Kamala’s United States of ‘Ban Francisco’

If you want a vision of the future, imagine President Kamala Harris stamping on a cigarette—forever. 

Kamala’s San Francisco last week banned tenants from lighting up in their own apartments. They can still smoke weed, though. It’s “The Science.” 

Following a wheezy complaint from smokers, the city’s board of supervisors this week reversed course, sending the ordinance back to committee for “further review.” 

The proposed ban is based on the watery science of second-hand smoke. Studies of second-hand smoke possess as much credence as the science of playing hide and seek with a Chinese-imported virus, closing down small businesses, laying off millions, enabling the petit tyranny latent in the rulers and the ruled, all to “defeat” an ambitious flu impervious to hashtags, slogans, self-help sermons, and human best intentions. 

According to San Francisco’s board of supervisors, sitting alone in your apartment with a Marlboro streaming happily between your lips is akin to fire-hosing asbestos upon pedestrians below, condemning the pink-lungs to a slow drowning. It’s nonsense. As scientists quietly conclude in a growing body of study, passive smoking presents a borderline risk, let alone sitting in an apartment above, below, or beside someone enjoying a gasper. 

As one study concludes, the “science” of second-hand smoke is about changing undesirable behavior, not public health. The “shame” of enjoying a cigarette is a tool to force others to quit. 

Much like the shame of cancel culture, when possessing an opinion falling afoul of “The Narrative.” 

Back in October, that narrative decreed Hunter Biden’s dodgy foreign dealings, exposed by the New York Post, were Russian disinformation. Legacy media buried the story, attacked the Post, and were aided and abetted by Facebook and Twitter’s concerted censorship. 

Now the election is over, the same media has rediscovered its curiosity, especially given the details of what is likely the scandal of the decade will force Joe Biden aside for his Vice President Kamala Harris, the candidate preferred by just four percent of primary voters. 

Not even the Law of Attraction (another progressive quackery) could nominate Kamala Harris, so her Bay Area allies installed Joe Biden. Now Biden has served his purpose, and the rather unhelpful Hunter scandal is serving their purpose of putting Kamala in the White House. 

The Democratic media now covers the Hunter story like it broke on the end of their noses this morning. The timing is entirely coincidental, of course. 

The media’s newfound curiosity into Hunter Biden’s dodgy dealings comes too late for the nine percent of Biden voters who say they wouldn’t have voted for him if they knew about the pay-for-play scandals engulfing his son, Hunter. 

That scandal, once “Russian disinformation,” now threatens to consume Joe Biden before or soon after his inauguration, making Kamala Harris the first female president, and the first woman of color president. 

This matters to those in thrall to the religious nonsense that is identity politics. Possession of a certain melanin count or genitalia is a mark of the divine, not accident of biology. To progressives, the obsession with appointing The First is affirming proof of “progress.”

Few would have voted for Kamala Harris. One poll finds just 28 percent would have, given the chance. Like the San Fran smoking ban, progressive puritans know what’s best for the serfs. 

San Francisco Democrats, of which Kamala is prized progeny, used to be a joke among the cerebral. The city is a microcosm of America under a President Kamala Harris. 

Once the convulsing heart of peace and love, San Francisco got old and gripey—banning vapes, electric scooters, delivery robots, company cafeterias, cashless stores, plastic straws, fur coats, Happy Meals, and now smoking a cigarette in your own apartment. 

Of course, the mad mullahs ignore genuine issues. The city’s 8,000 homeless population lives amid dirty needles and feces in tent cities as tech millionaires silently cruise past in their Teslas. “Progressive” San Francisco is one of the most unequal cities in America. 

California isn’t much better. Governor Gavin Newsom, another San Francisco Democrat, can barely keep the lights on. Newsom treats rolling blackouts as evidence of humanity’s religious battle against the angry God of climate change. 

Newsom recently locked 40 million Californians at home before schmoozing through a $12,000 wine bill at his lobbyist pal’s French Laundry bougie birthday bash. According to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s (D-N.Y.) favorite metric—the Gini index—California’s gap between rich and poor is on par with hapless Honduras. 

Surprised? Kamala’s “For The People” presidential campaign swarmed with billionaires and tech titans. Kamala’s big-money backers held a $28,000-a-head fundraiser on San Fran’s “Billionaire’s Row,”—the world’s priciest stretch of tarmac.

Now the San Francisco Democrats—Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein, Gavin Newsom, Kamala Harris—run the party. It’s a caste system of tech moguls and billionaires at the top, the Woke “expert” class alongside them, and the Uber-driving cigarette-chuffing serfs at the bottom—like San Francisco. 

After all, the cigarette ban only hurts the daily breaders. American elites don’t smoke. Those delivering the Zoomocracy their GrubHub, driving their Ubers, shipping their Amazon parcels, do. The laptop class “stays safe” and works from home. 

For the pandemic’s essential workers, a crafty cigarette is a moment’s respite from their place at the bottom of “progress.”

Yet, the progressive overlords don’t discuss actual problems like insecure work, poverty wages, or the “lived experience” of millions stuck in the gig economy. They tweet Woke nostrums and tell us all to “do better.”

What will they ban next, booze? It wouldn’t surprise. The pointlessness of prohibition fits the progressive spirit of emotion over merit—prohibition failed, but felt good to the puritan sensibilities of their intellectual progenitors. History is clear: banning things doesn’t work, human mortality is one hundred percent, and progressive Democrats fail those they champion.  

While eight million more Americans joined the pandemic’s poverty roll, tech billionaires fattened their fortunes by a quarter. 

The Democratic Party is now for tech billionaires and the serfs who serve them. Uber pledges social justice and pretends its drivers aren’t worthy of sick pay or benefits. Woke Apple plays social justice yet lobbies against forced labor. 

Just wait for president-elect Biden to announce his “duty” to step aside for “the future” to take shape. 

That future looks like San Francisco.  

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