Obama Can’t Get Past His Grudge Against Trump

Barack Obama and Joe Biden head to Michigan this weekend to hustle votes in one of the three states that helped elect Donald Trump in 2016. Recent polls show Biden with a comfortable lead in Michigan, but Democrats are taking nothing for granted in the final stretch; Representative Debbie Dingel (D-Mich.) on Wednesday warned Team Biden that the race is tightening. “So many auto workers who I thought were going to go back to Joe Biden were very clear with me…that they were voting for President Trump.”

Enter the Anointed One. Obama already has been on the stump twice in Florida, attempting to bolster Biden’s flagging support among Hispanic voters, and once in Philadelphia. The former president was planning to stay out of the race, according to his longtime political consigliere David Axelrod, but Trump’s antics have forced Obama onto the campaign trail. “He doesn’t view it as a personal grudge match with Trump,” Axelrod told CNN last week, defending yet another breach of precedent and protocol by the 44th president of the United States.

But of course Obama’s last-minute campaign activity is completely about his grudge against Donald Trump. As much as the news media loves to portray Trump as the one who is easily rattled, it is actually Trump who very easily gets under Obama’s skin. The former president is fixated on the man who succeeded him, the political foe Obama repeatedly said would never win the presidency. Few politicians are as thin-skinned, petulant, and vengeful as Barack Obama—just ask Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn—and it’s obvious that Donald Trump still gets the best of him.

The cool Chicagoan famously given the moniker “No Drama Obama” has appeared angry even slightly unhinged during his recent Biden campaign events—much like an aging rock star who goes from selling out 100,000-seat amphitheaters around the world to headlining suburban rib fests, Obama doesn’t exactly command the crowd he used to back in his heyday. He used a bullhorn to address a sparse crowd of Biden volunteers in Philadelphia on October 21; turnout wasn’t much better at speeches in Orlando and Miami. Meanwhile, his successor attracts tens of thousands of supporters across the country.

That’s gotta sting.

Which could explain why Obama is lashing out; rather than offer voters a compelling reason why they should elect Joe Biden, Obama is spewing his personal contempt for Donald Trump. The president, Obama claims, isn’t “interested in doing the work” and “doesn’t take the job seriously.” Donald Trump is just a showboating reality television star with low ratings. “You know that upsets him,” Obama lamely jokes.

His temper tantrums feature one lie after another; his demeanor vacillates between fury, desperation, and exasperation. Old enemies including Fox News and congressional Republicans are freshly reviled.

Riffing off the unsourced New York Times article about Trump’s income taxes, Obama accuses the president of paying more to foreign governments than to the federal treasury. He repeats the now-debunked story that the Russians placed bounties on U.S. soldiers serving in Afghanistan. “The commander in chief can’t be missing in action,” Obama rages.

And he regurgitates a despicable anonymously-sourced hit piece by The Atlantic that claimed Trump degraded the military, including those killed in action. “I can tell you this. Joe Biden would never call the men and women of our military ‘suckers’ or ‘losers’ Who does that?” Obama asks.

Trump’s Environmental Protection Agency, Obama alleges, is allowing “polluters free rein to dump unlimited poison into our air and water.” The man who authorized the use of the most powerful government surveillance tools in the world against Trump campaign aides said “it’s not normal presidential behavior” to threaten to jail your political opponents. “We have a president who lies multiple times a day,” preens the president who lied to Americans repeatedly about everything from health care coverage to terrorist attacks.

But nothing seems to irk Obama more than Trump’s economic record. Before the COVID-19 lockdown, the president could boast of an unrivaled period of economic growth, including rising wages for minorities and low rates of unemployment. “Donald Trump likes to claim he built this economy but I just want to remind you that America created 1.5 million more jobs in the last three years of the Obama Biden administration than in the first three years of the Trump Pence administration,” Obama bragged in Orlando this week. “That’s a fact. Look it up.”

Trump, Obama said, inherited a solid economy but “just like everything else he inherited, he screwed it up.” Biden and Obama at once accuse the president of doing “nothing” to combat COVID-19 while at the same time blasting Trump for wrecking the economy with the lockdown last spring, policies still imposed by Democratic governors to inflict more economic pain on their helpless constituents.

Not exactly the hopeful message on behalf of a candidate poised to win in a landslide.

Barack Obama knows that if Joe Biden is defeated, the loss will represent another repudiation of the Obama-Biden reign. Obama’s presence on the campaign trail isn’t really about helping his bestie win the White House, it’s about saving face. And if Donald Trump wins, no other political figure will have done more political damage to the man most presidential historians consider the most gifted politician of modern times.

That’s not exactly the legacy Barack Obama has in mind.

