resurrecting the deal of the living dead.

What the Biden Administration (and the Obama Administration before it) and EU argue, above all, is the need for Iran limiting its nuclear program to domestic energy production and consumption; and for intensive, continuing inspections by the United Nations’ International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to ensure it. Setting aside the delusional belief that this deceitful regime will abide by the agreement and not covertly continue its nuclear weapons program, the biggest obstacle to the reanimation of the deal of the living dead is Iran’s current battle with the IAEA, in which the ghoulish regime is demanding the nuclear monitoring entity kill an investigation into . . . its covert development of nuclear weapons.

The crux of the issue is Iran’s refusal to explain and identify the sources of man-made nuclear material the IAEA discovered at a host of sites in that country. Why? Because it is evidence that Iran had a covert nuclear weapons program at least up until 2003—and likely even during the first deal of the living dead nuke pact hatched during the Obama Administration. Somehow, Iran’s recalcitrance on this issue still surprises the brain-dead diplomatic corps:  

One senior European diplomat, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss the sensitive matter, gave one reason why Iran could be stonewalling the IAEA probe: ‘The Iranian regime seems to prefer to protect some individuals involved in clandestine activities 20 years ago instead of freeing its economy and opening up the future for its people.’

You mean to say the murderous Iranian regime might not care about its people? Shocking. This moronic obstinance blinds the brain-dead diplomats to the obvious: Iran can’t reveal its nuclear enablers, because it needs them to continue its covert nuclear weapons program after the reanimation of the deal of the living dead. 

Nonetheless, as with terrorism and human rights violations, the EU and United States will pretend Iran’s fight with the IAEA can simply be compartmentalized away. As Politico reports, “The draft text will not solve the outstanding questions by the IAEA into the past nuclear program, the EU official explained. ‘It is a process between Iran and the Agency. There is no link between the two.’” Really? But it is the IAEA that must inspect the Iranian facilities. What to do?

In search of a solution, Western diplomats involved in the negotiations in Vienna said that over the past five days, parties negotiated a separate political deal with Iran that could help close the probe—provided Iran cooperates.

According to one senior Western official, that deal will see the 35-member IAEA board of governors pass a resolution closing the probe into the nuclear material, if Tehran provides answers on the origin of the uranium traces that are deemed credible by the IAEA.

The deal of the living dead will be reanimated. After some public wrangling, a separate cynical accord will be reached to end the bitterly contested IAEA investigation into Iran’s clandestine nuclear program. Oh, and Iran will continue to secretly develop nuclear weapons with the assistance of the other nations it protected from the IAEA investigation. Cover-up complete.

So, let’s recap the deal of the living dead: Iran’s ghoulish rulers get what they want; the EU’s and United States’ brain-dead diplomats get laurels from each other; and some Western multinationals get rich trading with a terrorist regime.

And like Ben in “Night of the Living Dead,” in the end, you get immolated on these brain-dead diplomats’ bonfire of vanities.

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