Why On Earth Would You Vote Democrat?

I know people who are still trying to decide whether or not to vote for Democrats in this election. As shocking as that might seem, it’s true. And as with any important decision that must be made, an important question to answer before deciding to do it is “Why?”

While I know some people simply vote for personalities, let’s assume for sake of argument that some undecided voters are actually thinking people who want to wrestle with what is at stake in this election for them, their families, and for the long-term future of America. 

In an honest search, information about key issues should be rather illuminating, if people have an open mind.

Trustworthiness matters on all issues, especially with healthcare. Checking the websites and listening to what they are saying, Democratic candidates are misleading voters by claiming that Republicans will take away the health insurance of every American including coverage for people with preexisting conditions. 

That is a lie. 

In fact, House Republicans in 2017 passed two healthcare bills, both of which provided coverage for people with preexisting conditions. Not only did both provide coverage but the legislation would have lowered costs for everyone else in every age category. But guess what? Democrats in the House and Senate opposed these bills. 

So, the Republicans introduced the Pre-existing Conditions Protection Act of 2017 and the American Health Care Act, voted “yes,” and sent it to the Senate—where every single Democrat in the Senate voted “no” (including vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris). 

But why would the Democrats attempt such an obvious lie? It’s like a kid with powdered sugar all over his face swearing to his parents that he did not eat the donuts. 

There are only three reasons Democrats might think they could get away with this lie:

  1. They think Americans so uninformed that we will believe anything they say;
  2. They don’t believe we will take the time to verify what they are telling us;
  3. They just lie.  

Democrats lying about an issue that is so personal to millions of Americans is understandable considering they voted to block the possibility of adequate, affordable insurance—no matter the preexisting conditions—for everyone in the country. They know they can’t admit that, because if the truth were understood by the American people, who would vote for them? They have to lie. 

Today, Democrats are basing their opposition to Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation to the Supreme Court partially on the argument that she might vote to end the Affordable Care Act (ACA). But the truth is that they are the ones who want to eliminate the ACA and they mean to replace it with a government-run, single payer system. 

Look it up for yourself. Democrats have been talking about the problems with the ACA for years, using those problems as a setup to impose their idea of Medicaid for All which would take away private insurance for everyone.

Democrats are afraid that Barrett might vote against current laws that allow unlimited abortion at any time during pregnancy—even to the point of killing a baby who survives a late-term abortion. But that is not mainstream American thinking, not even in left-wing places like New York or California.

Anyone who is still thinking of voting for the Democrats should probably have some understanding of what it will mean financially for his or her family. An impact analysis of the Biden-Harris economic plan versus the Trump-Pence agenda recently completed for Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, and Wisconsin should get people’s attention and is another thing easy to find on the Internet

It explains that if Biden and Harris are elected, their plan will be implemented and cost the average family of four in those states more than $40,000 per year. While the study focuses on those five states, rest assured, the economic harm would be felt by every family in every state. 

You should check it out for yourself at www.BattlegroundStates2020.org because what you don’t know will cost you a lot of money.

Democrats also like to say President Trump and the Republicans have mishandled the COVID-19 pandemic. After all, there have been more than 200,000 COVID-19 related deaths. 

Of course, that’s not even close to the truth. The World Health Organization (WHO) predicted America would suffer more than 2 million deaths and that our healthcare system would be overwhelmed. But the fact is 90 percent of the deaths predicted by the experts did not occur because the president and the Republicans did, in fact, act quickly and evidently, with accuracy and wisdom. In fact, CDC numbers say that only 6 percent or roughly 13,000 deaths have actually come directly from coronavirus alone and not as a result of some combination of factors.   

On top of that our country is not in the “great depression” many predicted—and, let’s be honest—hoped for. And recently, the World Health Organization has been encouraging countries not to lock down their economies. Because of the extraordinary vision our president has demonstrated for getting a vaccine developed, Operation Warp Speed will soon likely have a safe vaccine available for every American who wants it.

Which brings us back to the original question, “Why would anyone vote Democrat?” If you look at the facts and the substance of the issues, the answer should be evident: you should never vote Democrat, not in a million years.

About Ned Ryun

Ned Ryun is a former presidential writer for George W. Bush and the founder and CEO of American Majority. You can find him on Twitter @nedryun.

Photo: Filo/Getty Images

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92 responses to “Why On Earth Would You Vote Democrat?”

  1. All of you voting democrat should vote republican instead and take that money and donate it to a local charity. It would be far more efficiently used. But as was noted by the NY Times in their article “Bleeding Heart Tightwads”, lefties don’t actually donate to charities. They want YOU to donate to government. I can understand why 95% of the people living in the 5 richest counties in the USA vote Democrat, but as for the rest of them, it is a mystery.

    • Will DOnald Trump donate all the money he has taken from foreign countries, especially Russia?

  2. There are two categories of Democrats – the liars and the lied too.

    • Well stated. The latter [aka grubers] can be coaxed to poison themselves. For example: It is said that elderly voters favor Biden to quash the pandemic. Indeed. The Chinese Communist Party, one of the Bidens’ most lucrative “financiers”, is responsible for the morbidity/mortality from COVID-19 worldwide. And the CCP’s minions in the USA are the best to handle the pandemic? Does not compute!

