Biden Scolds Coast Guard Graduates, Calls Them Dull When They Don’t Clap for His Lame Joke

Joe Biden chastised U.S. Coast Guard Academy graduates on Wednesday, calling them “dull” when they didn’t clap for an expected applause line during their 140th commencement in New London, Connecticut.

Those who join the Coast Guard are said to be asked the indoctrination question: “What is the Coast Guard?” To which the appropriate response is: “The Coast Guard is the hard nucleus about which the Navy forms in times of war, sir!”

Biden awkwardly shoehorned the phrase into his speech, expecting wild applause in response.

“I can only assume that you will enjoy educating your family about how the Coast Guard is, quote, [raising voice here] the hard nucleus around the Navy formed in times of war!” Biden bellowed.

When crickets ensued, Biden expressed his dismay with the graduates.

“You’re a really dull class. I mean, come on, man! Is the sun getting to you? I would think that you would have an opportunity, that when I say that about the Navy, to clap,” Biden scolded. “Be here together,”  he added, not finishing his thought.

The graduates responded with laughter and smattering of applause.

The incident was reminiscent of Florida Gov. Jeb Bush’s sad and awkward “please clap” moment during a town hall in February of 2016.


In just the past few days, Biden has “threatened to drive over journalists, scolded the coast guard for not clapping at his drivel and threatened American citizens with dire consequences if they didn’t take the vaccine,” Twitter user Rising Serpent noted. “Sure glad we got rid of the mean tweeting despot.”


President Reagan used the same line to a Coast Guard audience in 1988 to thunderous applause.


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