Los Angeles Psychiatrist Says COVID Policies Are ‘Not About Health,’ They’re About Authoritarian Control

A Los Angeles based psychiatrist has come forward to denounce global COVID policies like lockdowns, masking, and vaccine mandates, arguing that these policies are not about health, but about control, and the endgame is a Chinese style authoritarian government.

Dr. Mark McDonald has a private practice in West LA, where for the past 12 years, he has treated children with autism and trauma, as well as obsessive-compulsive and bipolar disorders. In the past year, Dr. McDonald said he has seen a massive uptick in depressed, confused, and anxiety-ridden children, who have been traumatized by the dehumanizing COVID health policies that have been imposed on them.

McDonald and primary care physician Dr. Jeff Barke have a new podcast called “Informed Dissent, The Intersection of Healthcare and Politics.”

During an appearance on the Steve Deace radio show on Blaze TV, Thursday, McDonald said that at the beginning of the pandemic, he would have considered the idea that we are living through a global “psyop” a nutty conspiracy theory.

“A year and a half ago, I would have called this conspiracy theory, fear-mongering, McDonald told Deace, noting that he’s always been on the side of science and reason.

But after following events closely for the past two years, he said that the word psyop to describe what’s been going on “is justified.”

“I am convinced that from the very beginning of this pandemic, and very quickly soon after it started, this push for universal coerced vaccination, and all its machinations and job firings, and keeping kids out of school, masked, distancing—all of this stuff,” McDonald said.  “None of it—not any of it was ever about health. It was always about control, and I believe that the control was being fed, and is being fed off of the fear of innocent Americans, and now in particular, parents of children.”

The doctor told Deace that the idea that “we are debating public health policy” is a lie meant to distract from the true motivation of the globalists, which is “complete, total control of our population.”

Deace offered a popular theory as to what is going on.

“The mask mandates were done to condition you for vaccine mandates, the vaccine mandates were done to condition you for giving over your bodily autonomy. And once you hand over your bodily autonomy, you have essentially now just given over,” he said.

McDonald responded that he completely agreed with Deace’s framing of the authoritarian policies.

“The term ‘dress rehearsal’ has been used for quite some time. We’re in essentially a theatrical production, and we’re in a series of dress rehearsals for the endgame,” he postulated.

“This is not about a vaccine. This is not about a mask. This is not about social distancing. These are ratcheting effects, he said, meaning, “a process that is difficult to reverse once it is underway or has already occurred.”

They’re little tests that government, corporations, bureaucrats—in other words—people who hold some form of power over us—have used to see what is our limit? What are we willing to say no to?

And where’s there’s pushback, there’s a deratchet. There’s a pause, maybe an apology, a delay, a distraction—and then the ratchet goes forward.

I really think that the endgame is really like a Chinese system of government where we are controlled by each other and the government using coercion, using sticks and carrots, and some form of very advanced technology such as these QR codes, cell phones, tracking devices, GPS satellites, all these computer chips embedded in automobiles and entryways in businesses, biometric scanning, and cameras in public places.

This exists now in China. This is not fantasy. So I think that your description of going step by step by step towards a sense of dominance and a state of authoritarianism I think is a very apropos way of explaining what’s been happening.

Children, who are at very low risk for contracting severe COVID, have been forced to endure oppressive lockdowns, wear face masks all day at school, and are now being used as guinea pigs for the experimental vaccines.

McDonald said that the new push to vaccinate children and babies is another form of authoritarian abuse.

“We put you all in prison, and now we’re going to give you a key to get out. We want you to bow down, and kiss our feet, and thank us for releasing us from the prison that you’ve been in for so long, you forgot we actually jailed you into it.”

McDonald said that millions of children are becoming emotionally scarred by authoritarian policies that destroy their sense of confidence.

“When we do this to children, it causes the kids to actually fear themselves. Children should feel not only protected, they should also feel confident, safe, secure that they themselves are intrinsically good, and if they do have a little bit of bad in them, it’s something that they can get over, and their parents are able to help them with,” he explained.

When you tell a child that you’re just a walking infestation of plague, how is that going to affect a child’s development? How is that going to affect that child five years, ten years, fifteen years down the road?

We’re going to have children with these emotional scars, these developmental scars that will persist a lifetime at every stage of their lives this will come back to them.”

We’re going to have a generation of Americans who are traumatized, a generation of adults who will be living in their parents’ basements until their middle ages. This is a disaster. We have to stop this now.

McDonald admonished parents for allowing the government to use their children as “scapegoats.”

“It’s evil,” he said.


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