    • Your standard bearer is the liar in chief. Who are you kidding lol!

  3. Give

    They are part of the GUFS party.

  4. Here’s your vote – And Biden?
    Well, his campaign “is controlled by people and a movement that believes America is bad.” Black Lives Matter, Antifa, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar. That whole cabal believe that America is deeply flawed, deeply imperfect and irredeemably unjust — and that’s a keyword: Irredeemably. America cannot be fixed, in their perverted view.

    America is beyond all hope.

    America must be destroyed.

    America must be torn down and rebuilt as a socialist paradise.

    Those are the people controlling Biden. Biden doesn’t think any of that. That’s the deal he made. Biden does not think any of that. That’s why he’s sold out on the Green New Deal and he sold out on packing the court. He doesn’t believe any of this stuff, but he had to convince Bernie Sanders he does — or, better stated, he had to convince Bernie Sanders that he will implement policies along those lines.
    We are living in a revolution — an actual revolution, not just the word. There is an actual revolution taking place. The American left is revolting against America as founded! They are not the Democrat Party of old. This is not the Democrats versus the Republicans. This is American Marxists and communists conducting a revolution against America, as founded.
    Liberalism is the most gutless choice you can make, and I mean precisely that.
    There’s an Obligation to the Nation Socialism must be defeated.

  5. “I know people who are still trying to decide whether or not to vote for Democrats in this election. As shocking as that might seem, it’s true. And as with any important decision that must be made, an important question to answer before deciding to do it is “Why?””

    Because no one in their right mind would look at the dumpster fire that is the Trump Presidency and say “yeah, give me four more years of *this*!”.

    • So you’re not denying Democrat pols are unbelievable liars. Thank you.

    • As Reagan asked, “Are you better off today than you were four years ago?”

      Four years ago, U6 unemployment was at recent-historic highs and the LFPR was at historic lows. Of the people who had jobs, more had part-time, no-benefit, jobs than full-time jobs-with-benefits. Trump reversed all that. That alone is what sensible people want four more years of.

      • PS: Four years ago, on average, people hadn’t had a real pay raise in twenty years. Trump fixed that too.

      • 4 years ago the U6 unemployment was almost back to where it had been before the great recession. Look at the trend on the graph, it didn’t change when Trump was elected. The trend was there before Trump, he didn’t fix anything, he didn’t bring a great economy, he inherited a growing economy and just hadn’t killed it. But in a good economy he cut taxes instead of paying down the debt. Instead he cut taxes with 83% of that going to the top 1% of the population. He increased the deficit by increasing a military budget that was the largest in the world.

        ANYONE with a brain will vote against Trump. Those who think like you are just buying the lies coming from him every day.

      • So 56% of those polled said yes they are better off than they were 4 years ago.

        TRUMP 2020!!!!!!!!

      • First of all, that’s a lie:


        And even *if* it were true (it’s not) the 225,000 people who have died due to the abject ineptitude and denialism of science when dealing with this pandemic, the self-dealing, the lack of any relationship with the truth, the deconstruction of our system of government, the toxic narcissism, the completely unhinged tweets and speeches, the blatant corruption, the dictatorial behavior (threatening to prosecute his political rivals), and on and on… we should ignore that, I suppose. Because, after all, that’s sensible?

        Trump is about to get housed. “Sensible” people are rejecting him.

    • An honest person would point out that its the dems are are lighting the dumpster fires. But its already been established that dems lie.

    • The only dumpster fire was the one set by the nutty Demos who tried to overthrow the President for no reason other than pure hatred. Demos should be utterly ashamed of their disgusting behavior.

      • Nope. Trump is the most corrupt president in history. Why would you trust somebody who created a fake university to scam Americans? And owes over 350 million to the Russian mob? Not to mention he outright lies, and pushes conspiracy theories. It’s just insane that you would back this criminal, and that’s why 57 percent of Americans disapprove of him. Trump is literally saying he would flee the country if he loses. He is a traitor and a criminal, and the Republicans are too pussy to do anything.

    • Right. Versus looking at Portland being burned to the ground with no liberals in charge stopping them and saying, “Oh, please! Give me 4 years of that! Lawlessness and anarchy! Whoo-hoo!”

      TDS is strong with you.

    • So you start a dumpster fire and then blame the guy standing next to you. Maybe you should stop starting dumpster fires and enjoy your prosperity.

    • Joe – I bet you fall into the lied to and believed it category. Want proof? Tell me one thing that equals dumpster fire. I will then point out how you are misinformed with actual facts and context . Deal?

    • Well Joe, maybe you’re just a little slow like Sleepy Joe. Think about it though if you can. Dems only fail because they have personality problems about Trump. Everything Trump has done for them policy wise in the last 4 years has been the right thing to do for the people. You are better off, everyone is. Conversely, everything being threatened by Sleepy Joe and Kommie Kamala in the next 4 years will be the wrong thing to do to Americans, just like it was when Obama committed these same policy errors in the previous eight. Try to make a good decision here. It is very important.