About Julie Kelly

Julie Kelly is a political commentator and senior contributor to American Greatness. She is the author of January 6: How Democrats Used the Capitol Protest to Launch a War on Terror Against the Political Right and Disloyal Opposition: How the NeverTrump Right Tried―And Failed―To Take Down the President. Her past work can be found at The Federalist and National Review. She also has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, The Hill, Chicago Tribune, Forbes, and Genetic Literacy Project. She is the co-host of the “Happy Hour Podcast with Julie and Liz.” She is a graduate of Eastern Illinois University and lives in suburban Chicago with her husband and two daughters.

Photo: WASHINGTON, DC - DECEMBER 05: (AFP OUT) President Donald Trump, first lady Melania Trump and former President Barack Obama listen as former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney speaks during the state funeral for former U.S. President George H. W. Bush at the Washington National Cathedral on December 5, 2018 in Washington, DC. President Bush will be buried at his final resting place at the George H.W. Bush Presidential Library at Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas. A WWII combat veteran, Bush served as a member of Congress from Texas, ambassador to the United Nations, director of the CIA, vice president and 41st president of the United States. (Photo by Alex Brandon - Pool/Getty Images)

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32 responses to “Obama Can’t Get Past His Grudge Against Trump”

  1. Obama thought he was going to be permanent President of the World. All the scams had been lined up just right, all over the world. Then this soy-free King David type shows up and upsets the apple.com-cart.

    • Obozo Is merely trying to keep from going to prison. A 2nd Trump term will almost certainly see him indicted.

    • I have always wondered why GOP ex-presidents tend to retire silently into the night and fade away whereas their Democrat counterparts remain politically active and dangerous. And what is it about Donald Trump that brought the Bushes stampeding out of the tall grass to join the Clinton’s and the Hussein O’s in stopping him?

      Something wicked this way comes.*

      *Ray Bradbury, Something Wicked This Way Comes.

      • Very true. Remember the John McCain memorial service? The whole event was a disgraceful Republican Democrat attack on President Trump. What little respect I had for President Bush completely evaporated.

  2. Man, it’s sad to see someone so unhinged at Trump that he can’t see straight. Barack Obama doesn’t care if Joe Biden wins, his appearances are all about him…just like everything else he’s ever done. It’s about time for him to just exit the political stage and be done with it.

    BTW, I don’t know what “presidential historians” say that Obama was the most gifted politician of modern times, but they’re wrong. I loved Reagan, but I posit that Bill Clinton was the most gifted politician I ever saw!

  3. It is obvious why Obama is taking stage. He and Biden made several dollars in corrupt countries. He is attempting to get Biden into office so they can control the narrative, thus stay out of jail. PLAIN/SIMPLE. HE IS AS DIRTY AS JOE AND HUNTER BIDEN.

  4. Trump vs Chump.

    PDJT draws thousands with his record and message of winning while Obama recently resorted to using a bullhorn to lecture a dozen curiosity seekers with his usual stuttering blather of divisiveness, despair and dooooooom…

  5. The author has no clue or is deliberately misdirecting. Obama’s antagonism (and that of other major politicos and business people) against Trump is not based on a mere grudge. For Obama, that’s maybe 5% of it. The rest is pure terror at what Trump, if reelected, can legally do to him for his treason and other crimes.

  6. Let’s hope the Deep State dies and Obama is their last fraud against the American people.

  7. Obama – The man who would be King; a latter-day model for the fairy tale story, “But the Emperor who has no clothes”. He is a sociopath and pathological liar whose levels of hubris know no bounds.

    Like all regressive – illiberal liberal progressives, Obama thinks the chicanery and fictions he believes that makeup the felonious “substance” of his self-centered perception of the world is the way the world should be.

    The fact he has never had anything substantive whatsoever to offer that produced any good, well founded, positive and productive grounded results?

    Well, as the Amish would put it, “That don’t make no never mind.” to Obama.

    So, we should not be surprised that he is acting like a spoiled brat who hasn’t gotten his way; stamping his feet and screaming; throwing hissy fits demanding he be given his candy NOW! He and his party – especially Dementia Joe and Hoe Kamala – have nothing good to offer except guaranteed despair and calumny.

    The President will be re-elected; hopefully we take back the House and hold the Senate and then

    – the President can begin in earnest – with no need to worry about re-election again – to raze to the ground, gut, drive a stake through the vampire like heart of the travesty

    That can only laughably with the most searing level of derision be referred to as “Obama’s legacy”.

    How SWEET it will be!
    MAGA 2020

  8. I changed my mind about what to do with Obama. I used to think we should just ignore Bathhouse Barry, let him die on the vine. But I no longer feel that way. History needs to be accurate. That means the truth must be told for future generations. And that truth is that Obama was a sneak and a creep that got elected simply because his father was black. His 8 years were a disaster. Trump was a huge success in his first term simply by undoing everything Obama had implemented. Barry’s insolence and bitterness is tied to his hubris. He caught the vapors because of the media’s deference to him. It was a deference Obama never earned. Just like the Nobel Prize he won for nothing.

