Save Our Democracy!

I have said all along that I thought President Trump would win reelection. The question was whether he would win by a big enough margin to insulate himself from the machinations of fraud, on the one hand, and litigation, on the other. 

I believe that Donald Trump did win the election on Tuesday night. By my count, he had chalked up well over the requisite 270 electoral votes necessary to win reelection. That was a little past midnight Eastern time. I repaired to the arms of Morpheus confident that November 4 would ratify what was essentially a fait d’accompli on the evening of November 3. 

No such luck. No sooner had my head hit the pillow than the Democrats in the urban centers of states where Trump was leading—in Detroit, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Milwaukee—stopped counting the votes. Why would they do this? Because they wanted to stanch the flow of votes going to Trump and buy themselves time to determine how many votes they would need to win. Finding the votes later on is never a problem. That’s what we pay corrupt party apparatchiks to do. It seemed novel in 1960 when Richard Daley went to Cook Country to secure the election for JFK.  When I went to bed last night, President Trump was comfortably ahead in Wisconsin. Close your eyes and poof: 100,000 ballots suddenly appear in Wisconsin with Joe Biden’s name on them. Stand by for similar feats of magic. 

Although common, this outrageous practice is a direct assault on our democracy. Trump presumably will fight it in court. But I think he should take a page from his own playbook and hold rallies in those and maybe other hot spots (Phoenix comes to mind) over the next couple of days. Bring the fight to the people and, just as important, bring the people to the fight. 

The Democrats are not sitting idly by, they are busy “harvesting” votes. Donald Trump needs to mobilize the public with a series of high-profile “Save Our Democracy” rallies. He was performing at three, four, or five rallies a day for the last couple weeks of the campaign. He should take the show back on the road one last time. If the Democrats complain that the campaign is over he can rebaptize the events as “peaceful protests.” That’s what Antifa and Black Lives Matter do when they take to the streets. The contrast with the threatened scenes of mayhem, arson, and looting by the Left will afford a useful visual. As many people have observed, Trump’s followers wave American flags. Democratic supporters prefer to burn them. 

I suspect that such Save Our Democracy rallies would attract tens of thousands of people, just as Trump’s campaign rallies did these past weeks. There is no way that Sleepy Joe Biden could compete with them. Not only would they dramatize the extent and enthusiasm of Trump’s support but they would also serve as a salutary reminder that Trump, unlike so many Republican politicians, is willing to fight to assure a free, open, and fair election.

Rallies would have the additional attraction of driving the Left even more beyond the pale than they already are. It’s not nice to take pleasure in the sufferings of others, but I am willing to make an exception in the case of the anguish such rallies would cause among the people who have spent the last four years trying to destroy the president and anyone who came into his orbit. 

Save Our Democracy! It has a ring to it. I hope team Trump will consider organizing a bunch of them now, today.

About Roger Kimball

Roger Kimball is editor and publisher of The New Criterion and the president and publisher of Encounter Books. He is the author and editor of many books, including The Fortunes of Permanence: Culture and Anarchy in an Age of Amnesia (St. Augustine's Press), The Rape of the Masters (Encounter), Lives of the Mind: The Use and Abuse of Intelligence from Hegel to Wodehouse (Ivan R. Dee), and Art's Prospect: The Challenge of Tradition in an Age of Celebrity (Ivan R. Dee).

Photo: (Photo by Taylor Hill/Getty Images)

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116 responses to “Save Our Democracy!”

  1. No sooner had my head hit the pillow than the Democrats in the urban centers of states where Trump was leading—in Detroit, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Milwaukee—stopped countingthe votes.

  2. Rallies were great motivators to generate enthusiasm to motivate supporters to vote. But I don’t see any value for them now because voters have no part in contesting voter fraud.

    • Hold the rallies one city block from the state legislature and supreme court buildings in those corrupt state capitals. I guarantee you – it will draw a response!

    • 1-800-895-4152
      The Trump War Room for Reporting incidents of VOTER FRAUD

  3. Roger, I have a different idea, not that yours is a bad one at all. I think President Trump should immediately appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Democrat cheating in Arizona, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and any other state that requires a full investigation. He should have full subpoena power, form a grand jury, and get to the bottom of what the Democrats have done.

    The Democrats must not be able to get away with this. As you have written, democracy is at stake. The American republic and the Constitution are at stake. If this fraud stands, America will become a totalitarian government, which is precisely what the Democrats are trying to create.

    • Where is there evidence of voter fraud? I haven’t seen any. Quite the contrary, the election has gone quite well given the unique circumstances of the novel coronavirus.