      • lay off the pipe son. We have 7 million+ cases of COVID 19 and 225,000 dead because he’s inept rage tweeting monkey. Maybe you should go and speak to the millions affected by the fact that their loved ones are now dead and won’t be sitting across the table from them at the holidays, or the grandparents who haven’t seen their grandkids in months whether they think that Trump has been doing “the right thing” for the country.

        Even Herbert Hoover had 40% support in 1932 when he got clobbered by FDR. There were people as clueless and stupid as you are back then too.

  6. You just mentioned one issue here, what about climate change, what about the fact that the president has proven time and time again he is not fit for office. He doesn’t listen to aides or read briefs. He is undisciplined and lazy, so yes, “personality” matters in every job, especially an executive of the US. Biden sucks, sure, but Trump has proven to be the lesser of two evils.

  7. I can think of only two reasons a person would vote Democrat. First you are a narcissist so you fit right in. Second you are self deluded and live in a fantasy world – in which case you would fit right in as well. Everyone else who has to live in reality should avoid the Democrats as if they were plague carrying rats.

      • Republicans call themselves “Patriots”, but it’s a lie. A true patriot would fund the government so it can function. Tax the corporations. Tax the rich. Give us innovation. Big business doesn’t give a crap about real innovation — we need to fund science and education. With Republicans running things, America is set for a fall.

  8. I’m a McCain/Bush Republican and I voted for Biden. Why you might ask?

    1) I’m tired of all the daily, non-stop drama from Trump. He can’t bring the country together.
    2) Apart from a tax cut for the top 10%, two supreme court, and judicial nominations he’s accomplished little that represents a significant contribution to a conservative agenda.
    3) He really messed-up the COVID-19 response and in doing so tanked a good economy.
    4) He disparages our military and our military families. (I served in the military).
    5) His fascination with Putin and Russia is troubling, at best.
    6) He owes someone 420 million dollars. Not a good sign.
    7) He has no real Christian values, covers-up his sexcapades with a Porn Star, and treats women like disposable sex-dolls.

    The list goes on…Is Biden a great choice? Probably not, but at this stage, supporting Trump defies logic, ethics, and upholding the core GOP principles and values.

  9. The only reason anyone needs to vote a straight Democratic ticket would be to know that a Democratic win of the White House and control of the Senate would end Vladimir Putin’s free reign to undermine the United States unchallenged. There. I answered your question.

  10. The Democrat’s “Resistance” to Trump’s victory in 2016 have created every bit of the 3 and 1/2 years of media vindictiveness and lies, political gridlock, congressional faux impeachment, pandemic hysteria, protest chaos, anarchist race riots and and election interference and voter intimidation. And they blame it all on Trump. It’s supposedly all his fault for being president. Of course, what ever lie the Democrats accuse someone of doing, especially named Trump, it is what a Democrat is doing. Most recently illustrated by the allegations of kickbacks and corruption of the Trump family actually being done by the Biden family. Just like the allegations against Trump of collusion with Russia actually done by Hillary Clinton. The Obama administration was only the tip of the iceberg of destruction Democrats have in store for America. Democrats are dreaming of a Biden victory bringing a Truth and Reconciliation Commission with commensurate concentration camps. Anyone who votes Democrat is like a Jew sheepishly boarding a livestock boxcar headed to the slaughter house.

  11. I was triggered by the title of the article. If you believe in survival of the fittest, you vote republican. If you believe all people should get the same opportunities and government should protect the weak, you vote Democrat. It is a matter of how you look at the world. In case of the presidential election, you must be insane to vote Trump. He is an overconfident idiot, which is exactly what you do not want as the leader of the free world.

  12. It is Communism versus Capitalism. Its NOT about Biden & Trump. Leave them out of it. It is a far left radical agenda that will be forced rapidly down our throats,& the transformation will be irreversible! Forget about your freedoms – it will be GAME OVER! If you care at all for our democracy, you MUST vote R!!

  13. Maybe to save the American experiment in democracy, support honesty, dignity, respect for American democratic traditions, expect competence, provide world leadership, respect all people, and perhaps, extremely important to me, respect service in the US military. Trump is the United States of Me. Stuns next the level of cognitive dissonance required to look past this fact.

  14. I am voting Dem because Trump and Republicans lie about everything, are corrupt to the core, and do not give a DAMN about the future of this country. They are everything our Founders feared about political parties. Support The Constitution and Our Republic! Vote Dem!!!

  15. Republicans controlled the House, the Senate and the Presidency for all of 2017. What are you people talking about? Republicans cannot govern.

  16. The pictures of the Elephant and the need to be replaced. I believe that it is more accurate to depict the Democrats as Sheep for their “herd” tendencies that flock together in a mass. Meanwhile the Elephant should be replaced with a goat. Goats, while still considered herd animals are much more independent than sheep and are more likely to try to get OUT of their pens and so forth. Also, they are willing to defend themselves more vigorously.

  17. https://www.politifact.com/factchecks/2017/may/04/robert-pittenger/does-new-version-ahca-protect-coverage-pre-existin/

    The AHCA only guaranteed that insurance was available to those with pre-existing conditions – it wouldn’t cap the amount that could be charged by an insurance company like Obamacare does.

    It took me two minutes to look this up.

    You are a lazy writer and a piss poor critical thinker, and half the accusations you levy at Democrats you are guilty of yourself. Your cynicism has almost gone full McConnell.

