Did Joe Biden Take a Bribe?

Did Joe Biden take a bribe? The tech giants and legacy media have taken extreme and unprecedented measures to silence news accounts that probe this question. Beyond Twitter and Facebook, there are reports of TikTok censoring contributors attempting to share the New York Post reporting on Hunter Biden. 

Contrary to the ridiculous attempts to discredit the New York Post reporting, the sourcing in that story is actually far superior to the journalistic standards followed in published attacks on Trump, which often rely on verbal accounts by anonymous sources. To bolster these attacks, other publications “corroborate” anonymous sources with still more anonymous sourcing—leading to the suspicion that it’s all just the same anonymous sources spreading rumors.

In contrast, the New York Post has produced an email trail from a trove of documents obtained from a now on-the-record store owner who received the laptop directly from Hunter Biden. Neither Joe nor Hunter has disputed the authenticity of any specific document. Indeed, as of Monday, the campaign called a “lid” on all public campaign activities until after the Thursday debate. With so few days left before the election, it’s unprecedented to hide a candidate from the public for four days. That’s a desperate measure to avoid answering questions.

Let’s walk through the evidence to consider whether Biden did, in fact, take a bribe.

Federal law defines “bribery of a public official” as when a “public official . . . receives, accepts, or agrees to receive or accept anything of value . . . in return for being influenced in the performance of any official act.” Former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani claims to have a screenshot of a text message from Hunter revealing that he was expected to pay for family expenses and give the elder Biden half his salary. This text appears to be evidence that the Democrats’ standard-bearer took a piece of Hunter’s salary (in-kind and directly), which seems to meet the bribery statute’s terms “receive” or “accept” something “of value.” 

But there’s more. 

The Washington Post just published an article recounting an interview with a former advisor to Hunter. According to that account, the advisor warned Hunter Biden, “They’re using you for your name. They will exploit your name to your detriment and your father’s.” Hunter Biden responded, “My mom and dad don’t have any money . . . I have to make money for the family.” This corroborates the text message Giuliani publicized—that Hunter was expected to use his salary to pay family expenses. 

Even if Joe Biden hadn’t accepted money directly, Hunter’s enrichment could qualify under the precedent set in the prosecution of Representative William J. Jefferson (D-La.), who famously stashed $90,000 in cash in a freezer. 

Ukraine, Again

But did the money influence an official act by Biden? The New York Post reporting seems to show evidence of a quid pro quo, i.e. that Hunter received a lavish salary in return for using his father’s influence to stop a prosecution. 

On May 12, 2014, Hunter’s Burisma handler Vadym Pozharskyi wrote Hunter Biden, the new member of the Board of Directors for Burisma holdings, an appeal to help stop prosecutors from moving against “N.Z.” Those initials (N.Z.) are believed to refer to Burisma Founder Mykola Ziochevksy. 

According to Pozharskyi, “representatives of new authorities” were attempting to shake-down Burisma for cash. Burisma reportedly did pay prosecutors a bribe but then these authorities “proceeded with concrete actions.” 

Then came the reason Hunter had anything to do with Burisma in the first place. Pozharskyi wrote, “We urgently need your advice on how you could use your influence to convey a message / signal, etc. to stop what we consider to be politically motivated actions bearing in mind the following…Negative influence on our companies may result in multy(sic)-level negative social, econimical (sic) and political consequnces (sic).” 

The phrase, “our companies,” seems to imply that both Burisma and Hunter’s consulting company would be exposed to an investigation.

The New York Post produced an April 2015 email between Pozharskyi and Hunter Biden. It read, “Dear Hunter, thank you for inviting me to DC and giving an opportunity to meet your father and spent (sic) some time together.” Joe Biden’s campaign disputed this email, noting that the meeting did not appear on Biden’s official schedule. But, as Politico noted in 2012, “the published schedule offers only a narrow window into his activities,” and that “about one-third of the events depicted [in official White House photographs] were never on his public schedule.” Thus the absence of a schedule entry does not rule out that the meeting took place.