      • Denying Election Monitors to view the counts as demanded by law in Pennsylvania. Or do you think the Democrats in Philly are hiding the ballots from prying eyes for a reason other than fraud? If so, what could that possibly be? Will the votes on the ballots change if they’re looked at?

      • The evidence of voter fraud, Mike, is that the election didn’t go the way right-wing nuts wanted it to. That’s all the “evidence” they need. In their world heads they win, tails we lose.

      • No signature match requirements needed. Millions of mail ballots sent out many to dead or moved people. No postmarks required. Days of extra time to collect and count ballots. Exclude GOP vote counting watchers. What fraud? Nothing to see here, move on. Typical evil leftist response.

      • There is no evidence of fraud, this is just the conservocrazies’ desperate clawing at any chance to win no matter how baseless. They are livid over the fact that the a Presidency that propped itself up on a culture of sheer unequivocal bullshit and a shallow culture of personality was doomed not to repeat. Yet, it is still a tragic day for America that it was even this close. :`-(

      • “YOU HAVENT SEEN ANY!” What a croc of lies, typical demotard.

      • Deads, illegal immigrants, invented names (Al Franken style) are voting and you don’t see the fraud. You are naive my friend. Democrats have transformed this country in a banana Republic. If you want to have legitimate election, organize properly the election. The French Government in the 70s banned the vote by mail (absentee ballot type) due to the massive fraud it generated. When you facilitate fraud, guess you have fraud. This one is huge.

    • Get away with what? Counting the votes and winning the election?

      • Just run

        Get away with what ? How about the 100,000 ballots that appeared like magic ?

      • If we count fraudulent ballots and you million of them, we don’t solve the problem. This fraud of vote by mail is massive and should not be accepted.

      • YOUR side STOPPED counting votes when it was clear that Trump was going to win. Once they saw how many votes they needed, the “votes” came in huge batches from Democratic party whorehouse cities ( Milwaukee 88% turnout, Philadelphia 90%???).

        The fraud is too obvious this time. And your totally corrupt media propaganda machines and you Soros trolls are only going to make us angrier and more determined. Your kind hasn’t won anything. You have only awoken a sleeping giant all to elect a senile corrupt Chinese sock puppet. This is not going to work out the way you think. So keep trolling away it only fuels the fire.

    • You are correct. The bible Nazi right, the republican party, has been laboring mightily since Alzheimer Raygun to turn this nation into a medieval corporate state. That you profess to believe what you posted indicates either almost unfathomable stupidity, or absolute evil. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    • I’d add to that a special counsel to investigate Joe Biden’s involvement in Hunter Biden’s money laundering enterprise. There’s now clear evidence that Joe Biden got kickbacks, laundered through Hunter, after he left office. We know that from evidence confirmed by Hunter’s business partners.

      If Joe Biden only took kickbacks after leaving office, it was crooked but legal. If he did it while he was in office, Joe Biden committed bribery (and conspiracy to commit bribery), which is a federal felony under 18 U.S.C. 201, and would disqualify him from holding public office.

  4. Interesting observation. I did the same thing. When I went to bed Trump was ahead in all of the remaining six states. When I got up in the middle of the night (I’m old) Wisconsin had gone blue. And by morning, so had Michigan. But when I checked Pennsylvania, it seemed the percentage reporting had not changed. Did they just stop counting? I wondered. Why would that be? Your suggestion is plausible, and was actually verbalized by LBJ once upon a time after cheating to win his election to the senate from Texas in 1948. All they needed to do was determine how many votes they needed to win (using a cooperative election official), and then presto! there they were in the trunk of a car.

  5. There is no harvesting. Trump wants to count where he’s behind, stop where he’s ahead and you’re eating it out of the palm of his hand.

    • @ Truth, it is like having to live with a spouse that has cheated, betrayed you over and over and now wants to evirate and kill you, I definitely would give her the ”Sicilian” treatment

    • Execute republicans. This will set our nation free. Instead of execution, sterilization.

  6. I would make a point of flying to the nearest ones. Guaranteed.

  7. Yes, SAVE OUR DEMOCRACY from the Republicans who want to steal the election. There article is nonsense. Texas had Biden way ahead until the rural counties tallied their votes and it flipped to Trump. Same in Florida and North Carolina. That’s how elections go, we count ALL the votes. To suggest that fraud is going on in multiple states is ridiculous. Most Democrats voted by mail or absentee ballot and Pennsylvania only started counting those today. By the end of today Michigan will be solid blue. Pennsylvania will likely be blue and even Georgia may flip.

