Here’s a List of Leftist Liars Whose Hands Are Stained with Waukesha’s Blood

It turns out that propaganda has consequences. Who could’ve imagined? 

Those consequences manifested themselves in the form of Darrell Brooks, a career felon and Black Lives Matter radical who allegedly mowed down nearly 50 people at a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin on Sunday night. He’s been charged with five counts of homicide. At the time of this writing, 10 children remain in intensive care at Wisconsin Children’s Hospital. 

A cursory search of his social media profiles shows that he was propagandized by the left-wing media. One of his most recent posts? A link to an NBC news article about Kyle Rittenhouse’s acquittal. He said he wasn’t “surprised [one] bit” about the verdict, presumably because news outlets like NBC have been force-feeding their far-Left audiences utter nonsense about “white supremacy” in America for years, and they turned up the dial after Rittenhouse walked on Friday. 

It’s time to name and shame the worst offenders

Recall that Rittenhouse was defending his community in Kenosha, Wisconsin on August 25, 2020, from a horde of Black Lives Matter and Antifa shock troops who were rioting over the “death” of Jacob Blake, a lowlife who spent his last moments standing upright attacking cops with a knife before he was shot by the police he attacked. 

In fact, Blake lived. He remains partially paralyzed from the waist down. You wouldn’t necessarily know that if your only source of the news is the corporate leftist press.

The Detroit Free Press falsely claimed in its Sunday print edition that Blake was killed by Kenosha police, sparking the Kenosha riots. 

ABC News’ Terry Moran, a senior national correspondent, said live on air that Blake was killed by Kenosha police. 

Over the weekend, ESPN’s Jalen Rose, a former NBA player, said that Blake had been killed by Kenosha police. What that has to do with basketball is anyone’s guess, but here’s a tip: if you get your political news in the form of soundbites from people whose only discernible skill is dribbling a ball, you are wholly unqualified to participate in political debate and you should shut up forever. 

Then there was a gaggle of evil propagandists—and keep in mind that they are evil and malicious, not simply stupid—who claimed that Blake was unarmed during his confrontation with police. 

One of those propagandists was Harvard Law Professor Ronald Sullivan, who wrote in the Wisconsin Examiner that Blake was unarmed. Nope. Blake had a knife. It’s safe to say Harvard, along with the rest of academia, isn’t what it used to be. 

CNN’s Jake Tapper, one of America’s most incorrigible propagandists, made the same claim live on air on August 25. 

It took three reporters from CNN’s esteemed print division to get the Blake story wrong. Amir Vera, Sarah Jorgensen, and Polo Sandoval published that same lie in the immediate aftermath of the shooting, citing, if you can believe it, a video of the incident. Don’t believe your lying eyes. That lie has never been corrected. 

The Washington Post, nearly always wrong but never in doubt, published that lie as late as January of this year. 

Vogue, which like ESPN should stay in its lane (as far as I can tell, that lane is expert analysis on how to become a 40-year-old spinster) published the lie that Blake was unarmed. Like CNN, Vogue also hasn’t bothered to issue a correction. 

As sure as the night follows day, you can expect that BuzzFeed is lying to you. That outlet published the same lie. 

Interwoven in the lies about Jacob Blake being dead and unarmed is, of course, the false narrative that Rittenhouse was a “white supremacist,” and that he was only acquitted because of some magic privilege afforded to him based on the color of his skin. 

The media, it should be noted, are doing their best to even that fabricated score by declaring open season on white people. 

That’s why outlets like CNN publish commentary from people like John Blake, a black man who claims, “There’s nothing more frightening in America today than an angry White man.” 

That piece was published hours before Brooks’ rampage, and I’d bet the victims of the Waukesha Christmas parade would beg to differ with his analysis. 

CBS’ Margaret Brennan allowed her Sunday “Face the Nation” guest, NAACP President and CEO Derrick Johnson, to claim that Rittenhouse picked up the “mantle” of white supremacists in Kenosha, and that Black Lives Matter was peacefully protesting when Rittenhouse was attacked by the mob. 

MSNBC’s certifiable lunatic Joy Reid, who was on vacation during the Rittenhouse verdict, joined her own show as a guest to compare Rittenhouse to “slave catchers” who gave white men “freedom” to kill black people. 

In fact, a huge chunk of the show was dedicated to race agitation.

Jason Johnson was guest-hosting Reid’s show, and he made the most of his opportunity to sit in the propaganda saddle. 

Johnson said he was afraid that white nationalists would declare “open season” on black people and anyone with a Black Lives Matter sticker, keeping with the unfounded media narrative that “white nationalists” are the greatest threat to America. 

MSNBC legal analyst Paul Butler claimed on the same program that Rittenhouse has inspired “white men who want to take the law into their own hands” to murder. 

NBC columnist and SiriusXM host Dean Obeidallah said on the show that the “GOP has mainstreamed white nationalism” and that now “they’re mainstreaming and celebrating political violence.” 

The show went on and on that way for its entire first segment. 

Even NBC “comedian” Amber Ruffin joined the propaganda party, trying her hand at cogent political analysis. In the way of factual information, it didn’t go well. In the way of propaganda, she couldn’t have done better. 

“It’s not OK for a man to grab a rifle, travel across state lines, and shoot three people and then walk free,” she said, despite none of that having happened. “It’s not OK for the judicial system to be blatantly and obviously stacked against people of color. It’s not OK for there to be an entirely different set of rules for white people.”  

Nearly 300,000 people “liked” the Ruffin clip on Twitter. 

There are hundreds more examples of this sort of propaganda. 

These media lies are both intentional and pernicious. They spread like wildfire, and they are specifically meant to gin up racial hatred against white people. 

The blood of Waukesha stains the hands of everyone listed above and countless others in the left-wing media, and a civilized society would lock these people up forever next to Darrell Brooks. 

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