White Liberal Control Freaks Are a Menace to Liberty

The greatest threat America faces isn’t “white supremacy” or any foreign power, but America’s own ruling class. China understands very well that Americans have less to fear from Chinese armies than they do from their own Stasi-like informants with “In This House, We Believe . . . ” signs on their front lawns. 

The Chinese have a word for this demographic: baizuo, which literally means “white left.” It’s a political pejorative referring to narcissistic white American liberals. 

In a time of vaccine passports, “disinformation,” and make-believe insurrections, the anti-social, authoritarian tendencies of this lot have never been a clearer menace to America and its tradition of civil liberty. 

This is a fraught, aggressive, and (despite their pretensions of superiority) remarkably vacuous bunch. While fancying themselves enlightened, they’re too lazy and dumb to think for themselves. Their politics consist of whatever fashionable platitudes they happen to absorb from their surrogates in power, in the worlds of mass media, entertainment, politicians they idolize, and elsewhere. This enthusiastic affinity for “experts,” and the shallow conceit of superiority it provides them, is the lodestar of their political lives, and predisposes them to view dissent as a crime. For white liberals, questioning authority is for “anti-vaxxers,” QAnon followers, and other low-caste Neanderthals spreading “disinformation.” 

Equally feebleminded and credulous as they are self-righteous, white liberals can be led to believe just about anything the “experts” tell them—for example, that a riot in which the only person killed was an unarmed rioter was an “armed insurrection” and “the worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War”—and they dehumanize whomever they are told to hate with pleasure. 

We have seen this play out in the COVID-19 pandemic. For over a year now, white liberals have filled their vacuous lives with a sense of importance by browbeating their maskless neighbors to no end. Now that the CDC has “allowed” vaccinated people to have their lives back, they are pushing for a system of medical apartheid. They don’t want to be caught rubbing elbows with any “anti-vaxxers” at Whole Foods, you understand. 

Already, we see a clamor for a standardized system of vaccine cards. These demands will grow louder as vaccinated liberals grow resentful of the unvaccinated for “endangering” their safety and trying to “cheat” by enjoying their pre-pandemic freedoms without their permission. Many liberals already see the “vaccine-hesitant”—or is that term already unfit for our new circumstances?—as essentially subhuman, nothing more than hosts of disease, and of course, many of them remain in an irrational state of existential dread. Simple partisan and class enmity toward “anti-vaxxers” might be enough to convince many of them that nobody has a right to refuse a vaccine. 

On second thought, is feeling “different” perhaps more important to them than feeling “safe?”

If everyone gets the shot, then they’re not special anymore. How would they like that? Do they actually want everyone to get the shot? Or would they prefer that a significant part of the population—say, 50 percent—remain unvaxxed hosts for “the variants,” if it means they can flash their vaccine cards as a status marker?  

What small provocation would it take, by the way, for people in this mindset to cheer on mass murder? 

One sometimes gets the sense, from  the Left, that they regret that more people did not die on January 6; that they would like to have seen Trump supporters chopped up in a hail of bullets. The excessively cruel solitary confinement of January 6 protesters, and the fatal shooting of protester Ashli Babbitt by a police officer (who remains unidentified), have been received by many liberals with a mix of indifference and schadenfreude. They responded to the trial of Derek Chauvin, on the other hand, with an eruption of mob passion. If Chauvin had been acquitted, they would have devised “justice” themselves. 

Although their profound lack of imagination and self-awareness has convinced them that the mildest pushback to their totalitarian agenda of social engineering is “cancel culture,” it is white liberals, not conservatives, who are torching civil society. They have long abandoned free speech, due process, and the rule of law for the political censorship, marginalization, and persecution of their opponents, often with the cooperation of the powerful corporate entities they pretend to oppose, and especially against their lowly coethnics. 

Their uncontrollable narcissism is driving them to stoke a race war against working-class whites. Here as elsewhere, their motives are entirely fraudulent. Their constant moralizing about “white privilege” can’t be sincere, as they avoid the very “equity” and “diversity” they wish to impose on others like the plague in their own lives. “Colonizers” they might be, but beyond performative self-flagellation, their borderline genocidal rhetoric about “whiteness” comes with no real penalties to their convenience, safety, and status. What really matters is that nobody confuse them with one of those working-class “racists.” This fear is their very own form of “white fragility”: poor whites remind them of what they could be if misfortune struck them, or perhaps once were. 

America today has the most unworthy ruling class in the history of the human race. It is a crime against good taste and civilization that people so stupid and imperious, so childish, unimpressive, and fraudulent, are giving marching orders. Yet they are in charge at this cursed moment in history, and they’re turning a once-free country into a stifling madhouse of mindless, moronic repression, cruel to the mind and soul, boring, demoralizing, and tedious. Just like our betters, the country is increasingly petty and cramped, sanctimonious and absurd, lacking imagination, impossible to take seriously, but at the same time, it is demanding the allegiance of every soul at the tip of a bayonet. It’s a world, in short, that only a slave could love. 

Certainly, one can hope reasonable liberals, the kind who value once widely shared notions of privacy and autonomy, still exist somewhere. If so, now is the time for them to speak up. 

But it would be foolish to place hopes here, as they cannot be very many in number. The mainstream liberal of today is a cheerful bootlicker. This might be one of the funniest, and scariest, truths of our time. Although convinced that they’re rebels, they are not radicals: their allies are corporate America and the intelligence agencies. They are, in short, squares: working with the Man to put down dissent. Whether they realize this or not does not matter. It is who they are. 



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Matthew Boose is a Mt. Vernon fellow of the Center for American Greatness and a staff writer and weekly columnist at the Conservative Institute. His writing has also appeared in the Daily Caller. Follow him on Twitter @matt_boose. ‏

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