  8. Unfortunately, it looks like their shenanigans are paying off. Now in Michigan, Biden slightly ahead. Same with Wisconsin. If Arizona stays Biden, even if Trump takes Pennsylvania and North Carolina, it will be Biden 270 and Trump 268.

  9. There’s another issue here. It’s the conservative voters who voted for the Libertarian and Constitutional Party candidates. If these votes had gone to Trump, he would be reelected right now. I would like to know what message these people think they are sending and to whom.

    When I have statement to make, I make it. I say it out loud when I have the chance. I publish it in the comments on political and news websites. I even send email to writers and officeholders. I don’t play “see what you made you made me do”.

    Beyond that, the Republican Party cannot give up the labor-oriented conservative populism that has gotten it millions of votes and kept it competitive in the new century to satisfy a tiny minority of huffy outliers.

    Like it or not, we have an institutional two-party system, and when you vote for other than one of the two parties, you are voting for the one you like least.

    Congratulations, Libertarians. You just voted in a new a stage of communism lite and the advancement of the replacement of legacy America. Only the Republican majority in the Senate stands in the way, and you even put that jeopardy.

    Fortunately, the Dems will lose more seats in the 2022 election and the conservative majority on the Supreme Court should be safe at least for another 15 years.

  10. Hey, keep rallying for the next four years, sounds like fun. Meanwhile, Biden will be hanging out in D.C.

  11. Since when have votes cast before election day, via a state’s own processes, been illegitimate? Since when has counting postal and pre-poll votes been harvesting? You go too far. Calling for rallies is a call to subvert our own legal processes and our own state’s rights. And if there’s violence as a result? Your rhetoric incites civil unrest. Is that legal in itself?

  12. Imagine being such an arrogant buffoon that you think the 3rd most populous nation on earth stops what it is doing when you go to sleep and being shocked; “poof!” that poll workers kept counting votes while you were asleep.

    Give up schmuck. The orange clown lost. Go drink more kool aid. 🤦🏼‍♂️

  13. What’s the matter ?your rabbit holes not proved to be true?
    Also you talk of fraud but give literally no evidence. I wonder why.

  14. Roger,
    I think this a very American idea. Shine the spotlight on the process and get the locals fired up about how their voices may have been silenced by “ballot” harvesting. I too went to sleep at 3:30am Central with Trump up still close to 100,000 votes only to wake up this morning and find Milwaukee county miraculously had just enough votes to put Biden over the top and meet the .25% margin required to force a candidate to pay for any recount. How perfect is that outcome? Too perfect.

  15. This article is filled with lies. We’re told that urban vote counts stopped, yet CNN and other TV media showed stations where people were counting votes through the night and numerous people were fighting to get in to represent candidates of all parties as observers.
    This author did NOT bother checking on those facts and doesn’t seem to understand that the votes cast live on Nov. 3 were mostly electronically tabulated, allowing them to be done so quickly, while absentee ballots had to be read, one-by-one, into tabulating machines, accounting for the delay in reporting additional results during the night.
    Right now, Biden is leading in Arizona and Nevada, which haven’t updated totals most of Nov. 4 and clearly the Democrats are not waiting to figure out how many votes they need to take the lead.

  16. Someone ought to look into the numbers with Dane County, WI. They seem, on their face, strange. According to state data (, Dane county has a total 390,887 registered voters. RCP reports that 343,599 votes were cast (total) in Dane County. This translates into an 88% turnout rate which seems extraordinarily high compared to national averages. Moreover, in the 2016 election, there was a total of 309,000 votes cast. Does it make sense that there were 80,000 more votes cast in Dane County in just four years time? Did Dane County go through a period of explosive growth during that period?

  17. Roger, i’m sorry you made it this far into your life without anyone telling you this, but you’re an idiot.

    More Republicans vote *on* Election Day, more Dems vote by mail. This trend has held for decades, and this year it’s even more true because of Covid. The reason the tallies shifted overnight, is because those states have legal precedents that prevent them from counting mail-in ballots UNTIL the day of the election, meaning they have to catch up after the votes come in on Election Day. And there are a lot of votes to count.

    Just remember to carry yourself with the same “dignity” for the next 4 years that you imposed upon imposed upon Democrats in 2016. Remember, even if it’s Biden he’s “still your President” right?

  18. 200,000 votes for Biden appeared overnight in MI.

    Democrats aren’t even hiding their fraud anymore.

