If You Are Tired of the Establishment GOP, It’s Time for You to Replace Them

A lot of people, indeed tens of millions of people or roughly half the electorate, are angry about the November election. And we can legitimately be angry because any thinking person with common sense knows that this was not a free and fair election. So many things were done wrong: universal mail-in voting, “election weeks” instead of Election Day, suspicious mail drops in the middle of the night, vote counting magically suspended at convenient times, and suspect electronic voting machines just to name a few.

We know that happened. So we have a right to be angry at Democrats.

But every thinking American should also be upset with the Republican establishment. They should have been covering the right flank, but they didn’t. 

What most voters probably don’t know is that Marc Elias, a swamp-dwelling lawyer in D.C. who played a key role in fostering the Russian collusion hoax, spearheaded many of the Democrats’ 300 or so legal cases starting shortly after the 2018 elections. By some estimates, Elias and Democrats plowed $100 million or so into their efforts to create the total chaos that ensued this November. In other words, they were way ahead of their Republican opposition. 

According to some pretty reliable sources, the RNC was warned nearly two years ago about what the Democrats and Elias were up to, yet didn’t take it seriously. They gave Elias a significant headstart on the legal front, and apparently spent just a fraction of the necessary money on legal work to prevent what took place—only $4 million or so (this is independent of whatever the Trump campaign might, or might not, have spent).

This should infuriate the party and the base. People were warned, people did nothing, ergo the total cluster****. But now is not the time to pick up your toys and go home. In fact, I would argue that now is the time to look back on what was done to stop it and learn how to prevent a repeat in the future.

That’s right: we can’t complain when we should have been working on this over ten years ago when people like me were saying we needed to make the party a creature of our own creation: a party is what people say it is. The people who say what it is are the ones who run and win primaries, those who show up at conventions and, quite frankly, run for precinct chairs.

Now if you have been involved, then good for you. I applaud you. But I can guarantee that 90 percent of you didn’t do anything. Oh, you’ve been bitching and moaning about how bad the party establishment is for years, I’m sure of it. Whining about how it ignores the base and makes stupid decisions. Guess what? Decisions are made by those who show up. If you didn’t show up, then you have no right to complain about what happened. We ended up with a party run by corrupt incompetents because not enough of you showed up.

I see some of the stupidity taking place in Georgia right now where some think that they’ll stay home from the special elections on January 5 to punish the GOP establishment. I get it . . . sort of. Senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler are like vanilla ice cream covered in vanilla syrup topped with vanilla flakes—certainly among some of the most blasé candidates one could nominate. But staying home and handing Chuck Schumer and the Left the Senate is like popping a few stupid pills and then figuring you might as well just down the entire bottle to go full-on stupid. 

We didn’t get to this place overnight: only little children think that whining and stomping their feet will change anything in the immediate. So why is anyone in the base moaning and groaning about the situation we’re in right now as if they didn’t actually play some part in bringing us to this point? You did. Look in the mirror to identify one of the guilty. You left undone those things which you ought to have done. 

You probably don’t like me saying that. To which I say: tough nuts. I’m right.

If you don’t want to be abandoned, or betrayed, or abused by the establishment anymore, then here’s an idea: maybe you should become the establishment. Become the party and change it from within. That doesn’t happen overnight and it certainly doesn’t happen with you crying that you didn’t get your way. It’s going to require some of you to run for local, state, and even federal offices, others to run for precinct chairs, others to show up at conventions. 

The best time to have gotten serious about this? Ten years ago. The next best time? January 1, 2021. 

There is no perfection in politics. There never was and there never will be. 

The only thing we can change is what we do within our political system, and what we have been doing isn’t enough. So suck it up, buttercups, and get out there. And if you don’t actually commit to action, of doing something beyond just talking, I don’t want to hear another peep from you.

About Ned Ryun

Ned Ryun is a former presidential writer for George W. Bush and the founder and CEO of American Majority. You can find him on Twitter @nedryun.

Photo: OsakaWayne Studios/Getty Images

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