Former EcoHealth Alliance Official Calls NGO a ‘CIA Front Organization,’ Calls Peter Daszak a ‘Sociopath’

A scientist who worked with Peter Daszak at the EcoHealth Alliance has sent a whistleblower complaint to Senator Gary Peters, the Chairman of the Senate Whistleblower committee, stating that he believes Daszak works with the CIA and could in fact be “a double agent working on behalf of the Chinese government.”

Dr. Andrew Huff told a conservative podcaster on Thursday that he believes Daszak is a “sociopath and a pathological liar.”

And in a twitter thread last month, he said he believes EcoHealth is basically “a CIA front organization.”  In the thread, Huff explained that the COVID experiments were part of scientific research and development programs that started in the United States and were transferred to China. He claimed “the United States of America is primarily responsible for COVID—not China.”

The doctor also claimed in a recent inteview that he believes federal officials have been monitoring his communications, and broke into his house. He said there was a forced entry into his house and several hard drives and thumb drives were stolen.

“I am not the only one that know the truth,” he said on Twitter. “I know for a fact that there are others that know too, and they have been intimated into not speaking out.”

The whistleblower is the former VP of Data and Technology at EcoHealth Alliance, where he worked “to develop novel methods of biosurveillance, data analytics and visualization for disease detection, and unique methods to identify disease emergence,” according to his bio.

Huff began his formal education after two combat tours of duty as an infantryman in Operation Enduring Freedom throughout Central America and in Iraq,” his EcoHealth bio states.

After earning a bachelors degree in psychology, and masters degrees in security technologies and geographic information systems (GIS), he was appointed a research fellow at the National Center for Food Protection and Defense (NCFPD) while earning a Ph.D. in Environmental Health specializing in emerging and environmental infectious disease at the University of Minnesota.

While working at NCFPD, Dr. Huff researched the human, environmental, and engineered aspects of global food systems and patented a novel technology to collect and fuse data from multiple disparate sources to determine which food systems are at risk to spatial hazards, mapping global supply chains in near real-time, and to rapidly identify contaminated food products and supply sources. After completing his Ph.D., Dr. Huff transitioned to Sandia National Laboratories as a Senior Member of the Technical Staff where he worked on interdisciplinary teams to develop novel methods of biosurveillance, to build public health capacity for foreign governments, and to model the effects of pandemics on interdependent infrastructure systems (e.g., food, water, energy).

Huff worked at EcoHealth from October of 2014 to April of 2016, when he quit.

In his letter to Senate Whistleblower Committee, Huff said that in late October 2021, he “came forward as a material witness and whistleblower related to numerous unethical and criminal behaviors that took place at EcoHealth Alliance. EcoHealth Alliance engaged in fraud against the U.S. government (Timecard Fraud and contract reimbursement fraud).”

He explained in his letter that “the EcoHealth Alliance and foreign laboratories did not have the adequate control measures in place for ensuring proper biosafety, biosecurity, and risk management in place, ultimately resulting in the lab leak at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.”

Huff also pointed out that since EcoHealth Alliance, like most research organizations always worked up to a year on a project before the funding came in, there was a “high likelihood that the work in the DARPA DEFUSE proposal written and submitted by EcoHealth Alliance was well underway before an award determination by DARPA was made.”

Huff also states in the letter that Daszak disclosed to him in late 2015 and early 2016 that he was working with the CIA, and has posted documents online that support his claim that Daszak was working with the Intelligence community.

At the end of his letter, he posits that “Dr. Peter Daszak could be a double agent working on behalf of the Chinese government based on his observations of his behavior and the nature of statements related to working with the Chinese (did not see risks, concerns, or other obvious problems) related to conducting gain of function work or other high-risk laboratory work in China.”

Huff explained on Twitter why it took him so long to speak out.

“I knew in December of 2019 that COVID was likely a lab leak (it could be a few different things actually which are not mutually exclusive),” he wrote.

As I saw the smears and blatant lies from the US government, based on my professional experience in the domain, and intelligence in the region, I decided to wait in fear of being smeared as a conspiracy theorist. In private, with all my colleagues, I stated bluntly how COVID likely emerged.

I immediately fled California in January for Michigan and closed on a new house as fast I could, thinking that the disease would be much worse than it turned out to be (thank god). After arriving in Michigan, I provided information related to COVID, supply chains, and pandemics to numerous journalists.

I even contacted the the US Army Surgeon General (Gen. Dingle) with an ofter to assist the effort to fight COVID, and began the process of re-entering the Army via direct commission (More to that story too). As I patiently waited, I was closely watching US public perception poll data related to the origin of the virus (natural v. lab leak). When a series of polls all indicated that roughly 70% of the public believed that COVID leaked from a lab, I believed that the timing was right for the next part of the story.

In recent days, Huff has posted several documents on Twitter, including a CIA proposal authored by Dr. Daszak in 2015 and an EcoHealth Alliance grant funding proposal.

Huff also posted an Intelligence Advanced Research Project Agency Report (IARPA) report he wrote.


In an interview with the Blaze’s Daniel Horowitz on Thursday, Huff said that he was hired to work at EcoHealth in October of 2014, and was very excited at the opportunity to work there.

“When I interviewed at EcoHealth Alliance I thought it was one of the most amazing organizations doing this type of infectious disease research,” he told Horowitz on his Conservative Review podcast.

But that excitement turned out to be short-lived.

In 2015, Huff said he discovered that EcoHealth was involved with gain-of-function research, highly controversial experiments that involve making pathogens and viruses more lethal and virulent in a laboratory.

Huff told Horowitz that he has been opposed to gain-of-function research since he was a PHD student, explaining that with his national security background, it seemed too risky to conduct research on projects that can become bioweapons in the wrong hands.

Huff also said that he was the only one who openly opposed gain of function research in discussions with the executive leadership team at EcoHealth, and that Daszak dismissed his concerns.

He told Horowitz that gain-of-function experiments with SARS-related bat coronaviruses  were conducted at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill under Dr. Ralph Baric beginning in 2003.

He said he became increasingly suspicious about the PREDICT program because “nothing was adding up.”

USAID provided EcoHealth Alliance with $1.1 million between October 2009 and May 2019 to fund the “PREDICT” program, which was part of a “sub-agreement with the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) for the purpose of advancing research on critical viruses that could pose harm to human and animal health.”

“Once I got onto the project, I started looking at what we were doing [and] it just wasn’t making sense scientifically,” he told Horowitz. “It seemed like we were only hunting for certain types of coronaviruses globally, and we weren’t collecting the right types of data that you would need in addition to those viral samples, and we weren’t applying the right types of methods to actually predict of forecast which diseases would emerge.

He told Horowitz that he stayed quiet about that because he knew it was a major source of funding, and as he’d just been promoted to vice president, he didn’t “want to rock the boat.”

Another weird thing he said he noticed, is that the State Department and USAID was heavily involved with micro-managing the research day to day.

“It was very strange,” he said. Additionally, he thought it was bizarre that they were only interested in studying coronaviruses, instead on all the other dangerous infectious diseases out there.

In August of 2015, Huff said Daszak asked him to submit a report on the projects they were working on to the Intelligence Advanced Research Project Agency (IARPA).

“I had no clue as to why I was sending this report,” he noted.

When asked why the United States government would be involved in such risky research with the Communist Chinese, Huff explained that there were benefits for both sides. The Chicoms gained medical technology, and the United States gained intelligence.

“We were transferring biotechnology to China for access to their laboratory, which no one else had access to, so we could collect intelligence on them,” he said. “The sad thing is here is—it blew up in our face.”







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