  19. This is so sad when Trump supporters conflate counting votes with stealing the election. In our democracy, you don’t get to a lead, then declare victory. We count all the votes, then the states tell us who won. If there is evidence of irregularities in the count you can always go to court. But failing any evidence of fraud or other misconduct, we accept the verdict of the voters and go on to fight another day. At least, this is how it has always worked in the 12 presidential elections where I have cast a vote. Trump needs to concede with dignity and make other plans. His supporters need to do the same.

    • How many times were you dropped on your head as a infant? Cheating is a national pastime for the Communist left.

    • Mike, quite right. I’ve been saying for months that Trump’s virus response was going to get Biden elected. Trump sounds ever more the madman. It is sad for me to watch people that I respected, like Black and Kimball, going off into cuckoo land.

    • Earth to Mike: If a ballot is filled out and submitted by someone who is not the voter the ballot was sent to, it’s a fraudulent vote. That’s what vote fraud is. The is evidence of it, for example, precincts where there are more votes cast than there are registered voters in the precinct.

      No one knows the magnitude of fraud. There may be very little, there may be a lot. It never meticulouly investigated. Seriously, are we supposed to believe that every human activity is afflicted by fraud and cheating except American election? Oh, and baseball of course.

    • Odd, is it not, how in election after election enough votes are found to overturn a Republican win on election day and create a Democratic win a week or so later. Happens over and over, yet strangely enough almost never happens in the other direction. I could list examples but I’m sure everyone here has watched it happen enough times to know that I speak the truth.

      And then they claim that there’s no evidence of fraud. If it were the other way around I’m sure the Dem’s would be screaming from the rooftops.

      Oh and on the “count every vote”? Remember in 2000 when the Democratic party went to court to throw out the military absentee ballots in Florida? I do.

    • Don’t be sad for the trump voters who suspect voter fraud when Michigan finds a box of 150,000 votes for Biden and none for trump. Rather be sad for the culture of suspicion generated by an administration that targeted opposition political groups with the IRS, then used the intelligence community and justice department as a weapon against a political opponent to invent a fictional Russian collusion narrative promoted and propagated by the same media who published lie after lie about the president, his family, his DNI, his Supreme Court justice pick etc all the while profiteering from the country’s biggest political rival China and whipping up violent racialised rioting because they thought that the economic damage would count against the incumbent.

      • No, Dems who will do anything to make if as hard as possible to assure voting integrity are the real enemies of democracy.

      • Which party wanted voting without ID? Pretty sure the Dems!

    • I don’t approve of the way you breezily distort the meaning of the word ‘conflate’.
      The way you say it is like saying to an insomniac that it is ‘so sad’ of him to ‘conflate’ counting sheep with staying awake.

    • First off, commie, this is not, NOT, and never has been or will be “your democracy”. I am SO very tired of having to explain basic civics to you window-licking basement dwellers….we are a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLICAN FORM OF DEMOCRACY! Why are ALL you commies such blithering dill-doughs?? Asking for a friend.
      Second, we KNEW what you commies had planned all along, those of you clownshoes that bought into the Russia-collusion HOAX, that you a ss holes KNEW China Joe and Blow would get blown out of the water so you went to plan B and now C, what you can’t win, steal, what you can’t steal, monkey-wrench. See ya in tje Supreme Court, LOSERS! Bwahahahahaha!

    • Trump is going to court, but he should also make the case in the court of public opinion.

      The Democrats’ urban machines are hotbeds of fraud, and have been for decades. Just look at the mass mail-in ballot fraud uncovered recently in New Jersey municipal elections. You think Democrats commit fraud in low-stakes municipal elections, but not in high-stakes federal elections?

      In 1960, Richard Nixon believed the presidential election had been stolen from him through fraud by the Democrats’ urban machines. He didn’t contest the result, either for the good of the country or for his own reputation. In the circumstances, that made sense.

      Today, after Democrats have done everything they can to destroy the integrity of our elections — blocking voter ID laws, promoting voting methods that are easy to defraud, spreading baseless conspiracy theories about “Trump-Russian collusion” for four years, etc., there’s no reason for Trump to do what Nixon did. Trump should use every tool in the legal and PR toolboxes to fight the Democrats’ efforts to steal this election.

    • Mike, you and the rest of the democrats have been claiming Trump did not win since 2016 and went on to lie, cheat and steal every vote you can…..want proof …. more votes than voters….

  20. Shouldn’t we wait to see if there is any evidence of fraud first? You didn’t refer to any in your article. Isn’t it possible that while you were sleeping they kept counting votes in Michigan and the ones they counted were from urban areas of Michigan that tilt toward Biden?