  9. Since Obama is out making false accusations against the current POTUS, one would think some enterprising journalist would ask him about the lying to FISA courts to spy on political opponents that happened under his administration.

    • Obama was intentionally racially divisive and is singularly responsible for all the heightened race issues of today, one of many actions by him designed to destroy America and remake it is whatever dystopian model he and his global elite cabal buddies intended.
      He is behind all the BLM and Antifa hatred spewed throughout the nation today as the puppet for the Soros’s of the world.
      God help us all if Trump doesn’t prevail against these forces of evil and destruction.
      It is in the hands now not of man, but of God.

  10. Obama tried to be gracious after he left office. For two years and more, he held his tongue. It was Trump who was constantly bringing up Obama and criticizing him. He even took his portrait from the West Wing and put it in storage.

      • The Obamas were on very friendly terms with George and Laura from the day W. left office.

      • Exactly. Bush made some bold moves in Afghanistan and Iraq with Democrat support only to have that support quickly pulled back. It destroyed most support for the wars and turned easy military victories into Vietnam-like quagmires. In retrospect, these wars were mistakes, but they most certainly were not advanced by turncoats on the Democrat side. “Bush lied, people died!”, to which GWB and the Bush family said virtually nothing. Throw some insults at Jeb, and the Bush family circles the wagons with the Clintons and Obamas while sharing candy with Michele. Marquise of Queensbury McCain and Casper Milquetoast Romney did the country no favors in yielding their election hopes to punk Obama.

        Give me a fighter like a Trump every time to represent and protect American interest first in a world of grifters and tyrants.

    • Are you brain dead or just naive? there was no graciousness on his way out the door. Obama was in on the coup d’etat and he was the first president in history to eschew the peaceful transfer of power. His administration did all they could before, during and after Trump assumed the presidency to deter his administration. He is also the first president in our history who could be legitimately accused of treason and seditious behavior. Obama spent eight years trashing his predecessor. Putting his portrait in storage was a righteous move for someone who betrayed our country for eight years.

    • Ha ha ha ha….Obama held his tongue…Obama was praying the FBI and CIA and NSA would be able to cover their tracks to the spying and wiretapping that was going on during the Trump campaign.

      I did a quick search of all the crap Obama said about Trump in 2016, 2017, 2018. So, good luck with that false statement.

    • “The Obamas were on very friendly terms with George and Laura from the day W. left office.”
      Gee, Stan, is that why Obama blamed all his failures on George W. for 8 years?

  11. Obama, perhaps the worst president that we have ever had. A president that Balkanized the country on racial lines, destabilized the Middle East, destroyed Europe with Islamic refugees, enabled the Mullahs to spread terror throughout the world, dissed our allies, exported our jobs, blew up the health insurance industry, and all around attempted to fundamentally transform our country. Only thing, DJT has put a lie to the entire Obama presidency and that is why Obama is so invested in defeating him. We’re it not for the fifth column previously known as the MSM there would be no question that Trump would prevail once again.

    • I agree with you – but its still only a partial list of the travesties of hussein

    • Obozo is a lying stack of horse hockey. Without someone writing his speech’s and a teleprompter he’s nothing but Al Sharpton in disguise.

  12. I’ll go with the person who pointed out the natural ability Bill Clinton had, as opposed to the cold and smug BO, if we are going to start nominating candidates for “the most gifted politician of their generation.” For that matter, the huge crowds and “I love you” chants (after the left has done everything up to and including seeing that Trump supporters are harassed at their homes and even fired.)…says something about “gifted politicians,” as well.

    But people still supporting BO today? With all that’s come out? (Most of which we already knew from the net, but a lot of people don’t do independent research before an election). This guy is the most pompous, arrogant, self-righteous, anti-American human being to ever kick back and put his feet up on the USS Resolute desk. “Gracious” is probably the last word I’d used to describe him.ec

    Thanks to him, we’ll be lucky if we don’t have another civil war because the people he riled up under false pretenses are refusing to accept the usual transfer or continuation of presidential power every four years. That’s quite a legacy.

  13. It is incredible how diversely the style and specifics of the Democrats’ allegations vary by surrogate, while without exception describing themselves after substituting their own name for Trump’s.

  14. I don’t know what Obama is crying about.
    Trump did him a favor by learning Joe Biden is now the most corrupt politician of the 21st Century ahead of Obama and Hillary.

  15. Barack Hussein Obama is a prime example of the Peter Principle, i.e., a person rising to the level of his incompetence.

    And don’t forget that he was hired to be President twice SOLELY on his skin colour. Few people cared that he had ZERO experience in management or that he had never run a business at any level.

    He sounded very sophisticated and he had the right look. That’s all that was needed for people to have stars in their eyes for him.

    He was incompetent as President of the United States.

    And Donald Trump came in to clean up the mess left behind by BHO.

    Remember Jack Ryan.