Deprogramming . . . You!

According to some very authoritative and repetitive CNN talking heads, nearly our entire political class, and former luminaries like the washed-up Katie Couric, 74.5 million Americans—and that includes you—need to be “deprogrammed” immediately

Arch-liberal Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson got even testier in the aftermath of the D.C. riot on January 6. Appearing on MSNBC, Robinson said “there are millions of Americans, almost all white, almost all Republicans, who somehow need to be deprogrammed.” He called them members of a “Trumpist cult.” They are racist, white supremacists who need to be dismissed, detested, and demonized, he explained.

Conservatives and nationalist patriots are now labeled a terrorist “cult.”

They should be sent away to gulags and reeducation camps to completely rid them and ergo, the rest of the now woke country, of their beliefs. 

One person thought it could perhaps be done digitally—or employing a social credit system akin to the one already deployed in Communist China. Other Democrats want deplatforming on social media and shaming so that none of these people are ever gainfully employed again.

Now, deprogramming has a long and tortuous history so it may be worth relearning some of it before we depart down this route of no return. Contrary to Joe Biden’s inauguration address—it is not a very unifying action. Quite the opposite.

In Stalin’s reign of terror, his secret police devised a systematic way to capture, abuse, and kill kulaks who would not accept collectivist rule and especially state ownership of farmland and the means of production. It worked well and an estimated 9 million lost their lives and livelihoods. Stalin remained in power and the single-party state he built did not collapse until December 1991.

In other Communist countries, the process was perfected. Romania under Nicolae Ceaușescu had a particularly dreaded reeducation regime. Many went away and were never seen or heard from again. Bulgaria was the same. East Germany had their notorious Stasi state where friends and relatives spied on each other.

During Mao’s curiously named “Great Leap Forward” from 1955 until 1960, the most destructive deprogramming in human history saw the loss of 55 million lives as the Chinese Communist Party exercised complete control over that society. The same process was repeated in Vietnam, North Korea, and the “killing fields” of Cambodia—with exactly the same result.  

The idea of deprogramming an entire (dissident) population was originally invented in the French Revolution and it set its sights on the destruction of faith, family, and fortune.  

The idea was to create a “new man.” Like the later infamous, “Soviet Man,” this person was to become an agent of the state and obedient to its rules, whims, and demands at all costs and without deviation. Persons were divorced from any human rights, morality, property, and basic dignity. But they were deprogrammed to ideologically conform—or were deceased.

Under the one-party rule of Stalin, Pol Pot, and Mao, entire societies were reshaped to conform with the absolute will of the leader. This so-called cult of personality saw the restriction of all freedom, the confiscation of all property, and the banning of traditional customs, religion, and traditions. Everything, absolutely everything, was bent to the demand of the leader (all of which were, of course, communistic).

Entering from stage left, the new American totalitarians seek to conform all minds and voters around their regime and ideology. Nothing less will be tolerated. Conform or be deprogrammed.

To be precise, deprogramming refers to measures that claim to assist or force a person who holds one belief system into changing those beliefs and abandoning allegiance to the religious, political, economic, or social group associated with the belief system.

The Left’s plan: We need to put an end to conservative thinking, now. The only question is how?

The goal is nothing short of ending any allegiance to the religious, political, economic, or social group associated with any form of conservative belief system. The dictionary definition of deprogramming is “to free” or “to retrain” someone from specific beliefs.

Anyone who liked, voted for, or had any positive thoughts about Donald Trump, his administration, public policies, or movement needs to be deprogrammed. 

The expert literature on this process is actually quite lengthy and revolves largely around psychological mind games and manipulation. In the extreme, it comes down to force and political power.

First, you have to kidnap or take those away who need such reeducation. Retaining them in a separate, deprived place is essential. Forced removal or rendering is likely necessary.

Second, intense debriefings with psychological tactics are utilized to counter belief systems. This is not a matter of choice or enlightenment but rather dictation and coercion, as needed. Some will crash early under little pressure, while others will need to be imprisoned and physically punished—over many years.

Next comes a full reeducation based on a reevaluation of norms and beliefs, which includes:

  • thought reform measures,
  • questioning of past ideas,
  • and emotional connection to the new life and its preferred ideology.

Such techniques, while highly controversial, have also been used to deprogram members of the Unification Church, Hare Krishna, Jim Jones’ cult before Jonestown, and most extensively in various political settings—in former and present Communist settings.

America has no history or real experience in political deprogramming and even less in organized political violence based on ideology. There was a deadly civil war around the question of union versus secession, and various, but thankfully sporadic, acts of insurrection and riot. But America has seen no organized political effort to rid the country of half of its population.

This is what we have come to?

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About Theodore Roosevelt Malloch

Theodore Roosevelt Malloch, scholar-diplomat-strategist, is CEO of the thought leadership firm The Roosevelt Group. He is the author of 18 books, including The Plot to Destroy Trump and, with Felipe J. Cuello, Trump's World: GEO DEUS. He appears regularly in the media, as a keynote speaker, and on television around the world. 

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