  21. Hey let me ask, is this what low educated sore loser tears look like? Who’s the snowflakes now, ladies?

  22. Come back to America. We count the votes and the winner wins. if you want to live somewhere in which you get to change people’s votes to suit your own needs, Hungary, Pakistan, Turkey, and other places would be glad to have you. Dozens of investigations into voter fraud over decades have found zero. Some states just take a few days to get their counts done – always that way. There is no cheating. Article is treasonous.

  23. With sappy drivel like this getting top billing, it would be more accurate to rename the whole publication American Suckitude.

    Enough with the scare quotes around “harvesting”. Provide documented evidence of illegal ballot handling, or admit you’re just a conspiracy theorist.

    • Demonkrats like you are clearly overjoyed with their highly effective methods of fraud like vote harvesting. There is plenty of evidence of Demo fraud, but you could care less. Like the Communists and Nazis, the ends always justify the means.

      • My parents were Holocaust survivors lost most of their families. I take personal offense when assholes like you throw the term Nazi around. You have no clue about what Nazis did and were like. Evil, subhuman monsters. I am not taking sides here. People have equated Trump to the Nazis. I had the same response. No matter which side you are on the other side are not Nazis or act like them. Life is short. Stop hating so much.

    • Clown….when Commiecrat “volunteers” hand out Sharpie’s and THROW OUT the ballots marked with a Sharpie (“coincidentally” all voted for PRESIDENT Trump), yeah, dill-dough, pretty clear-cut case of voter fraud. All this LYING you commies do because you think (HA!) China Joe and San Fran Hoe will fill your little, precious bellies! Coward to life.

  24. The Democrats aren’t counting valid votes. They illegally manufactured and submitted late ballots to all the DEM controlled cities in the swing states and opened and counted the ballots without a Republican observer. These are not valid, legal votes. Trump won WI, MI, PA, and GA. No question about it. Everything else is fraud.

    Hold the rallies Mr. President. Do not concede the election under any circumstance.

  25. You people have lost your minds save democracy by going full fascist. Got it. You are all treasonous losers.

  26. Roger,

    this has been a tough day. Your article made it much brighter and happier. Thank you!

    I think POTUS may have a similar idea. Great minds tend to think alike.

    And apropos of nothing, can you imagine the look on VP “Race Bannon’s” face today as he strides the hallways, meting out justice? Man, I’d hate to be on his bad side.

  27. ‘No sooner had my head hit the pillow than the Democrats in the urban centers of states where Trump was leading—in Detroit, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Milwaukee—stopped counting the votes. Why would they do this? Because they wanted to stanch the flow of votes going to Trump and buy themselves time to determine how many votes they would need to win.’

    That’s a rather grave accusation.

    Where is the evidence for your conspiracies, Mr. Kimball?

    I visit the mainstream conservative voices @ Fox News, National Review, the Washington Examiner etc. and they do not peddle this kind of paranoid nonsense.

    • Paranoid nonsense that incites violence. I’m guessing that empathy is not Mr. Kimball’s strong suit, but he will be at least partly responsible for the injuries and deaths that result from this dangerous rhetoric.

    • Paranoid nonsense and Trump’s followers are no strangers to each other. I give you QAnon as Exhibit A.

      • God is not a democrat of republican….. please explain how you are going to tell him…. you supported the party that cheers about killing the unborn….up to and included the day of birth…..and after…..

  28. Roger Kimball has chosen a great persona for his act. He pretends to be a scholar and a man of some intellectual ability when, in fact, he is none of those things, if his sad attempt at a call to arms is any indication. It is time for him to stop being such a fan boy for Dumpty, while at the same time trying to get in with the cool, neo-nazi kids who spread the crap around about corruption etc. etc. 100, 000 ballots didn’t suddenly appear, Roger, and you know that. They’ve been there all along, everyone knew about them, they’re called mail-in ballots. Maybe you’re new to this whole politics thing, but mail-in/absentee ballots are all fine and dandy and there are mechanisms already in place to check for misdeeds. By all means, the Constitution protects one’s right to hold rallies, but if one is no longer president, it should be on his own dime. What would be better however, my young Mr. Kimball, is for everyone to grow up and behave themselves once any legal, legitimate inquiries (should the need arise) have been made and addressed. And you should probably do some remedial work on how elections work.

  29. It’s hilarious that Trump’s followers have to retreat into paranoid conspiracy theories – backed with no evidence whatsoever – to explain why the landslide they expected for their Dear Leader didn’t materialize.

    • You must be a shameful person to support a corrupt politician like Biden over a great American like Donald Trump.