John Solomon places March 2016 as the date of Biden’s demand to fire Burisma’s prosecutor. The Washington Post wrote that Biden’s threat to withhold aid unless the prosecutor was fired actually happened during a 2015 visit. This appears to fulfill the request made by Burisma to Hunter in the 2014 email. There’s no dispute that Biden acted in his official capacity as the vice president when he threatened to withhold aid unless the prosecutor was fired. 

To recap: The emails show Burisma asking Hunter to intercede to protect Burisma from prosecutors. Then the emails show Burisma thanking Hunter for setting up a meeting with Joe Biden. The text message and the Washington Post reporting show that Hunter may have shared his Burisma money with his father. And we know Biden threatened to withhold aid from Ukraine unless it fired the prosecutor tormenting Burisma. That looks like bribery.

Deflecting Attention

The media response to this has been to raise spurious questions about the “authenticity” of the evidence. 

Twitter and Facebook censored links to the Post account on the grounds that the emails were “eligible for fact checking” or “hacked materials.” The censorship backfired, drawing bipartisan criticism. On Thursday, NBC published a completely ridiculous story (anonymously sourced) that the FBI was already investigating whether the entire chain of evidence might be a product of Russian disinformation. 

Journalists have gamely cited Giuliani’s ties to a mysterious Russian intelligence figure and the fact that Steve Bannon (who also played a role in the publication of the emails) has been charged with a crime. But the FBI has been in possession of the Hunter Biden laptop since December. Only after the emails went public do anonymous sources suggest the FBI is suddenly investigating a “Russia” angle. 

If Giuliani and Bannon were producing hearsay accounts from anonymous sources, their credibility would be highly relevant. But we don’t need to rely on the credibility of the messenger when the message comes in the form of original documents. 

Perhaps the lamest criticism came from Andrew Bates, a Biden campaign spokesman who complained, “The New York Post never asked the Biden campaign about the critical elements of this story.” Yet NBC failed to report the Biden campaign’s explanation that Bates says the Post article lacked. And again, the Biden campaign has not actually identified any document it claims to be a forgery.

Contrary to the media’s attempts to cast doubt on the quality of the documents and the chain of custody of the evidence, it’s actually quite strong based upon publicly available documents.

On April 12, 2019, Hunter Biden signed a document labeled, “Quote #7469,” in which he agreed to pay $85 to repair a device he dropped off for service. John Paul Mac Isaac, the owner of The Mac Shop in Wilmington, Delaware, has been identified and has gone on the record to confirm the transaction. When Hunter failed to pay the bill, the owner exercised his prerogative under the “quote” to take legal ownership of the laptop. Thus, the Post has established a pretty solid explanation for the chain of custody. 

But here’s the real kicker: Hunter’s attorney contacted the shop owner to inquire about retrieving the laptop. Contrary to the Twitter and Facebook allegations that the emails were “hacked,” the evidence to the contrary appears much stronger.

Suppression of Evidence?

More troubling is that the FBI could have produced this information to clear up the impeachment controversy earlier in the year. 

Recall that the House report accompanying the articles of impeachment against President Trump claimed, “Any suggestion that the former Vice President called for Mr. Shokin’s removal in order to stop an investigation of Burisma, the Company whose board Hunter Biden sat on, is inconsistent with these facts.” 

True to the last four years, the FBI again staked out a political position as part of the resistance. Only by the FBI suppressing the laptop could House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), the architect of impeachment, make the claim of “no evidence” in his report. 

According to the New York Post, in December 2019, at the same time that Democrats were preparing to forward articles of impeachment to the Senate, the U.S. District Court in Delaware issued a subpoena for Hunter Biden’s laptop. The Post provided a screenshot of the subpoena in its reporting. 

In releasing these documents, the Post has followed a strategy to discourage the Biden campaign from issuing bad-faith or untruthful denials. It has dribbled out the original accusation giving the Biden campaign a chance to respond without fully knowing how well-documented the claims are. Then it has crushed early denials with additional documentary evidence. Fox News independently verified the authenticity of some of the Post emails by asking some of the recipients. The Biden campaign is completely flat-footed, unable to deny the authenticity of emails. 