    North Carolina Republican Robert Pettinger said that if rates go up under the AHCA, people could move to different states to find better coverage.

    Think about that – you have to move states, potentially changing your job or wholesale quitting and hoping for a new one just to afford health insurance. We’re assuming that anyone in that position has money saved up to make such a move, a family that’s willing to go along with it, a community that supports them, etc.

    Republicans are tone-deaf and don’t give two buckets of piss about pre-existing conditions.

    The modern Republican party exists for one reason, and one reason only – to lower taxes for wealthy people. They are unwilling, and frankly incapable, of governing. They do not have a plan for America except to lower taxes and stoke fear in white Christians. Disgusting. If you make less than $400,000 a year, you are being fully hoodwinked by a bunch of cynical, hypocritical lobbyists-congressmen.

  18. Anyone who would seriously ask that question is one fcking gullible idiot. I’m almost sixty years old, and for most of my life, I’ve watched as Republicans have sided with the wealthy, and big corporations, against working people, and the poor, over and over again. Only two types of people vote Republican – greedy, selfish millionaire, and ignorant, gullible rednecks…

    And then there is Trump, who is nothing more than an incompetent, thin skinned, name calling, playground bully, bigot, and draft dodging coward who makes fun of the handicapped, the poor, and our veterans and POWs. He is a disgusting, despicable, mean spirited disgrace of a human being with a shriveled little black heart, as are most of his followers.

    And stop it with the “Democrats only want more free stuff”. That’s bullsht. Most of my family members are Democrats, and we’ve all worked our asses off, all our lives. None of us has ever taken a handout of any kind, and any one of us could work you fat ass, bigmouthed Republicans under the table in our sleep.

    I haven’t voted for a fcking Republican in decades, and I goddamned sure won’t be doing it this time, either – or ever again.

    • I would never vote Democrat- I am neither a Crook, An Idiot or a Stroke victim.

    • I’m guessing you’ve never had much more than menial employment, either. BTW, it is Trump that is fighting for American workers against China…I just moved two more stamping dies sets back here to the States and one to Taiwan due to the tariffs on Chinese goods which were long overdue.

    • So higher taxes yes? everyone who paid income tax got a cut in Trumps tax cut
      Open borders with health care for all illegals yes?
      Reparations, yes?
      No charter schools , no school choice, yes?
      No fracking, energy was our biggest growth industry over the last 4 years, but yes?
      New green deal, you support a grid like CA, rolling blackouts, yes?

      Only an idiot would say yes to the above. Look in the mirror to find one.

    • ^This guy gets it. Trump is a complete disgrace, and articles like this that try to make a case, while ignoring what a piece of shit Trump is, are a complete waste of voters time. Wake up dude.

    • I’m just amused that you are one “fcking gullible idiot”. I just have to look at the state of any area in the country you Democrats rule (and I live 20 minutes from Chicago) to see why you all should never hold power (unmitigated poverty, stark authoritarianism, and non-stop poisonous identity politics nuttery).

      For all your whining about Trump (and he is a moron who says stupid things and constantly shoots himself in the foot), you’re just worse in every way possible (liberty, income, taxation, our quality of life and standards of living).

      But it is amusing to watch you all burn, loot, and attack random people in the streets of your cities.

      • So why are all the red states taking money from the blue states to survive? Why are the red states the ones with little or no health care? Why are the red states limiting abortion while unwilling to fund maternal health care? Why are the red states “right to work” states, meaning the right to work for less money and no benefits? Oh, and the red states have terrible education statistics too.

    • Even after 60 years….you are never learned, What a dumkopf u are! MoreOn!

    • Michael, I will not be a victim to socialism or communism. I was a JFK Democrat. We hated Communism. Today, the DNC embraces socialism/communism and other collectivist ideologies which are anathema to our Constitution. AOC and Bernie fully embrace communist regimes like Cuba and Venezuala. JFK would NOT be allowed in today’s DNC. MLK would be 100% against BLM. And today, I’ll not vote for a traitor in Joe Biden or a sick and twisted man who allows his 14 year old granddaughter to be molested by her uncle as the uncle, Joe’s son, walks around nude smoking crack and worse – Joe allowed it to continue. That came out today. You’ll not hear a word from the MSM. The FBI underage sexual exploitation special supervisory agent signed the warrant for Hunter’s computer. The intelligence services have confirmed that there was no Russian conspiracy involved with Hunter’s computer. The DNI, the CIA, and the FBI all denied lying Adam Schiff’s claim of Russian disinformation. The Democrat lies have all been proven to be lies even when Muller tried to find dirt – there was none. You probably know none of this because you listen to corporate news. Your news is no longer local. It is owned by the very people you proclaim disdain – multinational conglomerates – Wall Street. 6 companies own 95% of our news.

      I don’t listen to President Trump as much as I pay attention to what he has done and accomplished. I’ve never seen a President who has kept his word like this president through his accomplishments. He has done everything he said he would do unlike all the previous Presidents of my lifetime since Eisenhower. With the decades long graft and illegality that Joe has engaged with enemies of the United States – and the proof is all on Hunter’s computer and in the wire transfers – no one who is an honest American could vote for Joe Biden.