      • Don’t waste your time. Shameless and Commiecrats are like shi’ite and flys.

    • Plenty of circumstantial evidence already – In Michigan, vast swaths of Biden votes in the wee morning, stacks of 100k together without a single Trump or 3rd party vote even peppered around, a statistical impossibility which screams shenanigans. The pause is the count is also highly suspect, and of course the media coverage is outrageous.

      Looking forward to the Veritas releases, perhaps there will be some more red handed video evidence, since that’s their modus.

  30. If the democrat party ever packs the Supreme Court , creates two new states out of D.C. and Puerto Rico and eliminate the filibuster rule there WILL BE a civil war. Americans will not stand for a one party state with a lock on the government.

  31. Before making these outrageous charges provide some tangible proof the Democrats are cheating. The reality is the GOP has illegally manipulated the vote. The polls are way off and given the care and effort to get the numbers right, it is highly unlikely that they misjudged the election by such large percentages. It is clear the Republicans have cheated. There is at least tangible evidence for this charge, unlike your bald-faced lie. But the lie does clearly demonstrate an indisputable truth about Republicans. They absolutely do not believe in one person, one vote. Republicans are striving as fast and as furiously as they can for a one party state where only people who have the right beliefs can vote.

  32. I too was surprised by the swing that occurred last night in WI and MI. Still, I see no solid or reasonable evidence of voter fraud. Trump barely won those states 4 years ago – is it a surprised that he barely lost them now? Especially considering the race tensions, COVID-19 and his “likeable” personality? Also throw in his ceaseless war with the mainstream media (I came to conclude this year that CNN is the communication wing of the DNC, it’s that simple).
    Barring a turnaround in Nevada (down 8,000 votes with +380,000 to count) combined with him winning PA, NC and GA as expected – he lost, it’s over. It’s that simple. I’m not happy about Biden being President but there comes a point where he has to accept it for the good of the country, be an American first, President second.
    Regardless of his loss, there is much to appreciate: Senate should stay controlled by the GOP, limiting Biden, SC is 6-3 and I don’t see Biden expanding it, China is being addressed properly and the pre-COVID-19 Trump economy is now the benchmark. Trump destroyed the Obama “New-Normal” economy limits.
    Perhaps the GOP will get its act together and bring forth a better candidate in 2024 after Biden takes the economy and U.S. employment rate down a few notches with his tax and global warming polcies.

  33. Kimball (& Black) are NOT QAnon loonies, but most of the snipers writing here, by way of reply to Kimball, wouldn’t so much as suspect a difference.

  34. I remember when Roger Kimball was a serious columnist.
    Now he doesn’t seem to understand that it takes a little time to count millions of votes.
    Does he think we should not count votes? Im not sure what he is suggesting by organizing mobs; other than to incite violence and try to intimidate the people counting the votes?
    What a wonderful patriot.

    • The fraud is just too blatant this time. And your amateurish Alinsky debate tactics are too weak to waste time with.

      You see we don’t merely disagree with you now. We see you as the treasonous scum you have degenerated into. We fight this time. Now tell me how patriotic your Chinese dominated ruling class is. I could use a good laugh.

      Senile corrupt Joe Biden as a patriot??? Hilarious. Say it with a straight face Soros troll, or Chinese bot or whatever you are.

  35. I’m trying to avoid obviously ‘right wing’ source and project veritas
    (even though they already won the libel lawsuit against the NYT )
    and I’m not spending longer than 15 minutes on this so I apologise for calling you a mushroom and also for not sending all the links I otherwise could of if I spent the effort to find them.

    in my book election fraud and voter fraud are almost interchangable btw
    (Video about poll workers invalidating votes)!

    Also worth noting that I’m against election fraud in general, investigate the claims and whoever is doing it regardless of party needs to be punished to the full extent of the law

    If Trump is doing voting fraud then thats a slam dunk reason to get him out of the white house

    If Biden is doing voting fraud same as above.

    Have a good day all and stay safe

    you probably won’t accept this link but have it anyway
    its crowder

    “Population of Dekalb Co, GA; 759,257

    Percentage of Dekalb Co, GA that is of voting age: 68%

    Total voting age population in Dekalb Co, GA: 516,322
    Dekalb Co, GA jail population: 2,906
    Total votes in Dekalb Co, GA: 546,711
    Total Discrepancy: 33,295 votes

    There are almost 35,000 votes in Dekalb Co, GA which are demonstrably fraudulent.