The entire impeachment theory hinged on the central question: Did the Biden family take a bribe to ensure the removal of a prosecutor? Bizarrely, the Democrats have always maintained that the question was not relevant. Schiff told CBS News that witnesses like Hunter Biden, former Vice President Joe Biden’s son, are “immaterial” and would constitute an “abuse” of the Senate trial.

Joe Biden, on a number of occasions, has floated the argument that the prosecutor should have been fired anyway. That’s irrelevant. Even if firing the prosecutor was in the best interest of the United States, a public official should never allow his son (or himself personally) to receive a payoff for an official act.

Remember, the Ukraine scandal is only one of many pay-for-play controversies surrounding the Bidens. There are very troubling questions about the Biden family’s relationship with Communist China. It’s not hard to figure out why the tech companies might find a bribe-accepting potential president to be palatable, even desirable. The tech companies are long-overdue for public action. But they have plenty of money to pay “consulting fees” to protect themselves. A lot of money is on the line.

About Adam Mill

Adam Mill is a pen name. He is an adjunct fellow of the Center for American Greatness and works in Kansas City, Missouri as an attorney specializing in labor and employment and public administration law. He graduated from the University of Kansas and has been admitted to practice in Kansas and Missouri. Mill has contributed to The Federalist, American Greatness, and The Daily Caller.

Photo: Jim Watson/AFP via Getty Images

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82 responses to “Did Joe Biden Take a Bribe?”

  1. Mr. Mill, another great column. The sad fact is that the whole leftist democrat party is acting this way. That party needs to be investigated for RICO violations.
    From Obama to local dog catcher.

    • Thank you so much Kirk! Remember to share it with your friends!

    • This is a disingenuous political hit piece based on spurious information that has yet to be verified . Simply more Trumpster disinformation. Shameful .

      • Funny you dispute this article which has documentation and on the record witnesses but will blindly believe anything any anonymous source out there says about President Trump. Blatant hypocrisy is not a virtue

      • “..disingenuous political hit piece..”?

        No, AG is not the NYT or WaPo. The only disingenuous thing on this page is your TDS afflicted post.

      • The media and politicians kept pushing the Russia Collusion Fraud long after they knew it was false. Some who had testified in private that there was no collusion made public comments to the effect that Trump and Putin were working together.

      • If the evidence was false then the Biden campaign would sue the living sh** out of Rupert Murdoch.

        However, Joe Biden has gone into hiding while other email recipients have validated at least some of the emails and Hunter’s former business partners have begun cooperating with media, providing yet further evidence. This article is hardly based on “spurious” information. This isn’t the left’s “muh Russia” garbage. There is actual evidence here.

      • Keep your head in the sand Nicholas. I know it’s hard to swallow that Joe Biden is everything that the Dem’s thought or hoped Trump was.

      • It has now, wake up The Biden Crime Family is going down and wil ultimately take Obama and Hillary with it.

  2. Another great article by Mr. Mill spelling out the corruption of the Biden family in great detail. It’s incomprehensible to me that the FBI was sitting on this laptop throughout the Trump impeachment process. Wray is a coward.

    Biden is compromised in many many ways. Should Biden win, he would need to be impeached immediately due to national security risks, then Kamala Harris would be our next president. She is one scary person.

    Let’s hope Americans see the truth and get Trump a second term which will mean more prosperity for our country. Let’s increase the senate and take back the house while we are at it. We don’t need any more sham impeachments.

    • Should Biden win, the Deep State will take care of things. Hunter will OD, Joe will lose it after his last son is dead, and then KamalaSutra will 25th Joe and put him in a nursing home shortly after inauguration day.

    • It is incomprehensible that the FBI was sitting on the laptop because the laptop does not exist. Now Giuliani is telling us that he gave the laptop to the Delaware state police. The laptop cannot be in 2 places at the same time. He can’t even keep his story straight – a sure sign that he is lying.

      • You may want to reread what Giuliani has done. He turned over copies of the files to the State Police.

      • Keep lying for your slave masters on the democrat plantation little Davie. That is what you have been bred to do.