    • This “incompetent” has accomplished more in 3 1/2 years than Biden has in 47 years.
      This is the same Biden where Robert Gates, who served as defense secretary for the Obama administration, said in his Memoir, “Biden has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.”
      Almost 60 years old and you can’t separate substance from style.

    • I guess you always worked a job in a company owned by poor people. I guess you never had a retirement plan that had investments. I guess you understand that 90% of the rich in this country are self made, not inherited wealth. I bet you think Jeff Bezos has an Olympic size swimming pool under his house full of $100 bills. (Hint: his $billions are at work creating more jobs, even if it is so people can earn a living building a yacht.)

    • This is hilarious! See if you can spot the ad hominem attacks from the guy claiming to be sane:

      “Trump, who is nothing more than an incompetent, thin skinned, name calling, playground bully, bigot, and draft dodging coward..”

    • Typical hateful filthy lying democrat. The dope fiend democrats love trained seals like you repeated their hate speech and lies. Allowing them to fiend for power, control and other peoples money.

    • Hi Michael, I’m a republican. I’m none of the things you attribute to others like me. In fact most republicans are nothing like your description. I used to be a democrat so I know how you feel. I love this country so I will be voting republican again.

  19. Democrats main platform goals.
    1. Mandate you buy their “insurance” so they can use higher premiums to redistribute wealth to others who don’t pay. That’s not insurance.
    2. Increase corporate taxes to be “fair.” Sure, corporate tax revenue declined by $70 Billion after the tax cut, but payroll & income tax revenue rose $550 Billion over the same period due to the 43% increase in business investment that created millions of jobs.
    3. Defund police, open borders, and reparations are all on the list.
    4. But before they do that, they’ll outlaw “military” weapons, which will mean everything in the end, because you can’t be a true totalitarian dictator with a well-armed citizenry.

    What a wonderful mess they’ll make of us.

  20. Why? Perhaps because some people actually care about other people. A better question is why would you vote Republican. Look around, our country is in the worst shape it has been in since the late 70s, and the Republican Party is nondescript besides being virulently hard right. Just ugly. The tone of this article just screams ‘selfish asshole’, and that seems to be unifying theme for voters on the right these days.

  21. “So, the Republicans introduced the Pre-existing Conditions Protection Act of 2017 and the American Health Care Act, voted “yes,” and sent it to the Senate—where every single Democrat in the Senate voted “no” (including vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris). ”

    Ah I see what you did there, you lumped two things together, then let the reader assume you meant to clump them together in the second part of your sentence.

    The Pre-existing conditions protection act of 2017 was never voted in on the house. It was introduced and never advanced.

    It’s also funny then how you accuse democrats of doing the literal thing you just did of “They think Americans so uninformed that we will believe anything they say;
    They don’t believe we will take the time to verify what they are telling us;
    They just lie.”

    Then you get to COVID-19 and the comorbidities… Oh boy.

  22. Any white American who votes for Biden is voting for open borders, abolish the police and the genocide of white America. White Americans who vote for Trump want their children to have a future, where they can live in peace, and raise THEIR children in safety. If you are white, vote for Trump or prepare to live in the hell Biden and blacklivesmatter will create in our country.

    • Dear moderator – you did not let a reply of mine go through earlier which was thoughtful, but let this racist horseshit in. Open borders? Genocide of white people? Ugly people over there on the right. Have a nice day.

    • Wow, because that’s not at ALL racist….

      I literally stopped what I was doing to say that by that statement alone, you are a cowardly klansman piece of shit racist (assuming you aren’t a Russian bot, of course. Eff you Vladmir Vladmirovich!)

    • I hate to tell you, but Black and Brown people are free to vote for Trump for the same reasons.

    • Quit drinking the KoolAid, and listening to the Republican bullsht hyperbole. We do NOT want open borders. We want reasonable, ethical, and compassionate border control. We do NOT want to abolish the police. We want them held to high, ethical and moral standards. Are we are NOT in favor of genocide for the Caucasian race – duh, most of us are white! We just want people of all races, religions, sexual orientations, creeds, and belief systems to be treated equally, and fairly. Quit buying into the Republican hate speech. It’s bullsht, pure and simple.

      • Michael, you sound reasonable, but your party is not. The issues you talk about above could easily be pursued under a republican banner. The marxist left has established a strong foothold in your party. The right wants to leave you alone, the left wants to make you a “better” person.

  23. Indeed shocking that people would even consider NOT voting Democrat.

    Trump is an absolute disgrace.

  24. interesting, the author is a former writer for George W. Bush. perhaps he could answer as to exactly why hundreds of former GWB officials have come out and endorsed Joe Biden?

  25. Why on earth?
    I guess the author has been on a different planet the last year.
    I can imagine people vote republican or democratic. The only difference needed is a different view on what happened last year. Which is completely ignored in this piece. But it shows clearly the present Republican message has difficulty resonating outside its own bubble.
    We will see what happens. The dice is rolling…

  26. I’m a true political independent, I don’t care for the far left any more than I can stomach a far right christian moralizing to others how to live. The one thing I’ve never been able to square away with Republicans on health care isn’t the pre-existing exclusion issue. That should always be illegal, and it never should have been allowed if an insurance company has a charter to sell insurance. But, the real question is how do you make these plans affordable? That was never communicated by anyone, other than political speech.

