‘Fake Threat’ of Voter Fraud by Illegals Is Fake News

A recent New York Times story offers a provocative headline: “GOP Concocts Fake Threat: Voter Fraud by Undocumented Immigrants.” From the first line of Jazmine Ulloa’s April 28 article, she telegraphs her bias with a flare gun. 

“Six years after former President Donald J. Trump paved his way to the White House on nativist and xenophobic appeals to white voters,” writes Ulloa, deploying the standard leftist tactic of imputing mental illness to people she does not like. In similar style, Hillary Clinton in 2016 smeared Trump voters as a “basket of deplorables” afflicted with several “phobias.” Back in 1997, in an essay titled “Blizzard of Lies,” the New York Times’ own William Safire proclaimed Hillary Clinton a “congenital liar.”

As Barack Obama’s secretary of state, the former first lady passed off the 2012 Benghazi terrorist attack as a protest over a video and seemed rather indifferent to the loss of four American lives, including that of the U.S. ambassador. She peddled influence through the Clinton Foundation, violated the law with her homebrew email server, and destroyed thousands of subpoenaed emails. As Ulloa has it, none of this had anything to do with Clinton’s loss to Donald Trump. Only the nativism and xenophobia of “white voters” turned the tide.

In 2022, Republican leaders and candidates are “increasingly claiming without basis that unauthorized immigrants are gaining access to the ballot box.” Ulloa seems unaware that illegal aliens have enjoyed such access for years. 

The California Department of Motor Vehicles “Motor Voter” program automatically registers illegals to vote when they get their driver’s licenses. In 2020, Governor Gavin Newsom mandated mail-in ballots for every registered voter, which includes beneficiaries of the Motor Voter policy. If Ulloa made any effort to find out how many illegal aliens actually voted, it does not show up in her story of nearly 2,000 words. 

A ballpark figure would be the same number of illegals who used their license to drive, which means most or all. Voting by noncitizens is illegal, of course, but California’s sanctuary laws protect illegals from deportation, even the most violent criminals among them. California also rewards false-documented foreign nationals with a host of benefits, including health care and in-state college tuition. 

After the 2016 election, California Secretary of State Alex Padilla refused to participate in a federal voter fraud probe. Motor Voter has never been subjected to an independent investigation or audit, and by 2018, 1 million “new” voters had been added to the rolls. Ulloa’s story shows no interest in investigating the 2016 count. 

“Voter fraud is exceptionally rare,” Ulloa claims, “and allegations that widespread numbers of undocumented immigrants are voting have been repeatedly discredited.” No word on the investigation that allegedly discredited voter fraud, the case involving California Republican Robert Dornan back in the 1990s. 

A State Department investigation concluded false-documented illegals have voted in federal, state, and local elections for decades. In 1996, illegal aliens cast at least 784 votes against the Orange County conservative in a congressional race Democrat Loretta Sanchez won by a scant 984 votes.

“Inquiry Finds Possible Illegal Ballots Cast in Upset of Dornan,” headlined a February 16, 1997 report in . . . the New York Times. It was unclear whether there were enough illegal ballots to account for Dornan’s loss, but no doubt hundreds of illegal ballots had been cast. Dornan’s lawyer called the voter fraud “pervasive,” and the inquiry focused on voters registered by Hermandad Mexicana Nacional. 

That “Hispanic rights” organization was founded by Humberto “Bert” Corona, a Stalinist whose activism for the Communist Party USA went back to the Nazi-Soviet Pact. Dornan was a hawk against the Soviet Union, which Corona supported. He was also a big fan of East Germany, a country that made emigration an exciting experience. 

A 1998 report by the House Oversight Committee noted that “Hermandad failed to comply with a subpoena,” and the Justice Department “failed to take any action against Hermandad.” Thus, the Justice Department effectively was “impeding the investigation of this contested election,” which was not overturned. Sanchez served until 2017. 

False-documented illegals had “access to the ballot box,” and the voter fraud was concocted by the Stalinist Bert Corona, whose Hermandad also bilked the California Department of Education for millions of dollars. 

Jazmine Ulloa focuses on Ohio, but with Department of Homeland Security boss Alejandro Mayorkas secretly shipping “migrants” all over the country, all states are now border states. 

“Many if not most immigrants who reach Ohio have citizenship,” Ulloa contends, and “many if not most have been processed by federal immigration agencies.” In addition, “many are asylum seekers and refugees, and an increasing number arrive on work visas.” The report provides no numbers to back up those claims. For the New York Times, who needs numbers when it’s all a “fake threat,” anyway?

Remember, the Times backed the Democrats’ charge that Trump colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 election from Hillary Clinton. Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation found no evidence for that charge, but the Times has few if any second thoughts. That should come as no surprise. 

During the 1930s in Ukraine, independent farmers known as kulaks resisted Joseph Stalin’s collectivization campaign, so Stalin launched a planned famine that claimed millions of lives. (For the full account, see Robert Conquest’s Harvest of Sorrow: Soviet Collectivization and the Terror Famine.) 

Times Moscow correspondent Walter Duranty denied any famine took place and claimed that all was well under Stalin’s wise leadership. (S.J. Taylor’s Stalin’s Apologist: Walter Duranty: The New York Times’s Man in Moscow details the full extent of the reporter’s deceit.) Duranty’s mendacious reports won him a Pulitzer Prize, which has never been repudiated, and the Times kept Duranty as a correspondent until 1941. 

In 2022, the Times’ Jazmine Ulloa denies voter fraud by illegal aliens and ignores evidence to the contrary, including reports from a congressional committee and her own newspaper. If readers saw Ulloa as a partisan hack, it would be hard to blame them. 

“Jazmine’s many prizes include sharing in the 2020 Robin Toner Prize for Excellence in Political Reporting,” proclaims the Times. Call it the New York Daily Duranty, the paper of record for fake news.

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