Hunter Biden: White Crackhead Privilege

By now I’m sure you’ve seen the photo of Hunter Biden asleep on his pillow with a crack pipe dangling from his lips.

Now I want you to imagine being Alice Marie Johnson sitting in jail for 21 years for “cocaine trafficking.”

You certainly didn’t learn anything else about Hunter’s drug pipe from the media. They won’t even talk about it. The media loves Hunter—Alice not so much.

Regardless of what Hunter Biden is smoking, he has a problem. He’s the millionaire son of Joe Biden, who has been running for president since Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” was topping the charts and “Dirty Dancing” dominated the box office. Joe Biden ran for president and flamed out for plagiarism—a fancy word for theft—in 1987. He ran again in 2008 and lost to Barack Obama. He should have run for dog catcher.

Now he’s running again and his son’s tendency to impregnate strippers, freebase, and—oh by the way make million-dollar deals with hostile foreign countries—might end his third run for the brass ring in American politics. Look: people aren’t perfect, but how do normal nonviolent drug offenders who aren’t the sons of vice presidents get treated?

Hunter Biden is not an accomplished attorney, military leader, or businessman. He’s a millionaire because his name is Hunter Biden. How did he get to be a millionaire? He got there the old fashioned way, the same way Benedict Arnold became famous and the same way Mata Hari became famous: He traded honor for dollars.

Facebook and Twitter have done everything they can to hide Hunter’s cocaine-and-hookers act, but here’s the gist: He traded access to his father, then the vice president of the United States, for extremely lucrative deals with very questionable companies and associates, some of whom are enemies of America. He put the White House up for sale to the highest rollers and bidders.

Imagine Donald Trump, Jr. or Charlotte Pence Bond trying to pull this menagerie of corruption.

In Ukraine, Hunter got himself installed on the board of a shady energy company called Burisma. That company reportedly paid Hunter $83,000 per month. That’s more than most Americans make in a whole year. The emails found on Hunter’s hard drive that the tech tyrants don’t want you to see show Biden explicitly trading on his family name and for access to the highest levels of the American government to obtain that cash. In fact, that’s his only skill. Hunter Biden doesn’t know the first thing about energy or Ukraine. He just knows how to tell rich people who his father is and how that can benefit them. Cha-ching!

If his name were Hunter Wisniewski he would be living at the OTB drinking PBR.

Even worse, Biden linked up with Chinese companies that are themselves tied in tight with the communist government. No company can be successful in China without the communists’ blessing. This is no small thing. China’s rulers are a malevolent clique who despise democracy and use a diabolical “social credit” system to keep their people on a short leash. They have subjugated Hong Kong and are threatening India, Taiwan, and even the United States. Beijing’s communist butchers run sweatshops and Uighur concentration camps. They prop up the rocketman in North Korea. 

They are not misplaced Americans by any stretch. But there was Hunter Biden, working lucrative deals with them that, according to a text message he reportedly sent to his daughter, pay for the whole family’s wealth—including his daddy, Joe Biden, the man who wants to be president. 

This is a huge national security problem. China might be bankrolling a Biden Administration, and if the past is prologue, that means China will get all kinds of sweetheart deals while American workers lose out and suffer. Your job may be sold to a Chinese sweatshop by Hunter Biden who, by the way, has a meth problem. 

Back to Hunter Biden’s drug pipe. No one in the media seems to be interested in it at all. It’s right there in a photo. But other than the New York Post and the conservative media, you can’t find stories about Hunter and his apparent drug habit anywhere. Why is that?

It’s not like Hunter Biden’s drug problem isn’t an established fact. He tested positive for cocaine use in 2014, ending his very brief career as a U.S. Navy officer. He only got that job in the first place because someone—guess who?—pulled strings. Somebody had to build up the guy’s resume but Hunter had no particular skills that made him one of just the handful who obtain direct military commissions each year. He had a name, and his dad was then the vice president. Here, have a military commission!

But what if Hunter Biden was Alice Marie Johnson with that crack pipe? Or you? Or anyone who is not a rich, white Democrat with DNA matched to someone who might control the White House very soon?

How is the lack of any media or police interest in Hunter Biden’s crack pipe not a glaring example of so-called white privilege? 

If Hunter Biden were not the white son of a famous Democrat who wants to be president, and the media didn’t also badly want him to be president, would he be able to just lay there in a puddle of drool with his pipe?

What if Hunter Biden were the son of George Floyd? What if his girlfriend had been Breonna Taylor? How differently might his story unfold? Where are all the social justice warriors when you need them?

Is Hunter Biden the richest crackhead in history? Maybe, but he should follow the late Whitney Houston’s admonition that “crack is whack.”


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4 responses to “Hunter Biden: White Crackhead Privilege”

  1. The Biden family has a sordid past. Joe puts his kid, brother and sister out there to land the deals as “the big guy” sits back and gets a cut. Yesterday, it was revealed by his daughters’ diary that apparently he took showers with his young daughter. Hunter, admitted in text messages that he had behaved inappropriately with his 14 year old niece – walking around naked with a crack pipe. Not sure if this was before or after the affair of the 14 year old’s mom after his brother died.

    Joe & Jill sound like sleazy parents. And while Hunter is now an adult and could have chosen to exit the family business and stand on his own but instead probably liked the money, we can see the lasting effects on their parents on his self esteem.

    It’s a really sad story, but worse than that is Joe Biden’s ability to sell out his country for a few bucks.
    I pray for a Trump presidency, a new DOJ and that we put Joe in jail for his betrayal.

  2. His being white has zero to do with anything. We don’t have to look far to see plenty of individuals of other races who engage with impunity in behavior for which you and I would be locked up.

    Shame for dirtying up an otherwise great article with this idea (essentially admitting white privilege). I thought we knew better than that.

  3. Hunter does not have white privilege. He has political privilege, his father is well known and has protected his son through all of this. He has also provided cover for his son to make deals with foreign companies and leaders on his trips abroad. Joe Biden has sold out the citizens he claims to represent to gain millions for himself and his son. Big tech and the media do not want to report this story because it indicts their turning a blind eye to corruption at it’s worst.

    If Biden wins this upcoming election it will tell the world that American politicians are for sale and no one is going to prevent it. God help American citizens at that point, nobody will be looking out for them.