FDA Employee Caught on Tape Advocating for Nazi-Like Registry for Unvaccinated, and Shooting Blacks With COVID Blow Darts

A U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) employee was caught on tape advocating for a Nazi-like response to the COVID-19 pandemic, with forced vaccinations, and a registry for all unvaccinated Americans.

In Part Two of Project Veritas’ COVID vaccine investigative series, FDA economist Taylor Lee literally called for the United States government to emulate Nazi Germany to force the COVID injections on vaccine skeptics.

“Census goes door-to-door if you don’t respond. So, we have the infrastructure to do it [forced COVID vaccinations]. I mean, it’ll cost a ton of money. But I think, at that point, I think there needs to be a registry of people who aren’t vaccinated. Although that’s sounding very Germany,” Lee admitted.

In case there was any doubt, he later clarified what he meant. “Nazi Germany…I mean, think about it like the Jewish Star,”  he said, implying that something similar should be used for unvaccinated Americans.

Throughout his conversations with the Project Veritas journalist, Lee seemed at points to be speaking in jest, while at other points, he seemed deadly serious. But it was difficult to ascertain when he was being serious, and when he was joking, because the jokes weren’t funny. At any rate, the conversation makes clear what low level government bureaucrats think of average Americans who resist government intrusions into their lives.

“So, if you put every anti-vaxxer, like sheep, into like Texas and you closed off Texas from the rest of the world, and you go, ‘okay, you be you in Texas until we deal with this [pandemic],’” he said.

Lee repeatedly talked about using “blow darts”—such as those used by the indigenous peoples of Africa and South America—to vaccinate Black Americans.

He first brought it up during a conversation about vaccine hesitancy among black Americans.

“I think there is still this big mistrust and like it’s deep-rooted,” he said.

“Yeah. Can’t blame them,” the Veritas undercover journalist said.

“I can’t. But at the same time, like, blow dart. That’s where we’re going,” Lee quipped. “My personal thing is you get blow darts of J&J and … go to the unvaccinated and blow it into them.”

Lee went on to suggest that he was half serious about the blow darts.

“That’s where I am at this point,” he told the Veritas journalist.

When asked what he thinks the government should do to reach African Americans, Lee responded that he didn’t know, “except for blow darts.”

The FDA economist suggested blow darting white people with the injections first, so public health officials wouldn’t be accused of being racists.

“We’ll have to hire some Amazonians first, ” he said. “Because, like, they’ll get it done.”

Later on he quipped, “want to see how fast I can get an Amazon rainforest tribe out here?”

During a conversation about the logistics of getting hesitant illegal immigrants vaccinated, Lee again seemed to advocate using a dart gun loaded with the vax. “Again, the obvious answer is blow darts,” he said.

The surest way to inject 100 percent of the people, he seemed to believe, was through blow darts.

“It is the perfect answer,” he said, before suggesting using “drone darts” to reach the unvaccinated.

Lee explained that it was “uneducated white people” who were behind most of the opposition to the vaccines, and suggested that they get an IQ test before getting a shot.

But, he noted, blow darts were a more feasible answer.

“Blow darts are always the answer,” he insisted. “The funding is there.”

Lee indicated that when it comes to COVID, the ends should justify the means.

“It’s terrible, but at this point, I’m like, I don’t care about your bodily autonomy because it’s not just your bodily autonomy—you’re putting in jeopardy,” he told the Veritas journalist.

Lee also mocked white people for objecting to the vaccine on religious grounds while propping up an alleged degenerate rap star like Nicki Minaj as their “savior.”  He argued that “wealthy white people” were more apt to get vaccinated because they are “educated.” As for the poor, and ignorant white folks, he said he would be willing to go door-to-door himself to remedy the situation.

“I’m gonna go door-to-door and stab everyone [with the COVID vaccine], ‘Oh, it’s just your booster shot! There you go!’” he joked.

Lee told the Veritas journalist that FDA officials can often be political appointees rather than actual scientific experts.

“There are political appointees [at the FDA] that are generally scientific advisors or are appointed by the president or the commission…They’re being paid based on if the other people are staying in power,” he said.

“Unfortunately, everyone ends up playing politics, but I don’t think that the career scientists are — I think that it’s the people that they’re unfortunately having to report to because these political appointees are being put in place and that’s part of like — the Senate confirms the people to then just pick their people.”

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