Giuliani: DOJ Prosecutors ‘Invaded’ His iCloud Account in 2019 While He Was Defending Trump For Impeachment Sham

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani revealed on Fox News Thursday night that prosecutors in the Justice Department secretly “invaded” his iCloud account and seized privileged documents. Giuliani later tweeted about the potentially illegal surveillance, asking “who else are they spying on? You?”


Giuliani, Trump’s personal lawyer, gave his first television interview after the FBI raided his home to Fox’s Tucker Carlson.

The feds executed a search warrant Wednesday morning on Giuliani’s Upper East Side apartment over his alleged unregistered lobbying for foreign governments. Giuliani said about seven or eight electronic devices were seized during the raid.

President Trump told Fox Business on Thursday that Giuliani was “the greatest mayor in the history of New York” and “a great patriot.”

“It’s very, very unfair,” he said of the FBI raid. “Rudy loves this country so much, it is so terrible when you see things that are going on in our country with the corruption and the problems and then they go after Rudy Giuliani.”

Giuliani told Carlson that at about 6:00 in the morning there was “a big bang, bang, bang on the door,” and standing outside were seven FBI agents with a warrant for his electronics.

He said the warrant was “extraordinary” because he had offered to talk to prosecutors from the Southern District of New York for two years but they weren’t interested.

The former NYC mayor said that the agents seemed “somewhat apologetic,” and were “very very professional and gentlemanly.”

After collecting his electronic devices, and two of someone else’s devices, Giuliani asked them if they wanted Hunter Biden’s hard drive, and the agents exclaimed no, no, no!”

Giuliani, who had looked over the search warrant was convinced that they fell within the scope of the subpoena.

“The subpoena required them to take all the electronics, but they decided to leave that behind,” Giuliani noted. “And they were also completely content to rely on my word that these were Hunter Biden’s hard drives,” he continued. “I mean they could have been Donald Trump’s. They could have Been Vladimir Putin’s! They could have been anybody’s, but they relied on me, the man who had to be raided in the morning.”

Giuliani noted that he’s known about the DOJ probe for two years and had ample opportunity to destroy evidence if he wanted, but he hasn’t “because the evidence is exculpatory.”

“It proves that the president and I—all of us—are innocent,” he insisted.

The attorney added that it’s the feds who are committing the crimes, calling accusations against him “projection.”

Carlson pointed out that there was a gross double standard at play, since Giuliani was being investigated for FARA violations when it is a known fact that Hunter Biden had done the same thing.

“He didn’t register under FARA, he represented Ukrainians, he probably made a lot more than you did, he also represented Chinese nationals lobbying his dad, and he’s not been charged with a FARA violation! Carlson said.

Giuliani agreed, noting that there is no longer an equal application of justice in the United States. He told Carlson that Biden’s hard drive contains a dozen or more FARA violations, not to mention the fraud he committed on his gun application.

“He says [on the application] ‘I’m not an addict,’ we have a picture of him five days before smoking a crack pipe behind the wheel of a car,” Giuliani said.

That blatant violation of the nation’s laws was ignored by a Justice Department that is hoping to build a case about a potential FARA violation.

“I can tell you, I never ever represented a foreign national,” he added. “In fact, I have in my contracts, a refusal to do it because from the time I got out of being mayor, I did not want to lobby. Never did it to Bush, never did it to Obama, never did it with Trump. And I can prove it.”

Giuliani said that as a former prosecutor himself he knew that such lobbying would be “too compromising.”

“That warrant was completely illegal,” the former mayor told Carlson. “The only way that you can get a search warrant is if you can show that there’s some evidence that the person is going to destroy the evidence, or is going to run away with the evidence. Well, I’ve had it for two years and I haven’t destroyed it.”

“So, there was no justification for that warrant,” Giuliani continued. “It is an illegal, unconstitutional warrant. One of many that this department of injustice tragically has done, and it breaks my heart because I belong to the Justice Department, and I think I had a record that is a hell of a lot better than theirs.”

Giuliani then revealed that the feds had been snooping into his iCloud.

Tucker noted that although someone from the DOJ had leaked to the alleged child predators at the Lincoln Project that “something big” was about to happen on Wednesday, Joe Biden when asked by a reporter, claimed that he was given no advance notice.

“Do you take that at face value? Carlson asked.

“Maybe he doesn’t remember,” Giuliani quipped. “I not sure he can retain anything for more time than it takes to read it.”

As for the leak to the Lincoln Project, Giuliani said that his lawyer has contacted the Manhattan office four times, telling them to “plug up the leaks,” but they’ve done nothing.

“So, there was no justification for that warrant,” Giuliani continued. “It is an illegal, unconstitutional warrant. One of many that this department of injustice tragically has done, and it breaks my heart because I belong to the Justice Department, and I think I had a record that is a hell of a lot better than theirs.”

He told Carlson that his “sole concentration” as President Trump’s attorney was to prove that he was innocent of Russian collusion, and anything improper with Ukraine. Giuliani claimed that the hard drives show 30 years of “the Biden crime family” violating the nation’s laws.

Yet, he pointed out that when he was defending the president during the Democrats’ impeachment sham, the feds were gaining access to his iCloud and taking documents that are privileged, and then they “unilaterally” decided which ones they could examine.

“So the prosecutors in the Justice Department spied on me. And if that doesn’t result in them being sanctioned, the case being dismissed … this is no longer a free country,” Giuliani said. “We may as well be in East Berlin before the Wall fell.”


New York Post reporter Miranda Devine laid out on Hannity Thursday night, the “full horror” of what the feds did to “America’s Mayor.”

“In late 2019, the Southern District of New York executed a covert warrant on Rudy Giuliani’s iCloud account, so that meant that they had full access to all his emails, all his text messages, all his documents—at the very time that he was conducting the defense of the president of the United States for the first impeachment,” Devine explained.

“Then the Southern District of New York went through all those documents and emails, and they decided themselves which ones were covered by attorney-client privilege, which ones were covered by executive privilege—as in, they related to the president of the United States— and they sat on that until today when they decided that they would divulge that covert warrant to Rudy Giuliani’s lawyer, Bob Costello.”

The reporter stressed that the prosecutors just sat on that information even though, Costello said to them in 2019, “we will come in, we will give you everything. Rudy Giuliani has nothing to hide.”

They never took them up on that offer, instead, they executed a search warrant on Giuliani’s apartment and work place two years later.

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