      • David,

        How does it feel to be soooo uninformed? The actual laptop is with the FBI. Rudy, has multiple COPIES of the hard drive. One copy was given to the Delaware State Police to investigate Hunter’s relationship with an underage girl.

      • You seem to have a serious reading comprehension deficit or other cognitive impairment.

        – Hunter Bidden signed for repair service of the laptop on April 12, 2019.
        – A subpoena was issued in federal court for the laptop in December, 2019.
        – The Delaware State Police have issued a statement that they are not in possession of the laptop.
        – The FBI has stated that the contents of the laptop (which they have examined) is not the result of Russian disinformation.
        – The material that came into possession by Giulianni was the copy of the hard drive on Biden’s laptop, not the laptop itself. That copy would be to an external storage device.
        – Why would Biden’s attorney ask for the return of the laptop if it doesn’t exist?

      • FTA: “The Post provided a screenshot of the subpoena in its reporting. “

      • Reply to Ben Leucking below:

        How do we know that Hunter signed for the repair? It could be a forgery.

        Do you have a reference for the FBI statement that they have examined the laptop?

        Is there any evidence that the subpoena was for Hunter’s laptop or was it for some other laptop?

        Of course the Delaware state police do not have the laptop because Rudy is lying.

        Biden’s atty is probably setting a trap for the repair shop owner. He will be forced to testify in court that he never had possession of the laptop.

      • Wray is taking a page right out of the J. Edgar Hoover playbook. If Biden wins the election, Wray is going to have a meeting with Biden and show him all the damning evidence. He’s then going to say something like, “Don’t worry Mr. President, as long as you and I are in office, I’ll make sure this information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.” Hoover kept his job for over thirty years by doing exactly this. Peter Strock had his insurance policy–Christopher Wray is looking for his.

      • No, it’s not. Yet the FBI admits they have possession of the lap top and the emails are real and not part of a Russian disinformation campaign.

        “The FBI and Justice Department concur with DNI Ratcliffe that the laptop is not part of a Russian disinformation campaign.”

        The answer to your question of how can the lap top be in two places is pretty obvious since it’s been reported the contents of the hard driver was downloaded onto a memory device. The FBI can be in possession of the actual lap top, but the store owner had the right to access and archive it’s contents and he has shared that information with people who have authenticated the veracity of the information found on his computer hard drive. How d you reconcile those facts with your claim that this is all a big lie?

      • So the fact the FBI has acknowledged they have the laptop means nothing?

      • You’re an idiot, David.
        All the evidence is verified.
        You’re trying to invent excuses that the Bidens don’t even try, because they know it’s Hunter’s computer and the emails are real.
        Guiliani never said he gave the laptop to the Del. police; he said he gave a copy of the hard drive, which the Mac Store owner made.
        You’re just blowing smoke. And you’re going to suffocate in it.

      • The laptop is for real and it has all the information that it’s going to take to land Biden a suite at Leavenworth Federal Pen that will definitely give the patriots of this country A sense of justice

    • What a disgrace this piece is.
      Somehow Russia isn’t a problem, even as it puts a bounty on the heads of American servicemen. It’s Russia’s victim, Ukraine!
      Somehow Trump isn’t a problem, never mind that nearly all his original campaign people are under indictment, convicted, or in jail. It’s the Bidens!
      Somehow all these last minute red herrings are serious stuff, never mind that Biden has never had the whiff of scandal about him over a forty year careeer and Trump is the guy who has been trailed with over 200 lawsuits, multiple allegations of fraud, and is listed as “person 1” in a pending criminal case.
      I realize this kind of hackery is par for the course and this kind of sliming is supposed to be part of the game among some of our country’s political hitmen.
      But that doesn’t make it any less disgusting.

    • Impeaching would require an R controlled House. That’s not going to happen this November, unfortunately.