    That’s just one county in GA. – Rule Changes made at the eleventh hour (only months ago) by D’s just so that they have more leeway for fuckery this election

    also unrelated to voter fraud but worth a look is
    glen greenwalds site

    If I went for ‘right wing sources’ and veritas I’d have a million more links and video evidence but I’m not losing my job just because you don’t believe so your going to have to research this yourself
    (and by research I don’t mean watch more cnn or murdoch press monopoly)

    • Excellent post YD. I hope you don’t mind if I crib your sources and spread them around. All of the Soros swine and Chinese bots are only pissing me off.

  36. It’s ALL a Democrat scam – the enviro BS including the climate and green-energy fraud, the full-Gulag lockdown for Covid-19, paid-and-planned protests by Antifa and BLM, AND NOW the mail-in ballot election scam – it’s all lies.

    We published that the Climate-and-Green-Energy scam was a false narrative in 2002, and by 2009 I wrote that there was a covert agenda, Now the radical greens are admitting that “Global Warming / aka Climate Change and Green Energy” was false propaganda, a smokescreen for their Marxist objectives. Also in 2002, we predicted natural global cooling to start by about 2020 – and that looks highly probable now.

    I called Covid-19 correctly on 21March2020 – NO LOCKDOWN! Covid-19 was a relatively mild flu except for the very elderly and infirm. Covid-19 is less dangerous to the general public than seasonal flu’s of recent decades that nobody remembers – the lockdown was not just a huge over-reaction, it was a scam to steal the election.

    Sweden correctly did not impose the full-Gulag lockdown and had low death rates and has now achieved herd immunity – forget vaccines, all flu’s die because herd immunity is reached.

    The Covid-19 lockdown was used to enable the huge mail-in vote, where the Dems were able to produce hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of fraudulent ballots. All the pieces of the puzzle are now in place.

    The radical green objective is to destroy prosperity and move the USA into a planned economy – with a few rich at the top looking down on the many poor peasants – that now describes most countries – the USA is next if Biden wins.

    • Peddle your conspiracy theory bllsht to the families of over the 200,000 dead, you black hearted fcking idiot.

  37. If you lose, accept it. The election was not rigged. There was no cheating. Trump is a jerk, and people have had enough of it. It’s that simple.

    • Hahahahahahaha! Your butt-buddy China Joe has a son SO incompetent, he got busted for having a crack pipe AND his drivers license in a RENTED CAR! And you want “Gropy Joe” near the “Football”! Like I always say, all for your free shi’ite, because a coward to life like YOU and ALL Commiecrats NEEDS to be taken care of, MOOCH! Get a job and get out of mommy’s basement!

    • Why is everyone so against a recount? If you’re telling the truth and there was not vote tampering, everyone should welcome a recount. It would prove you right or wrong.

  38. Our democracy is based upon the belief that our votes will be counted. Counting our votes is not a threat to democracy – in fact, it is essential to democracy.

    If Trump has any proof of fraud, he is free to present it in court. I suspect he has none.

    Congratulations to Joe Biden, this country’s next president

  39. Plenty of circumstantial evidence already – In Michigan, vast swaths of Biden votes in the wee morning, stacks of 100k together without a single Trump or 3rd party vote even peppered around, a statistical impossibility which screams shenanigans. The pause is the count is also highly suspect, and of course the media coverage is outrageous.

    Looking forward to the Veritas releases, perhaps there will be some more red handed video evidence, since that’s their modus.

  40. oh Roger honey…you’re such a liar and an attention whore. Vote counting has not stopped and will not stop until all the ballots are counted. Count. Every. Ballot.

  41. The way I see it, the current scorecard for the Democrats is:

    * They won’t get the senate
    * They lost one governor
    * The electoral college is down to razor-thin margins in a handful of states

    So if you assume that they are stealing the election, the above scorecard suggests that they are indeed very incompetent at it, since they failed to acquire a rather juicy prize (senate) and are currently scraping the bottom of the barrel to see if they get enough votes to win some key states.

    They failed to grab, for example, Florida, which is huge and which polls put them way ahead in (so it should be easy to manipulate the results to reflect the polls, right? I thought we were trying to steal an election here?). If the Democratic party had Florida right now, there wouldn’t even BE a discussion to have here.

    So, basically, you are assuming that they are competent enough to steal the election, but not competent enough to do it in a convincing way that actually guarantees a victory. In what planet does that even make sense?

    • You’re overthinking this. Democrats cheat in their urban machines, but there’s no grand centralized conspiracy. If Democrats are running behind in a race, the local party bosses notice, so they wait until other counties report, figure out how many votes are needed, then “find” the votes.