    I’m trying to be non-political, because health care is more important than the politics of the day. This is life or death stuff, so we should elevate the discourse. I want to know what makes it affordable. Shopping across state lines is what I hear conservatives offer, but that doesn’t mean it lowers prices enough to be affordable. Democrats have offered the subsidies through the ACA, which dulls some of the pain, but in my judgment doesn’t make it affordable enough.

    As someone who is an independent, I am actually fully open to the concept of just doing away with Medicaid altogether, so long as there is a subsidy there to pay for a private health plan. I don’t understand why Medicaid is available to some people, up to whatever the poverty wage is considered, then it automatically isn’t, and then the subsidies don’t pay enough to cover the plan.

    But Republicans have never offered any way to offset these enormous costs. If we go to a totally private system and do away with Medicaid as we traditionally know it, there needs to be a full subsidy to cover the premiums because its too much for an individual to bear in most cases. Most of these “affordable” insurance plans don’t pay benefits, thinking back to the years before Obamacare.

    This is something that is never communicated and the conservatives have to come up with a plan. It can’t be “more affordable” by allowing insurance companies to deny payments or simply shopping across state lines. That isn’t affordability.

  27. I’ll vote Democrat. This experiment with a faux republican is a failure. Spend, spend, spend and no healthcare plan, no immigration policy, CHILDREN orphaned by a racist. Anyone who claims to be a follower of Christ cannot support this Republican ticket.

  28. In 2017, Republicans were the majority in the House and Senate. So they could have replaced the ACA if they so chose. It’s just that they themselves could not come up with a replacement to the ACA that they could agree on.

  29. You might vote Democratic if you don’t want big government butting into our private lives. Republicano want to repeal Roe v. WADE, the ruling that says we should trust individualAmericans to manage their personal affairs, like pregnancy, without government interference. Once Republicans dump Roe, deep-state bureaucrats will have the power to micro-manage every pregnancy. Why would a Conservative vote for that?

  30. This is so easily debunked it’s hilarious. You say Democrats are liars (many are), but you yourself aren’t any better (also Trump is a lying machine)

    Does new version of the AHCA protect coverage for pre-existing conditions?

    One of the key sticking points over U.S. House Republicans’ plan to repeal and replace Obamacare is what will happen to people with pre-existing health conditions if this new plan passes.

    North Carolina Republican Rep. Robert Pittenger supports the bill. He said Tuesday that people still would be able to buy health insurance even if they already have cancer, heart disease, diabetes or some other type of health issue.

    One of the biggest changes in the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, was a requirement that insurers cannot reject people on the basis of pre-existing conditions or charge them exorbitant rates for their premiums.

    “The American Health Care Act absolutely does not eliminate protections for pre-existing conditions,” Pittenger said.

    However, that is misleading.

    It’s an issue that affects many people, too. According to the nonpartisan Kaiser Family Foundation, more than one in four Americans between 18 and 64 has a pre-existing condition – including more than 1.6 million people in Pittenger’s state of North Carolina.

    Of those, 86,000 North Carolinians with pre-existing conditions buy their insurance through the Obamacare marketplace, according to Avalere, a Washington, D.C, health care consulting company – as do nearly 2.3 million people nationwide.

    President Donald Trump made a similar claim to Pittenger’s, saying on April 30 that “pre-existing conditions are in the bill.”

    Pittenger made his claim two days later. However, nothing changed in that time regarding the AHCA’s proposed rules for protecting people with pre-existing conditions.

    So Pittenger’s claim misses the mark, too.

    The AHCA does keep the requirement that people with pre-existing conditions must be offered health insurance. But it would drop Obamacare’s rules capping how much extra those people can be charged.

    The part of the AHCA dealing with pre-existing conditions is the MacArthur Amendment, named after Republican Rep. Tom MacArthur of New Jersey.

    So it appears people wouldn’t pay wildly different rates due only to their gender, which is also the case under Obamacare. But by contrast, insurers would only have to provide access to coverage for people with pre-existing conditions. It says nothing about the rates of that coverage.

    That means if the AHCA passes, it would allow for people with pre-existing conditions to be charged more per year for their insurance coverage – possibly to the tune of thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars more per year, some studies have found.

    The exact amount might differ regionally, since some states might not allow the higher rates.

  31. Democrats and their media say Republicans want to take away healthcare coverage of preexisting conditions. In addition to the facts in this article, note that preexisting conditions were automatically covered by law in employer provided healthcare, over 85% of the US market before Obamacare eliminated employer plans. This was the first mass elimination of preexisting condition coverage. And then Obamacare resulted in increased premiums and deductibles that resulted in people essentially being self-insured. As a result, most Obamacare participants ended up in Medicaid.

    In addition, Trump signed “Executive Order on An America-First Healthcare Plan” on September 24, 2020 which includes the following language.
    “This includes a steadfast commitment to always protecting individuals with pre-existing conditions and ensuring they have access to the high-quality healthcare they deserve. No American should have to risk going without health insurance based on a health history that he or she cannot change.”

