A Serious Country Would Jail Anthony Fauci

As the indispensable Julie Kelly already observed, nobody will be held accountable for America’s intentionally politicized response to COVID-19.

 Anthony Fauci certainly won’t be punished, even though we now know what we suspected all along: he knew masks were largely ineffective; that lockdowns were unscientific; that asymptomatic spread, the impetus for those lockdowns, did not exist; that the virus was not bat-borne in a Wuhan wet market; and that it was instead quite possibly manufactured in a Chinese lab. 

 But you wouldn’t know any of those things if you’ve been following The Science™ as broadcasted by Fauci across swooning cable news networks for 15 months. In fact, you would believe the exact opposite, because the exact opposite is what the smarmy old man has been preaching to his Branch Covidian disciples, whom he ruled over with impunity for the duration of the pandemic. 

 Other than those minor details, Fauci told the truth about everything. 

 A serious country would jail Anthony Fauci. It wouldn’t even be a question. A majority of the population would find it inexcusable to lie to the public so brazenly, and he would be expelled from polite society. 

 In order to make sure nothing nearly as catastrophic ever happened again, a serious country’s top law enforcement entity would bust through his front door in a pre-dawn raid, shackle him, and transport him to a solitary confinement cell where he would await trial. In other words, a serious country would give Fauci the same treatment it’s currently giving the Americans who took a self-guided tour of the Capitol Building on January 6. 

 As for practicing medicine ever again? That wouldn’t even be a consideration. 

 After his conviction, a serious country would sentence him to spend the rest of his miserable life in a maximum-security prison. 

 Not to worry, though. He could have an hour a day to play basketball in the prison yard, a sport which we all know Fauci loves because while America’s nonserious state media were intentionally spreading the nonserious state’s lies, they also found time to sprinkle in some feel-good propaganda about how the COVID czar, despite his slight frame and small stature, was the captain of his high school basketball team a hundred years ago. 

 It was all part of the Fauci mythology. He was the underdog hero back then, and he was an underdog hero during the pandemic, facing down the Bad Orange Man and h ignorant, science-denying Republicans. This narrative was carefully crafted by the left-wing press to humanize a man who was, at the time, committing crimes against humanity for the purpose of helping Democrats win an election. 

 That is not an exaggeration. Lockdowns took a real-world toll on the mental health of those who were, against their will, forced to partake in them. Our children were among those who struggled the most with lockdowns. Overdose deaths skyrocketed during the pandemic, while vulnerable Americans struggled with never-before-experienced isolation. 

 Lockdowns did not “stop the spread” of the virus, and Fauci knew that. But lockdowns worked fantastically for the purpose of implementing vote-by-mail and “no-excuse” absentee voting, which helped Joe Biden rake in an incredible 81 million votes—and I’m using “incredible” in the true sense of the word. Not. Credible. 

After all, you can’t go pull a lever at a crowded polling place if you’ve been placed on an arbitrary house arrest, or if you’re so scared out of your wits by Fauci’s propaganda that you’ve decided to self-isolate in fear that a deadly COVID droplet might be lurking just on the other side of your apartment door. 

 But even if we ignore Fauci’s motives for lying, or the results of his lies, the simple fact is this: in a sane and serious country, betraying the public trust would be considered the ultimate crime. It would be considered worse than murder, assault, or any other violent crimes. 

Serious countries understand that if a significant portion of the population loses faith in the people in charge, disaster is a probable, if not certain ramification. Our leaders would make it clear that a bad actor, or several bad actors within its ranks, failed to serve the public. It would correct the record, instead of attempting to sweep its own misdeeds under the rug. It would recognize that lying about its lies only serves to further divide the population, and kills its own credibility. 

 But we don’t live in a serious country. 

 In fact, about half the population has fallen so deeply for the propaganda that Anthony Fauci is infallible, that it will completely ignore these new revelations, and unquestioningly continue to push pro-mask, pro-lockdown lies until every last human being on earth is hunted down and stabbed in the arm with Pfizer’s mystery juice. 

 If liberals had any shame, they wouldn’t be liberals. So, no matter how many people like me laugh in their faces when they turn out to be the moronic, gullible, anti-scientific signalers of virtue that we suspected they were, they still won’t give up the jig. Like drones, they’ll repeat the state-approved damage control talking points that Fauci is right now spewing across the same cable news airwaves he used to spread his lies in the first place, rather than simply admitting that they were duped. 

 Democrats would lose power if they admitted Fauci is the liar that we all know him to be. And in our unserious country, the worst thing that could happen is Democrats losing power, so we’ll have to continue to live with the lies.


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Peter D'Abrosca is a conservative campaign strategist, author, and columnist. A proud law school dropout, he is not a decorated member of the fancy credentialed class, and that's just the way he prefers it. He considers himself a political outsider who seeks to give a voice to the long-forgotten American working class.

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