    • The people are really mad over the 2 different justice systems. One for high up dems and one for Christian conservatives. I believe you are going to see President Trump riding high on a Red tsunami

      • YouTube Joe and Hunter Biden laptop Reveals How corrupt the Biden family is. Everything points to Joe Biden as the ring leader He was getting 50% of all the deals Out of China, Ukraine and several different countries. It’s all on Hunter Biden’s laptop and the FBI has been sitting on it since December 2019. While the impeachment trial was going on. The FBI is guilty of withholding evidence

    • The head over the FBI Wray needs to be fired Like yesterday

  3. Any Democrat presidency from here on out needs to be treated as illegitimate and met with full resistance. What goes around comes around.

    • Next question. What is your documented proof that Joe Biden accepted a bribe? “Claims”,”appears”, “possibly”etc, doesn’t count.

    • Has trump taken bribed, assaulted women, committed obstruction of justice, collude with foreign powers, pay off a porn star, and been responsible for the deaths of 200,000 Americans? Yes. Next question

    • Next question: how much was your cut for selling the office of the VP to China deal?
      Next question: what other family members were involved in your get rich and play big shot at the same time

    • Not directly – The money I believe goes to Hunter and Joe has access to the cash

  4. Did Jo take a bribe? No, he has taken a lifetime of bribes.

    • If you didn’t just make that up, prove it with one iota of documented evidence. Wishful thinking doesn’t count!

    • Galt, where is the evidence ? Remind me which office Hunter Biden is running for . Talk and innuendo are cheap .

  5. In light of the apparent FBI cover up I think one of the original impeachment theories makes more sense. Biden was pushed by establishment and media to front runner status. If Biden isn’t the front runner they can’t claim “election interference” which was the basis for the impeachment. If the impeachment is successful the Biden situation is buried forever. It seems like there was a LOT on the line in order to make that big of a gamble.

  6. Of course he did. He has been doing so for his entire government career. How else can you get a net worth upwards of $250 MILLION on a government salary……….

  7. Adam Mills u expect us to believe this when u will not even put your name on the article? Also, u failed to mention that the Post reporter didn’t even want her name in the story!

    • Well considering the body trail they have created for covering up their opposers or those with knowledge of their wrongdoing, wouldn’t want my name in there either! Common sense!

  8. In addition to bribery, it is tax evasion. And the FBI once again shows that it has a different standard for investigating Democrats.

  9. A bribe means quid pro quo, and there is simply no credible evidence of either. This is more Trump slime based on nothing, just like four years ago against Clinton. Oh, I know. The FBI is “in on it.” The WHOLE government is corrupt except for Trump. And if you believe that, I’ve got some land on the moon I’d like to sell you.

  10. Did Biden take a Bribe? What’s the real evidence besides made of crap by pro Trump bargain basement rumour mongers. Even far right Pro Nazi Trump grovelling New York Post reporters said the story was not true and that the Post only published it under Pressure from the President. There will be a reckoning for this fake news 99 percent of which comes from-reactionaries like you Mr Miller and you WILL BE HELD accountable for your lies and payoffs from Putin. Your desperate and it shows

  11. The Deep State is working hard to elect Biden so they can either impeach him or enact the 25th Amendment. They know he’s a mentally ill corrupt politician. They’ll put their Marxist girl in the Oval Office.

  12. A perfect example of why people should not be voting 3 weeks before election day.

  13. Another Trump cultist desperate to smear Joe Biden and using Russsian-created propaganda to do it. He must be so proud.

  14. Of course he did. It’s not even a serious question. What good is power if you can’t abuse it?

  15. Your dumb “Hunter Burisma Ukraine!!!” scam failed and got Trump impeached but keep going, bro.

    Great work.

    Can’t wait to see you shit your pants in 13 days.

  16. Thanks to Mr. Mill for a very clear account of where we are now in this investigation. This is some of the clearest writing to date on this complicated subject.

    However, what bugs me is this: Why aren’t the Republicans treating this more seriously? They are primarily treating these charges as one more reason not to vote for Biden, which is very superficial. The election is very important, but these are also very serious charges that deserve a sober and serious investigation. The end result is very likely to be, if the charges are true and he is convicted, that Biden spends the rest of his life in prison.