    My Administration has always been committed to ensuring that patients with pre-existing conditions can obtain affordable healthcare, to lowering healthcare costs, to improving quality of care, and to enabling individuals to choose the healthcare that meets their needs. For example, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, my Administration implemented a program to provide any individual without health-insurance coverage access to necessary COVID 19 related testing and treatment.

    Sec. 2. Policy. It has been and will continue to be the policy of the United States to give Americans seeking healthcare more choice, lower costs, and better care and to ensure that Americans with pre-existing conditions can obtain the insurance of their choice at affordable rates.

    But the Democrat lies persist. They even put these lies in Biden campaign ads.

  32. Our problem this year is that either way, Trump or Biden, we’re voting for a Democrat. Case in point is Trump’s insistence on the COVID relief package.

  33. Wow! Are there really people so incredibly gullible and misinformed that they believe this garbage? Here are a few inconvenient facts for Republicans.

    1. Historically, through the end of 2019, the pace of job creation has been 80% better under Democratic administrations (that’s the full data set, not some cherry-picked subset). That’s a huge blowout for Democrats. It turns out that the pace of job creation has declined every time a Republican administration followed a Democratic one and increased every time a Democratic administration followed a Republican one. This has now happened 10 times in a row. The odds of this happening by chance are more than 1,000 to 1.
    2. GDP growth has been 138% better under Democratic presidents. Again, this is the full data set through 2019. That’s like a basketball game with a final score of 119 to 50, an epic blowout for Democrats.
    3. The S&P 500 (and its predecessor, the S&P 90) has gone up 8,381% under the last 7 Democratic administrations. Under the past 7 Republican administrations, plus Trump’s so far (through September 2020), it has gone up 56%. See the NY Times article “Bulls, Bears, Donkeys and Elephants,” which detailed the results by party through early October 2008. That’s 8,381% vs 56%. There is no sports analogy for that.
    4. Despite the fact that blue states provide large subsidies to red states, blue states still outperform red states when it comes to quality of life measures like health, education, income and crime (e.g., the Republican dominated South has the highest homicide rate, the liberal Northeast has the lowest).
    5. Is this author really trying to paint Democrats as liars? Jesus. Donald Trump is the most dishonest president in American history, with more than 20,000 documented lies and deceptions just since he took office. He’s a fire hose of lies.

    This short opinion piece is filled with lies, including the preposterous lie that Democrats “are the ones who want to eliminate the ACA” and the ridiculous lie that “current laws that allow unlimited abortion at any time during pregnancy—even to the point of killing a baby who survives a late-term abortion.” This isn’t even close to being true. And no, the WHO didn’t predict that the U.S. would have more than 2 million deaths from the virus. Who would have predicted that the U.S., which was supposedly better prepared for a pandemic than any other country, would have the 10th highest death rate in the world (8th worst excluding tiny countries)? That’s the Trump effect. The thing to remember about Republicans is that, like Trump, they lie constantly. The truth doesn’t work for them.

  34. Character, accountability, and genuine concern for public welfare was bludgeoned, dismembered, burnt into ashes, and buried in an uncharted forest far from humanity.

    And it was a joint effort by Demoncraps and Repugnocants, incumbency guarantees corruption, dishonesty, disingenuousness, and cloaked disdain by these uncaring immoral unethical politicians!

    Good luck with that crucial vote in 13 days, you will be cowering and kneeling regardless of who is crowned ruler, er, President then… Because 85% of incumbents all across the land, be it local state or federal will be in place after 2024…

    If we still have a country then…

  35. Imagine finding this article persuasive, lmao. I would fact check it (e.g. the “2 million” figure was if the US did literally nothing to stop the pandemic’s spread — hardly a high bar that Trump cleared), but it seems pointless on this trash rag of a hellsite. I’m commenting just to register that I am not convinced. This article failed to even mention humanity’s biggest threat; I am voting Democrat mostly because I want the environment to outlive me.

  36. Go do the research on who is paying all the taxes to run this country. It ain’t Republicans. They either 1) don’t make the money to begin with or 2) are crooked enough not to pay taxes. Then the deplorables get offended when they’re called what they are. I’m back to .. Democrats get the blue states .. you can have the rest of the country. I’m very sure who comes out on top. Republicans are not the innovators and leaders of the next century. They’re just sad people who want to turn back time. Sorry .. you are the past .. we’re moving on to a greater society than what’s left of your party ..

  37. I have been paying attention to politics for the duration of the past four presidencies. In this time I have never seen a good republican president and never seen a bad democratic president. That is why. In retrospect, I would say that the last good republican president was Eisenhower. Republicans in Congress are no better either. They’re both destructive and cowardly. At least Democrats aspire to good governance, republicans just aspire to chaos.

    • You are probably too young to remember Jimmy Carter and the economic disaster during his term as President. Yes, I know, it was the republicans fault. Fortunately, Renoldus Magnus came along and righted the ship. I supported Goldwater over Johnson, who started the debt snowball with his Viet Nam war and his “great society” voter purchase. How is it that Biden has been in politics 47 years and is now filthy rich? He is as corrupt as a person can get.