      When the state government is willing to collude with the urban machines, or at least look the other way, as in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, etc., cheating is easy. When there are Republican state governments, as in Florida, it’s much harder for machines to get away with cheating.

    • Even a Demoscum simpleton like you should be able to understand that even your well practiced Demoscum Party machine can’t steal, cheat, and manipulate the ballots of every state in the union. Just the “blue wall”. 88% turn out in Milwaukee? Start the investigation there. The fraud is just too blatant as it is.

  42. Republican snowflakes: Save democracy!

    Also Republican snowflakes: Stop counting votes!

  43. Van Jones has laid out the Democrat response: Time Magazine has done a whole issue on “The Great Reset” and at Climate Depot, European science academics are claiming that “Economic growth is bad for the climate” The climate catastrophe theme has always been about ending capitalism. Sorry, Michael, there is always cheating in elections. Passions are aroused. people are angry, the only question is how much cheating there is and what was the effect. People who have summer homes in another state often register in both places. Somebody just got hauled off to jail for trying to vote in his dead grandmother’s name too many times.

  44. Your mouth is full of cookies and you are swearing you know nothing about them.

  45. I wonder how funny and stupid it is to call African countries third world when it comes to election rigging and vote buying when trump was doing this 20 days to election. Lastly, trump didn’t cry cheating when the election was going his way but when it didn’t, he started raving like the mad bull he is. How did the Democrats cheat when there is a ton of Republican arbitrators in the counting room? Even fox news didn’t peddle this brainless nonsense you wrote


  47. Evidence free conspiracy theories?
    Is this the new hangout for QAnon?

  48. If the Democratic party has the power to fix an election this easy, how come Trump won in 2016.? Why is the Senate not firmly in Democratic hands?

  49. Wow. Look at all the Demoscum trolls showing up on a conservative site all saying the same thing. Nothing suspicious there. Prove it, they all say. I agree with that.

    Investigate the fraud. Don’t argue with these traitors. Investigate.

  50. Strange that these states still counting weren’t able to start processing the mail in votes early because of GOP pushback, and now people are wondering “oh gosh, why is this taking so long” as we must work through millions to catch up and check for validity. Populous cities (which all major cities voted blue, even in the red states) will take longer to count because that’s how numbers work.

    You say the Dems are trying to steal, but what about the Republicans in Texas trying to toss out 140k legal votes from a drive up voting booth that requires a voters ID to participate? What about Republicans pushing back on not counting the legal votes that didn’t make it back in time because we decided to politicize the USPS?

    Don’t be a hypocrite. As mentioned above, maybe if it flipped into a dem blowout in all chambers of government, there’d be evidence of foul play. But there wasn’t. The states that were close before are close again with a slightly different outcome. House is more or less the same and Senate will also remain with the Republicans.

    Maybe rather than whine about losing (The same thing Trump supporters said to Hillary fans in 2016), why don’t we appreciate the opportunity at hand: we now potentially have a fairly balanced gov’t from a bipartisan standpoint. Maybe we – I don’t know – drop the pandering to only one base and actually try to come and work together finally. The direction we were heading was simply unsustainable, and it would behoove us as a nation if we would simply admit that to ourselves. And from these results it seems we maybe are starting to.

  51. Amazing. Swimming in, not just drinking the Trump Kool-Aid. I’m sure about the following:
    1. Media has always been hostile to and threatened by Trump.
    2. Polling was biased, maybe even designed that way by the major media outlets in an effort to discourage Trump voters.
    3. I’m sure there’s some mistakes, miscounts and maybe even minor fraud in some counties considering the 140 million who voted.
    That said, I don’t the mistakes and fraud could amount to more than 0.01%, too many eyes. So the sad set of facts is that:
    1. Majority of the American public is sick of Trump, his lies, BS, games, rudeness and incompetence.
    2. He will lose Arizona, Nevada and likely Georgia and that’ll be it – game over.
    Considering his incompetence on COVID-19 (discouraging the wearing of masks) and his horrible personality and tone, is anyone surprised.

    To my fellow conservative: you need to get on with your life and stop buying into crackpot ideas, get reality-based. You don’t have to like Biden but he’s the next U.S. President and you can vote against in 4 short years.
    If I’m wrong and there really is significant voter fraud – show us the proof, be fact-based, evidence-based. Unfortunately you won’t find any.

  52. Siren voices: you’ll have the Senate, there’s another election in four years, no big deal.

    No: once you allow people to more or less openly cheat their way into the White House, what are the chances they will ever hand it back, election or no election? Why would they?