Third World Election Transparency

When there is a confluence of statistical impossibilities, common sense typically kicks in and leads people to question whether something is fraudulent. And there is a good reason for that—no less in presidential elections than in other parts of life. 

When there are too many coincidences, when we’ve seen this same scenario play out in other parts of the world where massive voter fraud was proven beyond any doubt, why should we imagine something different in America? Why do we think such fraud is out of the question here? Because we’re “better?”

In 2004, the U.S. State Department released a report detailing how voter fraud marred the Ukranian election held that year. The disenfranchisement of Ukranian voters and the theft of that election shocked the world. To be clear, this happened in a country that already lacked a great reputation for free and fair elections, but even given that fact, people were astounded at what took place.

In 2016, the BBC examined the tell-tale signs of voter fraud in the African country of Gabon, where voting is compulsory but not enforced. Claims of fraud were voiced by the angered opposition campaign who reported that 99.93 percent of the population turned up to vote for the former president. 

We should look at the empirical evidence of where voter fraud took place in other parts of the globe and highlight key indicators. Not to lead the witness, so to speak, but rather to note the similarities. 

Illegal Use of Absentee Ballots

According to the State Department report, people in Ukraine were caught with blank absentee ballots stuffed in their pockets with the intention of voting at multiple polling stations. 

We’re seeing reports out of some states where 40,000 unsecured ballots outside of envelopes just magically appeared last minute or where people have been ordered to backdate ballots so they could be “cured” and then counted.

There is a reason why France outlawed the use of absentee ballots in 1975. They are rife with opportunities for fraud. The French realized it and put an end to it. Yet Democrats pushed for the most important election in American history to be determined by millions of absentee ballots. What could possibly go wrong? 

Opposition Observers Ejected

On Ukraine’s election day, individuals from an opposition group called “Our Ukraine” and members from other groups were removed from the polling places so they couldn’t be on the lookout for fraud.

Sound familiar? Certified election observers in Pennsylvania were removed despite court orders stating that, by law, they had to be there to ensure the fairness of the election. In Detroit, the windows were covered up with cardboard in the room where poll workers counted the ballots, preventing anyone from seeing inside.

North Korean-Style Turnout

According to the State Department, voter turnout in several districts in Ukraine increased by 30 to 40 percent during the runoff round. In other areas, turnout reached levels of 96 to 98 percent—numbers normally only seen in places like North Korea. 

In Gabon, certain areas had significantly higher turnout than others—especially in areas that happened to favor the incumbent. “Something strange is almost certainly going on,” the BBC noted, “especially if the high turnout is an area which favours one particular candidate or party over another.”

This sounds much like when 23,277 ballots materialized in Philadelphia and all of them just happened to be for Biden. Or those 40,000 ballots in Detroit that, according to a witness, were almost all for Biden. What are the coincidences necessary for that to happen? 

I’ve lived long enough to know that when a series of “coincidences” are all moving in the same direction, they have ceased to be coincidence and, in fact, are very likely intentional.  The mainstream media would have us believe that low-energy Joe Biden, who couldn’t even make it through a full day of campaign rallies, garnered a higher voter turnout and support than his predecessors. I don’t believe them. Neither should you.

The fact is that in certain parts of battleground states, voter turnout numbers in key areas reached levels reminiscent of countries with mandatory voting. Even in countries like Australia where voting is mandatory and enforced through hefty fines, turnout still reaches only 90-95 percent.

In that same article, the BBC claimed, “You never get a 98% or 99% turnout in an honest election. You just don’t.” 

Computer Data Allegedly Altered to Favor a Candidate

In 2004, several credible allegations circulated that Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych’s supporters hacked the Central Election Commission’s computer system and “illegally altered vote tabulation data.”

Benford’s Law states there ought to be a degree of randomness to data created by humans. Charts and graphs created by mathematicians far more knowledgeable about the inner workings of statistics show that the ballots cast for Joe Biden lacked this randomness—and some of these mathematicians even went so far as to say that they appeared to be calculated through some sort of computerized algorithm. 

To be fair, some have pointed out that while Benford’s Law was used to expose voter fraud in Venezuela, it would be far more difficult to do here.

Reports of Opposition Fraud

The Ukranian prime minister’s supporters in 2004 claimed the opposition tried to stuff ballot boxes in western Ukraine. As it turned out, the evidence of this fraud showed that the ballot stuffing supported Yanukovych rather than harmed his campaign.

Here news sources called tight races early, videos are circulating of postal and poll workers tearing up ballots voting for President Trump, and social media platforms have taken down and blocked messaging from the President and his campaign.

Delay in Announcing Results

In Gabon, the election officials took an extremely long time to release the results of the election. It does not take days, let alone weeks, to count all of the legally cast votes. It does, however, take a long time to fudge the numbers in your favor. 

What a strange coincidence that suddenly, as if by magic, vote counting stopped on Election Night as Trump was surging. As cover for this various idiots appeared mumbling that this, that, or the other thing demanded a pause. There is no valid excuse in the greatest country in the world to suddenly stop counting unless, of course, you need to calculate how many votes need to be made up to beat the Bad Orange Man.

For all of these, if for no other reasons, the American people, including Joe Biden, should be demanding complete transparency of the 2020 electoral process. Something stinks to high heaven in all of this. And if there is no certainty, there can be no legitimacy to the votes. If the results are allowed to stand without further probing, Joe Biden absolutely will be an illegitimate president and I sincerely hope a Republican Senate makes his life miserable by denying him judges, denying him his cabinet…in short, denying anything and everything. In effect, he should be a lame duck president from the start should he ever, God forbid, be sworn into office.

About Ned Ryun

Ned Ryun is a former presidential writer for George W. Bush and the founder and CEO of American Majority. You can find him on Twitter @nedryun.

Photo: Scott Olson/Getty Images

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