    • The last Democrat who aspired to good governance was Reagan – who changed his affiliation because his old party left him in 1969.. As for chaos: Remember Lyndon B’s maxim that it is better to have them pissing inside and out than he other way around. Wih he republicans you have people who agree on ethics and most of the Constituion..

    • So you pay attention. I wish I knew what too. Because No one, Bill Clinton or the 2 Bush’s or Barry Obama, can come anywhere near what Trump has done for the American people. If you can’t see that you must be either stupid or a CNN or MSNBC news watcher. Because Obama lied to get elected and then sent us into a great recession. Clinton at least worked with Newt Gingrich. Now I’ll give you the 2 Bush’s they were idiots. Obviously your an old fart that would have voted for a blue dog way back in Eisenhowers day. Get a clue and read instead of listening to CNN and MSNBC maybe you can be
      saved. Other wise just stay home and believe what you hear on the news and don’t think for yourself. That’s what all good little Dems do. Because obviouly they can’t read.

  38. I am an independent voter of many years who has voted both Republican and Democrat in the past, and has occasionally *gasp* split the ticket on my ballot. The current mindset in which all Democrats or all Republicans are evil individuals, bent on destroying the other group and our country is based on a lack of imagination, and the desire of authors and publications to generate views and money for their media. Once you get out in the real world, you may find a crazy Democrat or Republican here or there, but most are just American citizens, trying to work and provide for themselves or their families.

    In this election, I have some Republicans I plan on voting for. However, at the top of the ballot I will be voting Biden. Donald Trump is a narcissist and an imbecile, who hopefully has not yet damaged America’s foreign policy, economy, and political discourse beyond repair. Biden is a moderate Democrat, who I believe AOC and company will have less luck manipulating than they may believe.

    Good luck, all.

  39. Why would Democrats vote for the Republican-written bill when it would, in fact, leave more people uninsured? According to CBO estimates, H.R. 1628 would lead to 14 million more people being uninsured than would be under current law (ie , the ACA). Interesting that you would leave that part out of the article. You also seem on board with the “only 6% really died of COVID” line that is proven BS. Yeah, I’m sure all those people suffering from obesity and diabetes would totally have died had COVID not given them that additional push. Except for the fact that the CDC (remember when you referenced their data? Here some more) has shown that there are 300K additional deaths beyond the the normal trend. I would encourage anyone who reads essays and articles by this author to do your own research. The CBO and CDC data is easy to find. Don’t let biased articles full of misinformation influence you.

  40. Those voting for Democrats are voting in Marxists. Marxism is an ideology. Put in practice, it is COMMUNISM!
    So, all of you lifetime Demos, g.f.y., idiots!

  41. Those voting for Democrats are voting in Marxism. Marxism is an ideology. Put in practice, it is COMMUNISM! So, all of you lifetime Demos, aren’t you idiots?

  42. I have never read a piece of writing that appears to be so earnest as this one written written by Mr. Ryun, and yet is filled with so many specious arguments. Beyond that, the complete unkindness towards more liberal and progressive thinkers is stunning. You do understand that President Trump has explicitly stated that he disregards half the country, the blue states where people have different philosophies? No president has ever only been a president to half the country in so disdainful of a way, to the point of punishing states and cities by withholding money needed for crisis after crisis like wildfires (on federal lands!) and COVID. I would never support a leader who actively punished my countrymen and women for disagreeing with him/her. A progressive president who treated conservatives with such utter distain would also not deserve to be president. We need someone who will work for us all. In your heart you know that isn’t Trump. We have different ideas but we are all people. I’m very, very sorry to say this, but Mr. Ryun, you don’t appear, in this piece of writing, to be focused on the common good.

  43. Well I’m a Republican but unfortunately I have to admit that my (formerly) beloved president Donald J. Trump lied to us too. If not for saying ‘the virus will disappear in a day’ and had done something to prevent it from spreading my son may have been alive today.

    I was supporting him so much, I thought he would have saved America but turned out to be a hypocrite. The reason why he downplayed the virus? Well he is a businessman restrictions would have hurt his businesses and thus his wealth. I’m not voting for him again but neither Democrats, maybe a third party that really cares about us

  44. Why on earth would a person who is accusing the other party of lies tell such blatant lies? Why on earth was the Pre-existing Conditions Protection Act of 2017 necessary when the ACA already provided protection? Because the Republicans were sneakily trying to cover people with pre-existing conditions but not preventing insurance companies from charging them more for those pre-existing conditions.

    More lies: “The World Health Organization (WHO) predicted America would suffer more than 2 million deaths and that our healthcare system would be overwhelmed.” Right. If absolutely nothing was done. Things were done, but mostly by governors, mayors and the citizens themselves. Trump did nothing except institute a toothless travel ban.

    “In fact, CDC numbers say that only 6 percent or roughly 13,000 deaths have actually come directly from coronavirus alone and not as a result of some combination of factors. ” In fact is a strange word to use here when a person is presenting facts in a dishonest manner. We’ve known all along that people with underlying conditions were more at risk, but the vast majority of these people were not on the verge of dying until COVID came along. Fact: Between 30 and 60 percent of all Americans have underlying conditions. Fact: COVID deaths are likely under-reported. Check out the number of excess deaths in this country. It’s astounding.

    I will now sit back and get called a bot, a libtard and snowflake.