    Could it be that everyone in DC is guilty of something like this? And they, both D and R, don’t want too much sunlight directed at Biden, lest there be collateral light directed on their own activities? Or, in a marginally less sinister angle, could it be that if Biden is elected that they use this investigation to impeach him?

    Nothing good for Joe Biden comes from this, I’m afraid, win or lose. This is going to get more ugly.

  17. All a bunch of Bunk…the fact is that Joe Biden went into government service as one of the poorest members of the Senate and left the VP position as one of the poorest to hold that job…the only reason he has money now is like a lot of VPs he made a lot of money making paid speeches and publishing a book…as opposed to DJT we have the tax returns to prove this…peace

  18. “Did Joe Biden take a bribe?”

    Here’s a better question — When did Joe Biden not take a bribe?

  19. Brilliantly expounded; and Q.E.D….unless the content of a Hunter Biden laptop was hacked; email chains added to it or devilishly doctored; after which the Mac repairman then knowingly or unwittingly uttered this complex forgery on the world.

    Not likely in light of independent corroboration from Bevan Cooney and others.

    I am dismayed beyond words that such a thing can happen in our great country…and the F.B.I. has some ‘splaining to do.

    • You have that right! Crooks don’t just take “one” bribe! They live off of them, just as Biden has been doing for years now.

  20. “store owner who received the laptop directly from Hunter Biden” The store owner says he doesn’t know who he received the laptop from contrary to the lies perpetuated by the writer of this article.

  21. This doesn’t seem to be gaining traction to my perhaps myopic eyes. Perhaps that is because the media are squashing it.

    Do you objectively see it gaining traction among voters, Mr. Mill?

    How many voters will regret voting early, either for Vice President Biden or for President Trump?

  22. Joe Biden has NEVER been even accused, never mind convicted, of taking a bribe in his entire career. Why should he suddenly change his MO 3 weeks before an election and after the failure of several disgusting attempts at character assassination

  23. Nothing is going to happen until the people force the government to obey its own laws. Good luck

  24. Did Dementia Joe take a Bribe?
    Does Water Run Downhill?

  25. This is not about Joe’s defense of Hunter. We all love Hunter and wish him the best with beating such an evil demon.

    This is about Joe Biden and deciding whether he is trustworthy. I am sure we all agree that employees in government or the private sector should avoid conflicts of interest. Joe told us he had no knowledge of his son’s foreign business dealings. The recently discovered emails cleary suggest otherwise. They also suggest Joe Biden and his family made millions from selling access to the highest levels of US government.

    Hunter admitted on national television many of his deals were made based solely on his “Biden” name. That may not be ethical, but it’s not necessarily illegal either. But if the emails turn out to be true and Joe Biden is the “Big Guy”, then Hunter was obligated to remit millions of the fees and equity interests to Joe that he was paid while Joe was Vice President. In other words, the implication is a government employee became a multi-millionaire because of his government job that the American public and voters entrusted him to do.

    Several of these deals involved corrupt foreign businesses. I don’t know if government officials have to worry about the FCPA (“foreign corrupt practices act”) but many American executives have been thrown into prison for similar acts. I am not saying this actually happened, but I am saying we should find out, and if true, this revelation should not be swept under the rug because of partisan politics. That is potentially dangerous because if Joe is compromised by some shady deal with a country like China, whose main goal is to surpass the US as the world’s leading nation, how do we know he is not going to put his personal interests first and the rest of our interests second?

  26. Let’s begin with low hanging fruit – the dog catchers. Get em’!!!

  27. Wouldn’t it be great if the media would track information like what each representative’s net worth before and after enter office? How is Biden worth more than $20 million from a lifetime drawing a politician’s salary? How about Pelosi? There are 435 members of congress, 100 senators, plus the President and VP overseeing $4 trillion funneled through Washington every year. That works out to $7 billion per representative. How much easier to bribe a politician whether you are a multibillion-dollar company or a foreign government? Facebook, Google, Twitter, all of our media companies, Apple, etc. have more money coming in from outside than inside the US. Our global elites are selling out the US to access that lucre. And so are the Bidens, and probably a large number of other politicians both R and D.